April 17, 2018


Kohiba Eliquid Kustard is a 120ML of Tobacco Custard that you will absolutely love. This is a creamy and custard tobacco flavored e-juice that is not only smooth but a fantastic all day vape. Bottle Size: 120ML


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KOHIBA KUSTARD TOBACCO EJUICE

what's up people is a subzero infinity
I'm back again to give you another juice
review yes this is another juice review
this one also comes from you from comes
to you from flawless weight distro yes
they sent me a whole bunch of them I've
got several different ones this is
another line in the Koba premium
e-liquid uh this is the custard this is
the tobacco custard
now the profile on this thing it is a
70/30 PA VG PG and it says it's a creamy
and yeah is a creamy and custard tobacco
flavored ejuice it is not only smooth
but a fantastic all day vape so we're
going to try this out and today we are
trying it out on my evic primo with the
sub-zero RDA one of my favorite go-to
setups for flavor
so let me drip it on here and give you
my flavor report yeah now I do smell the
custard and a light tobacco actually
this is a little bit more of a mild
tobacco it's not really light we've got
a nice sweet smell to it so we're going
to drip it on here is the other one I
did was bourbon that was actually really
good so I can't wait to try this stuff I
haven't made this in a couple days so
I'm going to give you a fresh clean
perspective on it mmm
and that stuff smells good it really
does and I believe if I'm not mistaken
we're vaping it at ninety five point
five watts so now that we got it drift
up got my wick all moist
nice moist whew anyway let's get a vapor
the raw edges actually tastes really
good we has a nice smoky like earthy
taste not strong but it's real good and
sweet but not overly sweet so here we go
then I'll give you my flavor port yes
very smooth on the inhale very smooth
all the way through it's a nice sweet
tobacco type taste on the inhale then on
the exhale you get a good custody smooth
rich creamy taste it is very good but
it's not super strong with a custard
flavor I wish it had just a little bit
more custard flavor that's the only
thing other than that yes I could see me
vaping this almost all day long this
stuff is actually really good they've
got it add of course flawless vape
disrobe they've also got it add ejuice
deals and they've got it an ultimate
vape deals.com those three links will be
in the description below go check them
out definitely you get to pick and
choose whatever site you want to go to
links will be there um I'm gonna have
another bait
beautiful clouds whoo look at that
cloudy yeah man beautiful clouds on this
stuff um what I recommend it yes
definitely definitely if you like a
tobacco type face this is one that
definitely would be a right around you
know right down your alley this stuff is
really good it's not super strong it is
it does have a good sweet taste to it so
as far as coil gunk err it may very well
be but I definitely like this stuff
armed kudos to you guys for sending me
this this stuff is really good the
flawless you did real good this stuff is
excellent um definitely recommend people
checking this out you guys if you like
this video found it informative please
hit the like button please hit the
subscribe button I'm going to be
bringing you a lot more in juices you
never know what's going to show up on
this channel also please comment in the
comment box down below if you want to
see anything for future vids please let
me know if you want to have a shout out
let me know also if you don't want to
have a shout out let me know that or
just don't tell me that would be cool
that'll be cool
nope no problem you guys stay safe and
vape safe and I'm definitely going to
send you guys out in the cloud this
stuff is really good and it's really
easy to do
I mean this is cloud chasing juice right
here really good stuff
as I said before and I'm going to say it
again you guys stay safe and vape safe
you can't be too safe please if you're
going to sub on them and if you're going
to vape on a mech make sure you're safe
use the correct batteries don't go don't
go crazy with your builds if you're
using like low amp batteries please make
sure their high end batteries you got a
good build bait safe you guys take care
and like I said I'm going to send you
out in the cloud they fawned people

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