Vape Review of Lemon Coconut E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Lemon Coconut E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Vape Review of Lemon Coconut E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Lemon Coconut e-liquid by Liquorice Fruits is a refreshing blend of tangy citrus and exotic coconut. A sharp liquorice kick puts the finishing touch to this truly transcendent vape. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength About Liquorice Fruits Delightfully nostalgic and bursting with face-twisting flavour - Liquorice Fruits is the latest range of liquids from UK industry-leading experts Vapouriz Labs. Four mouth-watering flavours provide fully-saturated taste and colossal clouds. Perfect for any sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Lemon Coconut E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Lemon Coconut E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

what's going on there YouTube that's
right people we are back and this week
we're gonna have a couple of twofers for
you people that's right two videos in
one day and we're starting things off
right today people with an e liquid
review what are we reviewing today we
are taking a look at lemon drips ejuice
sent over from vape juice calm or
something like that yeah
when it drips people this is an all
lemonade line now kind of stoked I'm
kind of stoked kind of worried because I
love fruit drink flavors I love lemonade
flavors but sometimes the lemonade part
isn't done right hopefully the lemonade
part will be done right with these what
these aren't people these are hundred
meals that sell for $19.99 actually some
of these flavor on sale for $14.99 so
hundred meals the sell for that you can
get them at zero three and six and these
are all ATV g20 PG okay we got what five
flavours here okay they're all lemonade
variants and we're gonna go through and
test them out and see what we think okay
we're rockin I had this yesterday so I'm
kind of rocking it today it worked good
the snow wolf explained with the
guillotine v2 that came with the lux
Sonic and we're gonna be doing fresh
cotton in between each flavor and
remember this is all my opinions what I
like you may not like so on and so forth
hey sera sera
okay people so anyway first up on the
list is pink and pink is a lemonade with
pomegranate mix always wondered is that
what pink lemonade is is it pomegranate
and lemonade I don't know I don't know
but we're gonna see what's going on here
let's go ahead and blast off and see
what we got
okay okay right off I can see with this
one anyway this is a sweet lemonade
it's a sweets not a sour tart lemonade
it's a sweet lemonade with pomegranate
with a sweet pomegranate that's pretty
whoo so far so good now so worried by
now certain lemonade's come off with a
chemically kind of chemical taste but um
no worries here so far so far so good
let's move on to the next one
all right people next up is mango mango
very clever little name there this is a
sweet mango mixed with lemonade okay get
a theme here so far you guys see what's
gonna he's gonna be pretty refreshing on
a hot summer day I tell you again a very
nice sweet and sweet blintz we lemonade
sweet mango oh it's a juicy mango - let
me dig a little bit deeper I got a
really good really good taste of it that
second go-around oh no it's the mango
making it happen but the the lemonade
part tastes like a pink lemonade that's
blended with it it's interesting but ya
know that that is also another good one
so far so good people all right folks
next up on the list is fusion and fusion
is a limeade flavor just a good
old-fashioned limeade let's see what
she's good
oh that's good that's good I'm getting
more like I get a little I get some of
the lemonade in there with the lime but
it's more of a key lime flavor
like a key lime pastry almost with a
little lemonade that's what I'm mainly
getting from this yeah that's uh that's
dead-on key lime lemonade and it's more
like a click I think you guys just mix a
key lime dessert with the lemonade cuz
that's what it tastes like which isn't
bad it's not a bad mix it's okay it's
not my favorite but it's okay alright
folks next up we got Blue Crush and this
is a blue raspberry lemonade mix yeah
that sounds pretty good it sounded like
a good mixture let's see what's going on
loans it's not like a desert blueberry
cake or something oh wow that is
confusing it first this is gonna take
several babes man that's pretty good
that's actually pretty good blue
raspberry lemonade well that's well done
that's well done that's a sweet blue
raspberry not a tart one mixed in with
that lemonade just right well kudos
kudos ok people last up is razzle berry
razzle berry and that's just a sweet
lemonade with the raspberry that's it
just a sweet lemonade with the raspberry
let's see what happens here gonna blast
off and see what she's gay
hmm yeah that's pretty dead-on pretty
doubt I'm not as big a fan of regular
raspberries and as I am blue-raspberry
theevans not gonna like blue or
artificial they never really well they
kind of got a blue raspberry that grows
in a while but it doesn't taste like
that anyway
uh never worked up I'm just real big on
breasts it's not bad it's not bad
all right folks we are back with the
scores and they're tallied up all right
and here's the here's what they got pink
the pomegranate lemonade that one gets a
seven out of ten pretty good stuff
pretty sweet I liked it it could be vape
Mangum Mangum gets an 8 out of 10 that
is a very good mango and lemonade mix
right there people fusion unfortunately
gets a 5 out of 10 it just wasn't a lie
made to me it was more of a Key Lime
dessert mixed with lemonade and I just
didn't quite do it for me so 5 out of 10
Blue Crush very very good very good mix
of blue raspberry lemonade you get an 8
out of 10 my friend very good flavor I
really enjoyed it and last but not least
razzle berry razzle berry unfortunately
gets a 5 out of 10 it's not bad flavor
I'm just not into raspberries just by
themself and that's what it was with
lemonade and I really care for it so 5
out of 10 on that but that is it people
that is the whole shebang of lemon drip
pretty good I like the concept of the
line eliminate things summer is coming
up it all makes sense I like some of
them didn't care for some overall not a
bad line and the prices are not too
shabby either way I'll put links in the
description go around take a look and I
don't give a shit but I told you and
gosh darn it I think that's worth
something I really do I really do it's
anyway people with that beach thank you
for watching I truly do appreciate it
remember doesn't matter what the fuck
you're dripping on long as you're not on
them gosh darn Stinky's that's what
really counts people that's what really
counts and last but not least you stay
sexy YouTube me and this lemon drip line
we're out vaping saves more lives than
brain surgeons

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