Vape Review of Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

April 21, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Savor the most succulent fruit vape juice you've ever tasted with Naked 100's Lava Flow. This juice takes the very best island fruits in a combination that will be sure to be your all day vape in no time. An inhale of ripe strawberries and juicy pineapples begins this ejuice the right way with an eruption of flavor. An exhale of coconut serves to enhance the flavor notes without becoming overwhelming. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Lava Flow by Naked 100 today!

Vape Review of Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

overdose babes keep you awake sweat and
coils tight
well travel
folks like to do in today
boom pretty good yeah Josh Travis we're
doing mighty fine I'm pretty good we got
the second installment of naked 100 yep
David 100 yeah they sent us a trio of
flavors through the people at the
he's a friends of the people at the
Schwartz and they warned us to give it a
shot people - warts contacted us because
we haven't worked with them in the past
and said hey I got a friend who's new
line just came out would you review it
we said of course they sent us 360 ml
bottles they are all fruit flavors yep I
would say that's pretty accurate
I was accurate and that's how they come
60 ml bottles system of bodies are in
three milligrams 70 VG E
they're pretty cloudy we've done one so
far we did a mangu amazing mango was
good it was good it's really good yeah I
gave it an eight point seven five
minutes maybe a minute five so that's
pretty dang good
what's this let's see here transport
your taste buds with lava flow
this is lava claw a flavor profile that
fuses sweet and rich strawberries with
two island staples every fresh in
coconut and sugary tang of pineapple
layered to perfection the end result is
a bright fresh sweet and tangy
concoction that never fails to satisfy
it smells great it smells kind of like a
pina colada with strawberries it does
you don't even see a little tingling and
that's kind of what I'm expecting yeah
me too yeah hopefully I'm hoping for a
little cream from that coconut because
creams really save proving for me man
they just do it smells fresh but I was
dealt with the other one know the
amazing mango stood out very fresh mango
I mean just magically sweet up and down
authentic it was Ruth like a real mangos
check out this bottle let's do it they
got cute little little pictures of the
fruits that are in um on the side you
like that they're very well yeah all
right you're back here we are looking at
lava flow from naked 100 this is in
70/30 this is a three milligram nicotine
you got your little flavor indicators
here you got
but coconut pineapple and strawberry in
this particular case
great great labels it is a vinyl label
and I like them when I'm naked I give it
one on your sub 30 it's a 60 ml bottle
let's jump up close and have a vapor
with lava flow from naked 100 back like
a sieve you know any back like a car
not sure where the Naked 100 comes from
but that's what it's called strange name
but don't know what I think it's just
like naked fruits yeah and then keeping
it 100 keeping it one woman alright
let's try that shit this is the lava
flow I don't eat it
no I don't write like it that
strawberries good shower is really good
it's really good really good and it's in
front and it's sweet but it's not candy
it's sweet naturally and slick natural
and stuff but it's it's sweet there it's
sweet it's sweet but it's not candies
and it's it's fresh but it's not CD yeah
you know what I mean yeah how'd they do
they've got like the best of both worlds
on here so that's a great strawberry
yeah there's a little point yeah me and
you do get that coconut which kind of
dries it out a little bit and there's a
slight cream from the coconut slightly
yeah probably not as much as I like but
we really like creamy babes when the
strawberry is begging for a little more
creaminess for me the pineapple I don't
get a real strong pineapple it's not
yeah for sure you're right it's as slick
as after sweetness that pineapple
you know when they like when you dry out
pineapple maybe eat dried pineapple and
it kind of just has like this real
sugary kind of sweet texture and and
then taste yeah that's kind of the
impression I get from just fine right
a lot of pineapples will take over Oh
Bana I mean big time with the sweetness
with the taneous it doesn't do it they
layered it perfectly in there
I think really well done when they say
that's layered perfection I think that
that's pretty accurate it's actually
really well layering no doubt it is it's
really well layered and coconut and
strawberry up front really good together
the strawberry you right you strawberry
the coconut are like yeah this dynamic
duo that is keeping this fucking juice
afloat yeah mmm keeps me wanting to bite
it yeah I'm gonna get it fucking how do
you know what we're not we're not just
playing fruit guys we are not but I
would have to say that so far naked
wonder it's not just your plane for it
no yes it's on a very natural it's on
its own different kind of level mmm a
naked 100 might be a great name for it
actually I mean just a fruit is naked
baby I mean it's it's real fruit it is
real serious um work on this show I love
that it comes in 60 ml bottles 30 mils
just not a fucking no not these days now
not when you're dripping and this is
reproduce it is it drippers
motherfucking juice 30 mils is fine for
a juice that you don't really like right
it's okay for that because you're gonna
break it out once every maybe month or
whatever and just check it out but for
juice you want to drip all day yeah we
need at least a sixty Brown these are
real nice balls got nothing wrong with
these this one is a little it's a little
heavier in my chest than the mango one
yeah but um that mean that could just
come down to flavorings um the nicotine
yeah the coconut is dry and the
pineapple I think a little bit yeah the
nicotine itself is very clean very pure
yeah the ingredients are very very well
done and very very clean yeah yes this
is a three there's no strangeness nice
throat fill 70/30 it's there it's doing
it it feels clean filler clean product
it feels like we're clean ingredients Oh
mmm I'm gonna put it right there with
amazing mango at 8.5 I'm gonna say 8
yeah which i think is amazing for just
what is essentially a fruit bake but
it's a straight fruit baby up
strawberries coconut and pineapple it's
part of it it's hard to think of it it's
just a straight fruit baby cuz it it
really feels like more
more than its components its complex it
is complex with just being those three
fruit flavors it's very complex
yeah I don't Lily hey it's a killer
juice naked 100 at a boy thanks Schwartz
thinks naked 100 thanks for watching two
out of three so far we have liked from
naked one liked a lot too I don't know
what fives and shit that's good that's
good stuff we got the last one you guys
will see at another time is a green
blast and that's a green apple babe yeah
we kind of saved that one for last as
well we have we just are not big green
apple guys but after these ones I'm
curious it's a it's a honeydew the
subtle sweetness of honeydew the crisp
juicy tartness of granny smith apples
and finishing with the bright creamy and
zesty notes of kiwi so after these two
that might be great they could yeah you
definitely could have that Apple be on
point they might come through with a
real Granny Smith and outside yep
green blast you'll see it thank you guys
so much for joining us like Josh said
thank you for sending out the Jews for a
review love it and keep your core tight
keep your wig way and your wig with be
Bruce joining Kasab do the damn thing
stand up for you

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