Vape Review of KINDRED TOP

April 20, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of KINDRED TOP

Vape Review of KINDRED TOP

What can be better than a warm apple cinnamon muffin? Kindred’s TOP is the result of a two-week batching process using only the best ingredients and provides a taste reminiscent of a warm, decadent spicy cinnamon muffin topped with tart caramelized apple slices. A perfect treat for the season. You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Kindred Top BEASTLY BECAUSE Kindred is interested in only one thing, providing high quality liquids without compromising the integrity of their ingredients. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of KINDRED TOP


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KINDRED TOP

the Kindred mechanical mod by council of
vapor what's up everyone this is spin
fuels day leave a TV my name is Nick and
today we're going to be looking at this
beautiful ma died of right here in my
hand the Kindred by council of vapor
alright so real quick I just want to
give a huge shout out to EV liquids who
sent me this device for the purpose of
review so big thanks to them and council
a vapor first we're going to go over
some of the specs of this mod then we're
going to break it down get up close and
personal check it all out then I'm going
to build it back up vape on it and give
you the pros and cons and my final
verdict so first up the specs of this
device it's made of 304 food-grade
stainless steel it does feature three
separate tubes for 18 350 18 518 650
batteries it's 510 threaded and the
connector pins are silver plated copper
so it gives you great conductivity there
the firing button is recessed and it has
a locking mechanism so it's super safe
and it has little grooves cut out here
so it makes a little bit more
comfortable in your hand a little bit
easier to fire it has a two piece
magnetic switch and this thing is a
beast for stainless steel mod especially
at the price point that it's at its it
just Chuck's the clouds so real quick
before we go to the up-close portion of
this video I want to show you some vapor
production I'm rocking a point 3 ohm
dual stovetop coil in my stelia clone so
let's just have a quick bait not too bad
for a stainless steel mod
alright so we have all the pieces laid
out in front of us we're going to go
over every little thing from the top cap
all the way down to the firing button so
let's start off with the top section so
here we have the top cap section it's
made out of a big solid chunk of brass
the threads are buttery smooth this
silver-plated copper battery connectors
here not too much wiggle in them they
are reverse threaded so when you put
your atomizer on this thing you tighten
up down to fit your atomizer then you
loosen this bottom one here to adjust to
your battery size whether you're using a
button top or a flat top battery it's
set up to use both and these are really
good because I like that they're reverse
threaded so you don't loosen one while
you tighten the other and vice versa
as you can see the insulator on there
it's big and chunky so here we have the
three middle sections designed for 18
350 18 518 650 batteries when using an
18 650 battery you need to use two of
these tubes to account for the length of
the battery these are made out of 304
grade stainless steel which is food
grade here we can see the engraving this
is the Kindred logo which is really cool
very intricate love the the detail in
this thing and the engraving is really
subtle so you don't even notice it when
you run your hand across it which I like
a lot I don't like deep engravings where
you know it's going to feel a little bit
weird in your hand and this is the
council of vapor logo with the serial
number underneath and as you can see
here this is the top portion of the two
piece magnetic switch that's the magnet
right there you can see it's pretty big
definitely one of the bigger magnet
magnetic switches I own and it does
function quite well and it's surrounded
by a big insulator there hopefully you
can see it in the inside I believe those
are also so silver plated so the
contacts on this thing are going to be
very conductive so as I said before the
threads are really buttery smooth this
thing goes together really easily just
like that here we have the bottom
portion of our mod it has the second
part of the magnetic switch the firing
button as well as the locking mechanism
as you can see here there's the other
part of the magnet which definitely very
strong and here are the vent holes in
case your battery starts menteng gases
you're protected and here's the bottom
part of the firing button and the switch
as you can see another slight engraving
on there
and here's the locking mechanism it's
again it's reverse threaded so you're
not going to untwist one thing while
you're twisting in another that's full
safe your buttons not going to be able
to be pushed anymore so here you can see
that slight indentation on both sides
similar to the 49 mod just makes it more
comfortable to fire a little bit easier
to fire so let's put it all back
together and I'll show you a little
thing so as I stated before all the
threads on this thing are completely
buttery smooth I have really no problem
with the threads at all and it came to
me in immaculate shape all the little
dings and scratches you see or just from
normal wear and tear since this thing
has a slight brushed finish it's not
going to really collect a ton of
fingerprints which is cool as you can
see I have it in 18 650 mode which is
what i normally i'm going to use this as
the button only works properly when it's
all put back together as you can see
here nice and springy there's no spring
in there it's all magnetic the weight of
this thing is six ounces in 18 650 mode
the overall height is four and a half
inches just about four and a half inches
and the width is seven eighths of an
inch or 23 millimeters the overall look
and feel of it is it's a little bit
weighty but it's definitely really
gorgeous I like this the way this thing
alright so let's go back to the main
screen pop an atomizer back on here and
have a quick vape and talk about it some
more alright so that was a close up
portion let's have a couple vapes and
then we'll get into the pros and the
so with the 23 millimeter width of this
device it's a little bit annoying for me
because none of my devices fit nice and
flush with it I'm going to just pop this
still air off real quick and show you a
few of the different devices and how
they look on it so first of all we're
going to start with the era stripper
that I received also from Council of
vapor alright so here's the era stripper
on top as you can see the stainless
steel with a slight brushed look matches
this device perfectly the width you can
barely tell the difference but there is
a slight Ridge here at the top of this
brass piece right here it looks overall
pretty good this thing for being a
stainless steel mod fires up real nice
the conductivity is great because of the
silver connectors in there let's just
have a quick vape on this one so here's
the Stratos replaceable coil atomizer
that counsel vapor also sent me that's
coming up in a future review so stay
tuned for that but as you can see here
it's slightly wider than the mod itself
it's a polished stainless as opposed to
the brushed stainless on the mod so it
doesn't quite match up as well I'd also
like to note that they do make a brass
version of these strata so it might may
actually match a little bit nicer with
this device and this is using the point
8 ohm coil that they sent me so let's do
a quick puff on this thing and finally
here we have the Vulcan RDA on top right
now with this setup it is almost six and
a half inches tall this thing is overall
height is pretty enormous for me that's
why I haven't really been using the
Vulcan on top of here so much lately but
let's just give a quick quick cloud
alright so let's get to some pros and
cons my first pro is going to be the
fact that this thing fires like a beast
for being a stainless steel mod it
really comes down to the silver-plated
copper contacts the thickness of it and
the Magnetic firing button all those
factors combined lead to a lower voltage
drop and the voltage drop on this thing
is point zero 12 volts which is really
good for stainless steel this is one of
the best stainless steel mods I've ever
used and as far as the magnets another
Pro is going to be how strong magnets
are an action of the fire button it's
really easy to push not too much
resistance but just enough so that it's
safe even when you're just laying on the
table and you don't have the lock ring
on it's not going to go off accidentally
even if you're doing a side fire it
still finds up every single time I never
got a misfire with this thing the
overall look and feel of this device is
definitely a pro in my book I really
like the engravings they're not very
intrusive you know you don't really feel
and when you're just holding the mod and
just the stainless steel match with the
brass and even the way it patinas down
is really gorgeous so that's a huge pro
in my book my final pro is going to be
the price point of this mod I've seen it
go for around 89 99 online and that's
really great for anyone that's looking
into getting their first authentic
without spending a ton of money and this
thing is definitely a beast for what
it's worth worth every penny in my
opinion alright let's get to the cons my
first con is going to be the fact that
this thing is 23 millimeters as opposed
to 22 which most of my addys are I just
like that really nice flush feel to it
and that little Ridge at the top just
bugs the heck out of me that's a
personal opinion it might not be a con
in your book so don't let that get you
down about this device mine ex-con is
the fact that you need to separate tubes
to account for the battery length of an
18 650 I understand the need for using
smaller batteries and stuff like that
people don't necessarily want to use 18
650 but that's mostly what I use
probably never going to put an 18 500 in
this thing or an 18-3 50s so as you can
see here the firing button is recessed
slightly just like the 49 mod or you
know the I hybrid something like that
and on those mods it is a slightly
larger dip in here where you can
fit your finger nice and comfortably not
really a huge fan of that I wish they
would have made it a little bit deeper
so it would be a little more comfortable
in your hand another con is going to
have to be the locking mechanism and the
firing button set up not a huge fan of
the way that this thing locks and
sometimes when you lock it and then you
unlock it your button starts to pursue
that I really wish they would have added
something in there that will keep that
button connected and tight no matter
what because right now i could just spin
it to the left and it's going to come
right out and with the locking ring the
way it is it's going to make that button
come out every single time you lock it
so just be aware of that keep your
button tight at all times my next con is
the fact that this thing is a beast it
weighs six ounces without the battery in
it without the atomizer on top so you're
adding a couple ounces right there I
don't mind a heavy mod but this thing is
enormous I mean this thing weighs a ton
in my opinion so the final thing I want
to mention today is whether or not I
would purchase this device if I didn't
receive it for free for the purpose of
review and my answer is both yes and no
yes in the fact that at the price point
of 89 99 this thing is a steal for an
authentic mob that's a really great deal
and for anyone that's looking to get
into their first authentic I would
definitely recommend it now if this
thing was at the price point of one
hundred and fifty dollars I would have
to say no there are nicer mods out there
for that price point and me personally
if I was going to spend that kind of
money I would look for something with a
single tube for an 18 650 maybe a
slightly lighter device 22 millimetres
wide maybe a copper or you know
something like that so there are better
devices out there for the hundred and
fifty dollar price point that i have
seen it at but you can find them out
there for 8999 that's my review on the
council of vapor kindred mod thank you
for watching don't forget to like
favorite and subscribe check out WWF in
fuel calm for more videos from me smoke
and Joey and the vapor trail channel and
as always they bomb

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