Vape Review of Koncept XIX - Heisenberg 50ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Koncept XIX - Heisenberg 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Koncept XIX - Heisenberg 50ml E-Liquid

Koncept XIX Heisenberg is a 60ml shortfill bottle containing 50ml of 80% VG e-liquid which is a fruity flavour mixed with a cool menthol.

Vape Review of Koncept XIX - Heisenberg 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Koncept XIX - Heisenberg 50ml E-Liquid

hello and welcome to tno TPR and today
is episode one of a four-part special
series of a new e juice from vampire
vapors called concept XIX now if you
don't know what that xox means is old
Roman terms 419 the reason is they
bought 90 new flavors in this concept
range on four series now these series
are going to be original baked fresh and
sweet and basically I've been lucky
enough to be sent these from vampire
vape so a massive thank you to you guys
over there and I've got two of each
series so what I'm going to do is I'm
going to split them up into four
episodes first episode will be original
second will be bathed third will be
fresh and the fourth will be sweet so
let's dive down let's have a look at the
first two and today the first two will
be the classics Heisenberg ER and
okay so here we go we're gonna be
looking at the Heisenberg and the
Pinkman today now this is from the
original collection obviously both of
these have been out for a while
but I'm not sure whether this is a new
take or not it doesn't actually say what
it says on their website is obviously
for the Heisenberg is a top secret
recipe that can only be described as the
daddy of the all day vape a fruity
undertone with a cool crystal after
sensation that will leave you wondering
what it is and wanting more now for the
pink burn it just says the real MVP of
the fruity flavors perfect if you're
looking for a one off taste sensation a
true mouth-watering fruit explosion that
will leave your taste buds wanting more
now that's all it says so I assume they
are exactly like the originals
hence the original collection name and
basically with these actual concepts 19
s or XIX whatever you want to call them
they come with 50 meals so they fill up
to 50 ml space a 60 ml bottle the idea
obviously is you can get your nicotine
boost to pop in there to make them
nicotine this way they can get round the
whole Tim mill nicotine sized bottle
thing that they've stupidly beware in
this country so let's go up let's have a
vape on both them and see what they're
like right okay so there we go
we've seen it up close I've been loading
up already but basically I'm gonna be
putting a new build on each time to make
sure we get a true flavor after all it's
not mixing the flavors in that just in
case it affects the overall flavor so
I've loaded this up already but I'm
gonna stick a little bit more on there
just in case now smell wise it's so
strong oh really strong so let's have a
try Jesus honestly it's so strong it
smells fruity I guess there's a little
bit no it's soapy as well from corners
we go but that's true I go so as always
I'm gonna be doing a dual stainless
steel build which is going to be six
coils around a 3.5 meal
just normal staying a small simple build
gonna be vaping this at 60 watts
same as always just try and keep their
going obviously going up and down in
what ideas you do get different flavors
but if we keep them all at the same we
can go from there as a general general
taste oh it's really flavorful really
flavor you do get that fresh like a mint
in your mouth now I have tried
Heisenberg before many many years ago
when it first sort came out and I've got
the honest or wasn't greatly impressed
with it and this time it does say spare
I say on a beautiful hot day on a beach
or something that had been cracking that
would be you know it's really nice it's
okay it's okay I suppose maybe we should
be giving these them like a at a 10
score at the moment I probably gonna
give this one a I probably give this one
at the moment maybe er maybe a six we go
for a six with that one so right I'm
gonna pop off
gonna just clean this off blue build on
it and then we're gonna load up the pink
one we give that one a go okay so we've
got a new build on here you can open
this up been loading up already but
gonna stick a bit more on so this is the
pink one
obviously this time it's a red color it
does know the cooled look quite good
actually make them all go red bit like
the Heisenberg made them all go blue
let's give this a good load up get loads
on this one get good tape flavor smell
wise plug in is so strong that one
smells like a colleague know a tropical
type lollies you know a lot the cheap
plastic ones used to give like Tim P it
was very artificial but that's more nice
that's very nice just give this one a go
so again sixty watts
yeah now that's nice it's lovely fruity
taste it's not as still got that nice
little fresh coolness to it which
obviously everyone seems to be doing
nowadays on the ice but that's much
the Eisenberg is so powerful and so
strong and it's a taste I can't quite
put my finger on it no idea what it is
so I'm you know it's okay this one this
is this is more my type of thing yeah
that's much nicer remember it could be
an all day vape a dump personally think
so myself I'm more of a bakery sweet
type of guy and not great level of the
fruits anyway but whether this could be
an all-day ax I don't forget good for me
if I'm quite honest it's quite powerful
but it is nice I mean that's a little
you know one you could have a little
treat here in there you know place nice
is nice that was much nicer than the
Heisenberg in my eyes so so far we say
the Heisenberg we're gonna give I'm
gonna demote that you're gonna give that
a 5 and then I give this one a 6 so
Heisenberg the 5 Pinkman a 6 obviously
to give you some comparison of this
chart if we was to say for example bear
and mate in foods to say here we go a
dinner lady that to give you a
comparison that to me would be a 9 so
it's not 10 it's not the best one ever
but it is up there and I'd say that's a
9 so a five and a six and that's it for
the first episode next episode next
episode obviously we're going to be
looking at the pony Rolly
and the fat drizzle so I'll see you in a
couple of days

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