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Kindred has struck gold with STRIKE. Get that lucky feeling by sampling one our bonanza blends; sweet honeydew, juicy watermelon and sun-ripened strawberries combined unexpectedly with just a delicate kiss of mint. You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Kindred Strike BEASTLY BECAUSE Kindred is interested in only one thing, providing high quality liquids without compromising the integrity of their ingredients. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KINDRED STRIKE

hello and welcome back to another bloody
good vaping
so today we'll be taking a look at RTI
and one from a company that needs no
real introduction this is the new strike
from the Atty smith hellfire you know
first of all before I get started I'd
like to extend my apologies to Hellfire
for the lateness of this review I've had
an absolute cunt over the last couple of
weeks yes excuse my language but it's
been a cunt over the last couple of
weeks first of all at the kids off
school and for those of you that know
the foot that first week are the kids
off school for those of you know when
you've got lots of kids you can't even
take a piss in private without some kid
running in or banging on the door or
screaming or starting a fire or
something like that they don't really do
all those things in case anybody's
watching right okay and then after that
I was snowed in which was great and then
I had the kids off school at game and
then obviously my my internet provider
decided at a Kaffir came just to take a
nosedive and cut me off completely
because you know there was a bit of
slump so there you go so again apologies
I've had an absolute cons of a couple of
weeks but here we are here we are here
we're back now back to the job at hand
the strike now our new RDA from Hellfire
from the Atty Smith I know some of you
probably go in another RDA Jesus they
bring a new RDA out nearly every fucking
week but they're constantly making
changes and constantly striving for
perfection and making improvements and
changing the way we vape with their
atomizers or changing a new sort of
style or something like that and the
strike is no exception now let's get to
the normal points first of all we get a
22 mil atomizer here as standard made of
three one six grade stainless to 304
grade stainless steel sorry
you know airflow control on it as well
beautiful machine deck as always you
know single coil use on this one totally
and you know all that comes with a BF
pin comes in the standard RDA pin as
well you also get your your sort of
inbuilt delrin drip tip on there as well
you also get an adapter for your 510 and
whatnot now they are bringing out some
extra accessories for it you know we've
got slam caps coming out for it and open
a completely open slam cap at the moment
with no FCC on it because it's quite
short and they will be bringing out a
mouth too long in the future now let's
get to the sort of the
no bit about this RDA now the actual
airflow closes off internally they have
some grilles inside and by turning your
top cap section here's top piece it's
actually threaded on and by turning that
it actually closes the grilles off and
tones the the airflow down and your
clockwise turns it down internally or
opens it up internally which gives a
really nice velocity to the airflow over
to your coil which really brings out a
really really nice flavor and it does it
works I'm really really enjoying it you
know I do find myself there twisting
sometimes and confusing myself but it
really does work it's nice and nice
indeed so you know before I get the best
thing I should do is just get down onto
the table to show you what I made and to
show you the atomizer itself I'm just
going to take a quick blast here now
once again back on the fury
I had a battery and it was nice and easy
my vaping this on a common bought coil
but I'll show you one upon in the
close-up I'm putting in I'm actually
trying to Billy's gorilla jeez Billy
from vaping King I've got his gorilla
jizz in this at the moment he's noticed
sort of monkey jeez but bigger I suppose
with the religious but it's really
really nice indeed so keep an eye out
for gorilla jizz from vaping King
so poor games are any more detail about
it price what I think about it will it
get it from etc etc it's a good there's
pop down to the table now have a little
look at it up close and then we'll come
back and we'll give it a bloody good
vibe him an absolute Cantor the last
couple of weeks so here you have the
Hellfire strike 304 grade stainless
steel 22 a mill in diameter and 20 mil
from the base to the top here come
standard with this sort of cloud cap in
there you also get a nice little adapt
time for your five tens as well on the
sides you can see that airflow there
that nice deep oval shape with your
airflow slot we'll get to more of that
in a minute but it really does give a
nice sort of aesthetic look to the
device and on the top you'll see these
ridges here and they are basically to
turn your airflow and you'll move them
anti-clockwise to shut the airflow down
from inside and clockwise to open it up
I'll show you that a bit more closely
again in a second on the bottom yeah
just nice and clean comes standard with
a BF p BF @ BF p BF pin installed so
yeah let's open it up and take a closer
look at what's going on inside so under
the hood first of all you can see there
we've got some really nice engineering
going on some really nice machining
there you can see the slot there for
your actual coil to sit in the middle
the two slots opposite that basically
locks down the top cap and the to the
actual deck so it cannot move and then
when we remove this top section here
here's where the fun stuff fun stuff
starts now this is basically how we
restrict and open up our airflow so
basically when this is attached so they
say that's attached there and we turn it
clockwise that'll basically
anti-clockwise sorry excuse me
anti-clockwise that will basically open
up these slots here to close off your
airflow and then we go back the other
way and it will open it up that's pretty
cool so it's all done inside the actual
atomizer so that's how we can get that
nice sort of flavor that nice of mouth
to lung right down and opened up as well
so a really nice imaginative idea there
that works very very well indeed the
deck itself no stranger to nice
I was really done a nice job here we
have your slots completely made for
everything to fit in nice and snug so
your cool go central here your legs feed
around these two posts here of course
Juicy's fit up through the bottom into
your cotton and that's pretty much
self-explanatory we have nice and gravy
in there with Hellfire strike really
standing out really catchy and very very
nice and clean atomizer all together
nice big deep juice well as well for
your cotton or mesh depending on if
you're feeling a bit risque so yep let's
put a little building this and see our
vibes so there's basically your building
they'll just put a 2.5 fuse clapton
again once again from PC calls thank you
very much you know it's pretty
self-explanatory if you're watching this
channel you know how to build anyway so
I'm not going to bother you bore you
with watch a new watching meet wrapped
coil legs under and putting some bloody
cotton in but you know if I don't
actually shower pictured the build then
that be complained about as well so here
you go you know anyway it's really easy
to build on it just like previous
atomizers from you've got those nice
little sort of grooves in there to lay
your rod down to fix your coil in there
to keep it nice and straight when
capturing those legs you know your nice
nice sort of a circular round juice
wells there and cotton wells sorry so
that your cotton fits around nice and
nice and easy in there you know you
could just see it's very very nice and
clean indeed you know feeds Jos nicely
all the way up and sucks it straight
back down so once again absolutely
nothing wrong with that whatsoever
saturates nice and fast fresh build of
course gonna take a little bit longer
but still saturates nice and fast
they're all the way up to underneath the
coil you know depending on how you like
your vape is where you're going to
situate your coil whether you want it a
bit bit sort of level to the actual deck
itself we'll bring it up a little bit
higher you know it's up to you that's
trial and error I kind of like it level
kind of sits where the airflow is on the
top cap so there you go absolutely
fantastic so top cap on and you have to
sort of fix those grooves in so that
goes over and then once again with that
and just put that in prop because I
can't see what I'm doing once again with
that click top section on adjust it to
how you want your airflow to be conveyed
so there we go
Oh get that back on there we go so
that's the Hellfire strike from the Atty
Smith so there you have the strike yeah
there you go
I mean once again machining engineering
on it top class as always Devon really
does excel in that department you know
there's that there's nothing there's
nothing there that shouldn't be there
everything has a purpose everything has
a reason you know even down to the sort
of engraving inside where it says strike
by Hellfires absolutely to the fucking
tay no fucking about this dude in that
shade of is you know I'm aim the machine
in the quality the tolerances the
o-rings everything's working perfectly
in this it's a good-looking IDI very
clean looking Rd I love that sort of
oval effect that the airflow has you
know from each sides you know we've gone
from the traditional sort of horizontal
style or the sort of the the different
whole style the different steps to a
nice sort of big blocked oval airflow on
the side almost like a cyclops watching
you as your vibe really nice to build on
your coil just fits in perfectly there's
a there's a place for it it's Menna go
there where your coil legs go on those
two opposing lines on there fits in
perfectly wraps around perfectly there
you go you know I'm gushing a little bit
because it's a really nice RDI you know
now the airflow and how it works now you
can get a really nice open draw on this
a really nice open draw all the way down
to a really nice mouth to lung I mean
this mouth to lungs with the best of
them I've got to admit through it for a
for an RDA that's kind of designed more
for the open draw sort of fan club to be
able to step it down to be able to go
down for the mouth tool and guys as well
is a really nice achievement from and
they've done it very very well indeed
yes for me as I said earlier on its
sometimes it just feels like I'm turning
it for ages now it does have a stopper
when you're turning it to let you know
when you've closed it off and when
you've opened it all the way up but you
can't actually see from the outside
where you're going so you kind of are
just sort of working it out from the
turns there we go it really goes just
get a really nice mouth tool on it
that's a bit too much from he open it up
a bit more there we go really nice mouth
too long there a bit further down let's
try it further down really is like
sucking on a brand new TD there we go
no we open it right up give it the old
twisty twisty until it stops and then we
open it right up there we go we've
stopped and the great thing about that
is retains its flavor on either open or
closed you know it's a it's a really
nice we've got a really good nice tall
chamber on this as well you know with
the reduction and it's it's all very
nice and it does sort of fit in down
over the top of the coil and then when
you close it it's got a little click on
it as well to let you know when it's
firmly in place so you know a lot going
on here for this atomizer and you know
it to me I say this with everyone they
bring out so it kind of smells like a
sail pitch I do apologise I'm only
giving you my opinion you could turn man
ago sucking dick Damien but still I'm
really impressed with with the work that
these guys do of course I'm a massive
fan I've got the t-shirt to prove it but
yeah I really do actually this one
really it sells for me for their RDA
line at the moment now the price on
these to get one is a hundred and ten
pounds and that's before VI T if you're
in AV 80 fucking position so it's gonna
bring you to about 130 233 pounds
and then obviously slap on a bit of
delivery on that things about seven
pounds something like that you're
looking at 140 pound for one of these
landing butt
you do get nice packaging with this one
as well I was kind of a bit taken back
where is it I only got to talk bit here
but you've got you know it comes in one
of these little boxes now with Hellfire
sort of stamped onto it you know you do
get your pink bubble wrap inside so
don't worry don't fret if you like
whispering pink bubble wrap like I was
when it got through the post but it now
comes in a nice bit of packaging for you
as well to get one yes you're gonna have
to be a member of the Hellfire group
there's a lot of members in there
already and you will be able to get one
off the sales pages as well eventually
because no doubt Darren's gonna bring
out a no RDI and everyone's gonna be
scrambling for that as well so you will
be out pick these up you know as well if
you're in the group everyone can get one
if they want one as long as he's making
them so there you go you know get
yourself onto that Hellfire Group if
you're already on there be patient
listen out don't be a dick and you'll
get one so yeah that's the strike from
the Atty Smith you know really really
nice atomizer they're great no airflow
design on it the internal sort of
airflow closing it off and opening up
internally with those grills works to a
tree if you're a mouth to lung fan if
you're a direct airflow fan this does
cater for both depending on what fucking
mood you're in
so there you go thank you very much for
watching this review and I will see you
on the next one stay safe

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