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Kohiba Eliquid Blueberry is a 120ML of Tobacco Blueberry flavored e-juice. This blueberry tobacco has the fantastic tobacco flavor with a hint of blueberry that will make you wanting more. Bottle Size: 120ML


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KOHIBA BLUEBERRY TOBACCO EJUICE

what's up people this is Sub Zero
infinity I'm back again to give you
another juice review this one's coming
you coming to you from flawless they
distro I got a package from them had a
whole bunch of different eliquid so
we're going to start off with one that I
found on their website and that they
sent me
it's from Koba or Koba however you
pronounce it it is a tobacco bourbon yes
it's a tobacco bourbon this is a full
120 mil supposed to be let's see a
bourbon tobacco so we're going to try it
out it's both it says it's supposed to
be a light tobacco the smell is actually
very very good um you get a good bourbon
type smell I don't get much of the
tobacco smell but anyway we're going to
be vaping it today on my smock XQ two of
my green icon
make sure it's yep all right so let's
drip it up and I will give you my flavor
report also before I get this up links
will be in the description below below
where you can go and check this out
there will be several different links
plus one to go to a flawless vape distro
check it out kudos to you and let's drip
it up I'm not going to yeah I'm going to
put a whole bunch on here I'll go ahead
and fill this thing on up this stuff
actually smells very very good oh yeah
stuff smells awesome it has a good sweet
smell there is a little bit of a smoky
taste to it and that's probably because
that's from the tobacco
and I got it lined up and we're going to
be vaping it at 78 watts today
so let me vape it and I'll give you my
flavor report man this stuff is good um
it's very smooth no throat hit has a
nice smoky bourbon taste there is a
light of tobacco in it it has a very
good taste to it um if you like tobacco
flavor tea liquids um this one with the
Bourbon in it is a sweet tobacco with
bourbon it is very good um there's not
much else I can actually compare it to
um I haven't really tried a whole lot of
tobacco in juices I've tried a few but I
will have to say this has a very good
flavor I think it is an ry for this is
very very very good it's very sweet I'm
going to bump it up to 80 watts might as
well just go right on up to 80 watts
definitely really good um the higher I
go on the wattage doesn't matter doesn't
change the flavor it just makes it a
little bit more intense so I'm going to
go up to 85mm
this is a very good smoothie liquid
definitely one that I would definitely
check out its Koba or Cahawba or
whatever it's premium tobacco bourbon
right there links will be in the
description below there will be several
different links so yeah you'll have your
choice of wherever you want to check
them out
there you go if you found this video in
a you know informative please like hit
the like button if you want to leave a
comment leave it in the comment box down
below in your comment if you want to
suggest anything for future bids please
do so and please subscribe I'm going to
bring you a lot more ejuice in your
comment if you want want me to give you
a shout out let me know I'll do that if
you don't that's cool with me you guys
stay safe and vape safe this stuff is
actually really good I'm going to I've
got two other flavors from Koba and then
I've got some other ones that I'm going
to give you a review on stay tuned to
the channel I'll be bringing you a lot
more from me to you sub-zero infinity -
you guys stay safe vape safe and vape on

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