Vape Review of Late Night by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Late Night by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Late Night by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Late Night vape juice by Quiet Owl & Element E-liquids was specially formulated for one of the founders of Quiet Owl. If you're tired of the overly buttery and heavy flavorings, Late Night is a perfectly balanced sweet and savory treat. A rich blend of vanilla, caramel, cream and roasted tree nuts deliver a complex, yet light and silky smooth vape. Step your dessert game up and buy your 60mL bottle of Late Night e liquid by Quiet Owl today!

Vape Review of Late Night by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Late Night by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)

good evening fellow vapers this is Cass
back at you with another juice review
now today's gonna be quite a big juicer
view I'm going to be covering five
flavors from a brand new line now this
line is created by element but purely on
a manufacturing basis it's designed by a
wonderful bloke called Jacob Lee he's
based out in Miami and he goes under the
name quiet
owl these are very interesting juices I
discovered them at fake Jam and Jacob
was very kind enough to give me a little
sample bottle of all of his range so I
can try them out and film this video for
you in the UK they're gonna be released
in TPD sized bottles ten mil bottles but
in the US I believe that you can get
them in larger bottles just check out
his Instagram I will put a link in the
description below but let's get straight
down to it we've got five juices to do
I'm gonna rattle through these I'm going
to talk about them as much as I can and
give you as much information as possible
and we're gonna have some good vaping
and we're gonna try some good juice so
let's get straight down to the first one
now normally I would look online but I
don't need to this time because they're
on the bottle so let's get down to it
the first juice from quiet owl is called
daybreak see the one downside of these
bottles it makes them really hard for me
to show you what the designs are there
we go
so daybreak as you can see it says
strawberries on waffles no messing
around they're just strawberries on
waffles let's crack it open and today
I'm gonna be using the rig v3 with a
roughneck RDA I have a paralleled
stainless build in here I've got
daybreak buy quiet owl on here now let's
have a quick vape and I will talk you
through it we've got five to do so let's
get going
that's one of the best strawberries and
waffles vapes I've had and I've had
probably three or four before but this
is the only one that is light and fruity
it's not weighed down with cream and bla
what you're getting on this is you
getting this immediately very fruity
strawberry and a strawberry bias nature
is kind of a weird flavor synthetically
it tastes very strong on its own it's
kind of just watery this is actually
really really fruity what I'm getting
here from the waffles is I'm getting
this sort of doughy lovely like the
smell of cooking waffles but as a taste
I'm getting this really light fluffy
doughy flavor to it with a hint of cream
but not too much but it's the fruit
that's the star of this show it's really
really lovely now it's a shame I've only
got 10 mils I'd love to have more
because I do like my dessert vapes or
breakfast depending on which part of the
world you come in from but it's really
really enjoyable if you like things like
pancake man or the hotcakes strawberry
pancakes try this obviously it's not
pancakes it is waffles but it's a very
similar flavor but way lighter and it's
not going to kill your coils
it's almost clear whereas the pancake
man of things that are really really
dark this is almost clear let me show
you the bottle again let see really
really clear this like pale yellow
strawberries and waffles it's so simple
but it works really really well all
right let's move straight on to the next
one the next one I'm gonna be trying is
called chill vine okay chill vines this
one is a grape and menthol again pretty
simple now luckily I don't think is
going for that grape soda thing that a
lot of grapes go for I think they're
just going for the fruits and great for
menthol and I do like a good menthol it
clears the palate it sorts everything
out and the fruit is very refreshing it
can make a summer's day much more
enjoyable and you can have that all day
thing going let's have a vape same set
up so this is the cool vine by quiet no
chill vines by quiet owl and this is
grape and menthol let's have a blast
yeah actually pleasantly surprised on
this one the grapes not overpowering and
neither is the menthol they sit nice and
subtly with each other grape is quite an
overly sweet flavor it can become a bit
heavy sometimes not this one it's just
got that hint of the grape there and the
menthol is not so cold that you can't
vape it but then it's not so subtle that
it's not there I'm getting a nice cool
feeling right in the middle of my chest
here which is what you want from that
menthol you can feel kind of clear you
can breathe easier afterwards but it's a
really fruity grape it's not sweet like
a soda would be it's just fruity it's
like you've just eaten a grape and a
mint at the same time but in a vape
pretty bangin really like this one so
two for two I reckon both fruit eat both
kind of well the first one was creamy
this isn't this is mentholated but it's
a really nice menthol it's not
overpowering sometimes a menthol can be
overpowering it can stop you obeying it
and believe me your sinuses can only get
so clear have another quick blast just
for the enjoyment we'll move on to the
next juice love it chill vines quite all
right so the next one go for is cool
noon by quiet out I keep saying by quiet
out you know it is but there it is again
cool noon
this one is a strawberry watermelon
slushie interesting I've seen this a lot
of strawberry things strawberry Kiwi
seems to be a popular one watermelon
again is an interesting one badly done
is awful well done is the greatest thing
some people just hate watermelon so get
out just give it a blast see how some
folks and all that jazz so this is the
strawberry watermelon slushie is it
gonna be mentholated or is it just gonna
be cold let's have a blast and find out
curiously this one is actually colder
than the grape and menthol and I like it
the strawberry is quite sweet and fruity
but the main star of this vape is that
watermelon it just sits there it's on
the inhale it's on the exhale it's there
throughout the whole vape you can smell
the watermelon not so much the
strawberry but what you get underneath
all of that is this lovely cool
refreshing rate in the menthol there now
I don't know whether it's a colada thing
or a eucalyptus thing but to me it just
feels cold and I quite like that and I
think for all days they can't be too
heavy I think they have to have
something cool in there to keep you
going to stop the palate getting
overloaded really quite an enjoyable
thing as far as I'm concerned again like
I mentioned with the strawberry on
waffle strawberry itself doesn't have a
lot of flavor but strawberry like a
synthetic strawberry kind of does and
this one's actually come across really
fruity and not so synthetic I wish
through the power of this camera I could
let you taste these juices and I can't
and it makes it quite hard to describe
but a really fruity fresh vape with a
beautifully cold exhale inhale
throughout it's wonderful and I wasn't
expecting it to be colder than the grape
and menthol I mean grape and menthol
should be really cold but actually this
is colder and I quite like it for it
this isn't your standard slushie vape I
don't think they're kind of boring now
they're kind of done this has been
a little bit and I'm really enjoying it
so I think what we'll do is we'll move
on to the next one we've got two left to
do the next one is called late night
there you go
I love the little logo as well it's kind
of got this really sort of retro feeling
looking out on it it's kind of evil but
it's good late night is a caramel cream
crunch so let's have a blast on this
caramel cream crunch and see what it's
now the next flavor is one that I don't
like as a general principle but I'm
willing to vape it and see if this one
will change my mind but we'll get there
in a moment so this is the caramel late
night caramel cream crunch I feel this
is going to be the heavier of the range
but it seems to be quite a balanced
range so far we've got menthol we've got
breakfast / dessert we've got a fresh
fruit eat all day er this could be the
heavy sort of treat vape as it were to
me this is like eating a big old bowl of
granola with a caramel topping and a
little bit of yogurt a cream in there
that's exactly what it says on the tin
I'm not gonna lie when I described the
juice to you via the bottle that could
have been it as far as I'm concerned
because that's exactly what it says it
is it is a caramel cream crunch the
crunches are sort of wheaty granola
rhiness almost a sauce almost got a
nutty peanutty taste to it
you've got the cream on the exhale and
on the inhale you've got that lovely
sweet caramel and it's just and
wonderful vape it is too heavy - all day
though I would have said for me I like
my fresh fruit you old days this is
probably a bit heavy I probably sit down
in the evening I have a couple of tips
on this and then just put it to one side
because you don't want to ruin too much
of a good thing and I think as I'm
another quick blast just for the hell of
it yeah really creamy and quite heavy so
let's let's go again
yeah wonderfully earth you vape that
pretty good I think it's gonna work well
better on RDAs they're quite hot tanks
you might find the flavour mutes a
little bit but I'd have to try that and
let you know so I couldn't really give
you a proper advice on that now but yeah
go for it that's the that's the
late-night buy caramel cream crunch now
this next one is I must
all ranges should have one in this one's
a hazelnut infused tobacco
I never vape tobacco ever ever so we're
gonna give this a go I've tried I've
only ever tried one before so although
that ever everything was probably not
that true I've only ever tried it once
and that was I think it was called
Oliver's twist by a company here in the
UK called boom juice this is a hazelnut
tobacco hopefully it's more hazelnut
than tobacco but maybe that's just my
opinion there's so many bad back
alrighty then
so this is called starry night and it
looks to me like if I'm not wrong he's
almost gone through the whole yeah we've
got daybreak chill vines maybe an
afternoon thing we have cool noon late
night and starry night so this is starry
night the hazelnut infused tobacco
interesting now I won't lie this is not
my thing at all the hazelnut however is
very good is quite nutty it's got that
sort of bitterness that hazelnut should
have its the tobacco exhale that doesn't
agree with me now it doesn't mean
necessarily this is a bad juice if you
like tobacco's this is probably gonna be
one of the better ones but I just cannot
get my head round that flavor I don't
know why I just can't I never have been
able to it's kind of earthy it tastes
really like it tastes like you're
chewing tobacco like you gets you know
if you've got chewing tobacco it tastes
a little bit like that it's quite an
accurate flavor to the back oh it's just
not for me the rest of the range I would
vape all day I could vape at any time I
wanted but not this one I'm gonna have
another blast just to see if I can
change my own mind but I think I know
where I'm going with this it's not as
harsh as I would imagine it to be a lot
of tobacco's tend to be quite harsh they
tend to be a bit look it's not harsh but
it's not my thing and I'm not gonna lie
it just isn't just isn't my thing go
check it out I think I think you need to
check out the whole range even the
tobacco it the hazelnut on it is really
good it's almost like there's a cream in
there somewhere
but I don't really know we're a little
bit on the exhale but that's about it
the hazelnut though if you were just a
hazelnut juice
bang in but the tobacco personally I
just ruins it for me maybe that's a bad
thing maybe I should maybe there's just
a tobacco out there that will change my
mind and if there is please tell me but
today is not the day and I thought that
might be the case where I saw tobacco
but hey it's all good fun anyway I think
that about wraps it up so this is this
is the quiet owl range go check them out
jacob is an absolute legend for giving
me these to review he owns a couple of
eight shops in Miami and he's had this
with his you know with his friends at
element they've made this juice range so
you know you've got the element quality
there absolutely go check it out in the
UK when they come over I reckon you're
gonna be looking at around a sort of
five or six pound mark they are a
premium juice after all so look clearly
paying a little bit more money for them
but yeah I think that about wraps up
thank you for watching I have been cast
if you enjoyed this video please hit the
like and subscribe buttons I'll be
dropping various links in the
description below as to where you can
find all this stuff thanks again to
Jacob and I will see you guys in the
next video bye-bye

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