Vape Review of Lemon Tart Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

April 21, 2018

Vape Review of Lemon Tart Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

Vape Review of Lemon Tart Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

A mouthwatering sub-ohm e-liquid bathed in flavour; Sweet and Tangy Lemon on a fresh crumbling pastry tart base, drizzled with cream. The true definition of decadence! Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Double Drip Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Double Drip is their latest range of maximum VG e-liquids designed for great clouds and amazing flavour. The Double Drip range of "coil sauce" are so good, you'll want to double drip again and again! They are the perfect e-juice to go with any sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Lemon Tart Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Lemon Tart Coil Sauce by Double Drip 10ml

hello how's it going guys
so as promised and other video and just
before I get into it and one of my
subscribers Jeff sent me a message on
the Facebook page about ten minutes ago
just asking put a bit of advice without
the TFT eight so I'm gonna answer that
first and I'm gonna move on to the
purpose of this video which is the juice
review so Jeff asked me how your prime
at the fv8 coil and also kind of we're
kind of stalkers keeps on flying through
them and things and I have actually just
pour a fresh coil in this yesterday I
think it was yesterday
and there's a trick with the TFA a coils
expressed with your two ball ones but
generally across the board it stands for
them all so when you put a brand new
coil in you want to be filling your tank
up to the max but it'll taste like
little e to the brim or PA and with the
juice that you want to use obviously you
know the score don't find it as soon as
you put the juice in because it's gonna
taste like shit now there's a trick that
wear to this tank and pretty much any
other tank but with me especially when
using Schwabacher it does the trick with
this tank perfect so what you want to do
when you put your juice in and obviously
you filled it up to the top you want to
close your airflow at the bottom so that
it's fully closed so you've got no gaps
in it like that and then don't fire the
vice whatsoever and you probably already
know this but don't fire the Vice
whatsoever and then basically take the
drip tip and really really pull through
it go for it and it's hard to do
obviously cuz there's no air flow what
you're doing is you create in like a
vacuum and stuff and all the juice into
your coil and onto your cotton and
things like that
now obviously you don't know with how
much I love this tea at the 8th the
optical coils have got a shitload of
cotton in them and just you know there's
for clothes on the top is four corners
below so they need a lot of juice to
wiggle and it also takes a lot of time
to wake it up as well but this little
trick where to treat and before you
actually do that if you want to like
I've just said to Jeff when you fill
your time for the first time leave it
standing and go and do whatever you've
got to do leave it standing for a good
five minutes right enough to these
folks into the car on its own and it
gets a little bit longer the process the
thick of the juice obviously so this is
why I'm saying this trip where to drop
again all the time especially with it
being a 90 VG and Jeff I know you were
using an ad VG in granny's prior to the
day I think it's what you picked up so
obviously that's still quite thick as
well so what you want to do like I've
just said put your juice in leave it to
stand for five minutes and give it its
natural time to soak in so you can then
come back you can if you want to
sometimes I thought it would have come
back at the five minutes depending on
what use it is it wasn't tropical juice
it is and I fired a gun oh yeah it's
ready to go and off you go you make me
you know of course say this is your come
back you know oh fuck be no death in a
driptip so this is where that trick
comes in you close your airflow off and
you're literally as much as you can as
hard as you can't pull through that rips
it and as you do it if you pull away
really quick you'll see all the bubbles
flying up the side of that coil and
that's just basically meaning that's
working off and with the cleats are 120
it's quite good at what it does as
you're pulling to that chip tip you'll
sort of feel a little bubble thing going
on and you'll start to taste the flavour
coming into the coil and usually when
you have one chipped on that a quick
little fire give it a little taste test
that quickcam it's okay you got to go
and then a four one and the flavors in
it works pretty well with the 120s you
have to do that little trick about one
or two times the TFE a can be a bit of a
bitch it really can't it's a brilliant
tank but it can be a bit of a bitch when
it comes with a place in new coils
especially if you using a thick liquid
like obviously a lot of use we'll be
doing with the TF v8 so I hope that way
extra help Jeff and thanks very much for
your question and then saves you on the
reply that I do a little thing in the
video for you so there you go we'll move
on to the main purpose of this video so
Expo last week I was walking around and
I know the guy Mike there now works for
this company and he's doing quite well
for themself I think he's like some sort
of international Accounts Manager or
something like that well basically I
made a while ago in the the other place
he came down and show me some of the
juices and the brilliance just the
Hitler Hitler wouldn't let us stop them
so basically walking around Expo and I
was looking for one more weekend consi
and come on to the booth he wasn't there
so as I'm walking down with Joe he
literally just appeared out of nowhere
and he was a place we going so start
talking to at this point and actually
want to be bought a bottle of this
particular juice and a t-shirt and what
you've seen in the other videos which I
really should be wearing with it it's
around somewhere so like I say I said so
I just bought about the juice and here's
reaction saw the topic back a little bit
events why did you buy to buy a t-shirt
why'd you buy some juice no label I like
the flavor
I wanted a by events give me it so next
thing goes off to the stand comes back
with the whole line in 60 mil bottles
and said review all of these slate them
praise them whatever you want to do let
me know when you've done the reviews and
send me the links and here's a couple of
t-shirts for you in the lads and all the
rest of it is some other stuff and I was
like thanks very much I will get to them
when I get to them and because there's
so much to do but these have taken a
little bit of a priority there was some
other ones that basically like review
them as soon as you can get them up so
or finally rounds of these ones and they
are double drip coil sauce another one
I'm gonna be reviewing tonight is
obviously lemon tart because it took me
like by surprise as soon as I seen
they're like oh oh okay you go up
against one of the best flavors on the
market at the minute I like your style
so this is Google drip lemon tart
now straight away I love this logo
because it just screams Suicide Squad at
me it's literally like when the film
came out I mean this is probably even
probably made before the film came out
it was probably in production and all
the rest of it or it's very very Suicide
Squad and the box is very sorta Joker
based ish especially with a little kiss
lips down there the whole Harlequin
lefland so I quite like that and I don't
know if the cameras picking it up but
it's quite like a shiny metallic e type
of thicker on the box and like I say
Mike did give me the whole line and they
look full of you soo and I've got the
rest of them there so this one I'm
reviewing tonight lemon tart and we've
got strawberry banana waffle which
sounds crazy raspberry sherbet which I
already have tried I tried that at Expo
and that was unbelievable so that's up
for review soon and twisting ice beam
which is exactly what it says on the box
it's an ice cream with a twist that you
what the fuck's in that so lemon tarts
a 3 milligram nicotine 60 ml bottle
obviously not TPD compliant to the
sliders but we haven't got a Wadi
because it came out before the food PD
is officially in in so I open it up and
I'll show you what comes in the box
before we do I'll let you know what's on
the side of the box and good thing with
this it is UK made always good to get
some English liquids and it says on the
back an unruly assembly of intense coil
sauces primed to provide a max VG
Blaster flavor and caution all usual
warning labels and things ingredients VG
PG flavorings & nicotine so bang on
what's meant to be and there no other
nasty additives it gives you the
Instagram and Twitter than the Facebook
it also gives you the address it
literally boots and say what the VG is
so it might say on the bulb on guess and
if it's saying max VG blast the flavor
that's gonna be at least an 80 so get
into we're not sure what the plot looks
like did you get the little unicorns to
fit on top because the 60 mil bottle
comes like that now quite a few little
bottle and it gives you the batter
number and expiry date which you should
expect it doesn't say does it on the
side no it's literally doesn't tell you
what the actual VG PG content is in that
book that's thick that is thick juice
I'm guessing that like an 80 possibly a
90 but I'm gonna say 83 on the safe side
I'll check it on the website and I'll
put it in the description below for ya
bottom and one of these if some of this
fresh ons or some fresh carton of fresh
coils and things like that
tonight we're using something different
we're not using the looks we're not
using the ID Remax oh no we're using a
mech I've got into me meth mods and
flannels and got meself a mech mod and
it's I'm liking it
I really am liking it I was a little bit
reserved about the whole mix with the
battery safety and things but I've got
brand new batteries I only put in the
max they always face the right way down
the plus side faces down so in case of
events it's only but the boss or
something to take me face off but I'll
put the recoil on it because it does
cost more to Benson vape on the recoil
than it is on the roughneck you get with
this particular Mac which happens to be
the rig by the way
vitu reg mod with 510 connector on the
inside and the black recoiled grim green
and boy RBA on the top so lemon tart is
already on this coil it's nicely juiced
off it should be good to go yeah so
lemon to us like I said interested to
see that these two home one of the best
flames on the market the minute I think
not seen do it smells has to be fit
enough the what we know is in the bottle
should we say I just ripped it off with
a cool before yeah tribes ok keep away
from it but oh well that smells like
something a have had before all I hope
this tastes as good as it smells
if you've managed to do what I think
you've managed to do and it tastes as
good there's another brand you know what
I mean lemon tart it's gonna be
interesting because that doesn't smell
far off the one I'm talking about and if
it's nicer it's a 60 mil bottle so well
not that that matters anymore boy you
know when I'm trying to say so rig lemon
tart double dip oil sauce let's get this
wrapped up a little bit yeah we're good
to go
let's go
Wow you fucking nailed it oh my god
do you nailed it oh oh oh my god the
fucking donut Wow Wow double dip oh my
god these talk on one of the best
flavors I've tried ever and fucking
smashed it lemon tart guys you know what
I'm talking about
you know what I'm talking about on par
on par all day long oh yes oh you little
genius bastards oh I didn't have any I
couldn't get any cuz any other than less
than a six oh yes that is fucking
beautiful clowns like a bitch as well oh
yes I've been after some of that for a
it can't get a hold of it and now I've
got this instead double drip oil sauce
lemon tarts fucking brilliant
I miss that flavor it's on par with the
brand I'm talking about it's the same
flavor and texture as the part the brand
among animals it's very obviously it's
very lemony but it's very tart at the
end as well it doesn't take over to
motive lemon and the pastry the tarty
pastry stuff fucking beautiful liquid oh
my god
oh my god do we need any more yes no we
don't fucking unbelievable
ah yes slap me and call me Susan
fucking hell that is lovely damn damn
damn damn right right in the fucking
band on flavor profile of lemon tarts by
another massive company in a bit that's
not gonna last long at all that's really
not gonna last me a while
what are your dog might if the rest of
them Flav is that as good as this fuck
Wow I'd say it's slightly better than
macaroon man it's on par with lemon tart
I can't say it's better because it's the
best lemon tart I've ever tried and the
other one it's on par it's it's up there
oh you sexy bastards wow wow wow wow
beautiful beautiful liquids
well liquid off guys I'm gonna be older
than this I am gonna be older than this
Mike if you watch it I'm gonna be on the
phones here very very soon we'll have to
me just say bourree
laughs cool packaging not appealing to
kids as such a very sort of Suicide
Squad which I was it was a 15 so yeah
kids could see it for Wow lemon tart
lemon fucking tart all day long like I
say on par with the one we all know and
love anymore
I needs a read rip now but Oh guys guys
you know if I like the liquid I'm
passionate about it but that just takes
the piss bang on bang on unbelievable
sexy drip oil sauce double drip coil
Oh Oh wah be done to me
Wow so I'll leave it there I think I've
done that one just this my pony I hope
that's over that good I really do
so guys like I say there's a video just
uploaded before this one with the winner
of the giveaway so if you only just
looking at this one don't see if you've
won in the other one and I'll leave all
the souls below as always
have a good night I'll be back soon with
more videos take care and love yous all
bye for now

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