Vape Review of KINDRED ROCKO

April 20, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of KINDRED ROCKO

Vape Review of KINDRED ROCKO

Kindred’s ROCKO recalls a time when you and your friends loved playing outside and you only stopped to eat because your favorite breakfast cereal was on the table. That crunchy texture and assortment of fruity flavors swimming in ice cold milk are the essence delivered from inhale to exhale. You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Kindred Rocko BEASTLY BECAUSE Kindred is interested in only one thing, providing high quality liquids without compromising the integrity of their ingredients. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of KINDRED ROCKO


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KINDRED ROCKO

hello they've been friends rooby-roo
here but join another video what's up
guys today's review is all about the
eros Pro RDA and the Kindred mod the new
and improved kindred 1.5 I have reviewed
both of these original products before
but they send me the updated versions
which is pretty cool I always like
seeing updates and seeing how companies
can improve their products which is very
cool so thank you so much to Yves
eliquids for sending these my way for
review you can find these at Yves Yves
liquids calm you can get the Aris Pro
for 45 bucks really great pricing these
are authentic skies um and you can get
the Kindred 1.5 for $65 what crazy price
um however as of this moment the Kindred
1.5 is sold out so hopefully they'll be
getting some new stock of those in very
soon let's talk about some specs after I
vape this da-da-dah
all right so let's talk about the eros
Pro ah it is 22 millimeters it is
stainless steel
um you do have a glass section here it
is very thick nice glass you also get a
glass drip tip that comes with it you do
have now increased air flow which is
very good 24 karat gold plated posts and
the o-rings have been improved as well
so as far as the kindred version 1.5 it
is now 22 millimeters
yeah it's also shorter too they the the
first Kimber was a bit long so they've
shortened the whole assembly we have 18
350 and 18 650 and this is sectional and
I'll show you that in the close-ups
um the magnetics which is now a lot
slimmer silver plated copper contacts
heck yeah um and this is also cheaper
the original Kindred's was like 110 120
and this one 65 what
so hopefully that pricing stays the same
and hopefully like I said they get more
of these in stock very soon so having
said all of that what I'm gonna do right
now guys let's take you up close and
personal with the Eris Pro and the
kindred version 1.5 all right I remember
some packaging this isn't the Kindred
mod came in nice little velvet pouch
even has v 1.5 on there very nice is the
Box the Eris Pro came in very nice
council paper packaging as peruse okay
enough you get a Quick Start Guide
awesome photos kind of good as you like
the basics of how to set it up not how
to build it though how to kind of set it
up right here you were actual miser will
sit underneath that that uh the little
blue screwdriver makes another cameo in
the video anyway you've got a
screwdriver and some parts and spares
and here is the setup all together think
that looks up pretty freakin cool
pretty nice very nice so let's go over
the mechanical mod really fast I mean
this looks very very similar to the v1
except now of course it is 22
millimeters in diameter and it is
shorter as well the switch assembly
isn't as large the top cup is shorter
not too so they just kind of like
trimmed you know turned everything up
made it a little bit leaner which is
good here is the top cap and
unfortunately I have some bad news
so this right here is silver-plated
copper and it is it's supposed to be a
double adjustment screw so I can adjust
the first screw just fine but I have yet
to be able to get that apart like I I
can't I can't unscrew it I've tried and
tried I've put this in a vise and trying
to unscrew it with no success
and see I've Marda there quite a bit so
unfortunately my double adjustability is
gone but for whatever reason it doesn't
matter with the Aris Pro atomizer
because it's like the perfect links
magically with my IV GC v battery so
yeah keep that in mind
make sure that your screws and not stuck
together here's the main tube sections
we do have a segment here which kind of
seamless almost you can you can focus
you can kind of see it
so that's your 18 650 tube this is for
your 18 315 the kindred logo
laser-etched we also have the council
vapor logo laser etched
the other side along with a serial
number and we also have a random lick
Rose some roses here at the bottom so
lots of laser etching I kind of wish
they just sort of done with this one and
then maybe the council of vapor logo on
the bottom with your serial number just
to kind of keep it a little cleaner but
hey that's an aesthetic thing not a big
deal threading really nice here on this
locking ring is reversed that I did take
it apart and I'll show you the switch
that is your switch these are your two
opposing magnets and you can use this to
adjust the throw of your switch which is
awesome as it came to me standard it was
a little bit of a longer throw so I just
unscrewed this a little bit and now the
throw is really really right where I
like it switch is a little zippy not a
huge deal but it's been fun zippy not
crunchy just a little loopy Oh cuz
there's my battery in there derp so my
throw is now there we go let's put it
all back together take a look at the
Aris Pro alright let's take a look at
the analyzer and you will see here at
the top has laser engraved very lightly
laser etched Aries Pro you'll notice
that this is glass house it just like
the original Aris we also will have a
glass drip tip that it does come with
which is super cool our own rings now
while not there's still a little loose
they're definitely tighter than the
original which is excellent and this is
and you can't take this apart the glass
from this metal piece here here is the
deck pretty much the same story as
before see if I can zoom a little bit
here our airflow is coming from this
Center right here so your airflow hole
is right there okay it's coming out of
the center and you'll notice that that
this take the diameter of this airflow
channel is now a lot wider and the hole
is a lot bigger too which is good so
I've just got some vertical coils in
here okay um this is still not very easy
to setup because of the angle
unfortunately of these holes so it's
you'll notice here it's kind of kinked
strangely just not the best and you have
these like long leaves to try to live
get your coil as close to that airflow
as you can so it's not easy to build on
it definitely takes practice
also these um post holes are a little
small this is 26 gauge the post holes
are a little small and I was struggling
with the positive which is what this one
is so how it works these are your two
negatives okay this is like your
positive block right here so I was
struggling getting both wires in
so if you're doing dill 24 Oh be careful
be careful you do have a really nice
deep wasn't six point six yeah six six
point six millimeter juice well and you
can see that right here just crazy crazy
amount to be like would you can fit and
then we have adjustable air salt on this
side in this side I still feel like the
air flow is a little tight for mouth
tolaram lung hit so will
we'll talk about that a little bit more
later but that is your adjustable
airflow so I got the Simon style and
it's very easy to just put back together
looks very nice and I don't need to
adjust this because it's magic yeah
there we go
no ratalie they're weird weird weird
weird anyway um so that is the Kindred
1.5 this is the Ares pro atomizer let's
take it up top and see how they weigh
alright guys those are my up close and
personal thoughts about the air spray
and the kindred version 1.5 let's vape
them hmm open up that airflow a little
bit more it's all the way open now
alright so let's talk about some things
that I don't like about both and some
things I like about both so the eros Pro
in my opinion is a little bit difficult
to build on still oh it's the angle of
the negative post still and I did try to
move them over like twist not twist them
over but like address them over a little
bit so that the angle is a little bit
more convenient for the leads and I
couldn't get it to budge so it's a
little difficult to build on I do
recommend vertical coils of this it just
kind of makes the most sense with how
the posts are set up um the airflow as
well while improved still might be a
little bit tight for lung hits it's a
little bit too tight for me personally
for a good lung hit
just a little bit tight and the o-rings
on the top cap here holding on your top
cap ours are definitely improved for
however don't drop it
if you do that like you can still kind
of shake it loose I don't recommend
picking up the mod by the top cap um it
is better though it is better I'll give
that to him and the post holes the post
holes they should do that in the
close-ups opposed holes are a little bit
small in my opinion so the Kindred 1.5
the mod itself the 510 the 510
connection that double adjusting screw I
cannot get the the second screw the one
that you usually adjust for battery
rattle I can't get that one to to come
apart I'm pretty sure it's meant to come
apart and I cannot get mine to come
apart to save my life so uh yeah that's
a problem for sure
um and then there's a lot this is more
of a looks like an aesthetic thing but
there's like I really like the Kindred
logo like the one of the wings on it I
think that's really cool and then you've
got the council vapor logo and you like
the random roses on the switch uh I
think the thing it could be improved
take the roses off move the Council of
vapor logo to this to the bottom I think
that that would look fantastic now of
course those are all just wishes really
but it is what it is so let's talk about
some things that I like let's have
another vapor fast so about the air
spray the looks are still super super
cool I think that this is a very cool
looking RDA like when you vape it you
can like see the vapor in there you can
see your build um and I think it looks
super cool very interesting you don't
see a lot of drippers like this so I
think that the glass is pretty cool I
like that it comes with this really nice
Pyrex drip tip as well the flavor is so
much better than the original I'm
getting a really really nice flavor
especially if you close down the airflow
a little bit and just do mouth to lung
hits you can
really nice comfortable flavorful
masculine hips with this with this
atomizer the airflow while I said is I
still think for me is a little too tight
it is that much much much better than
the original I think the packaging is
nice the council of vapor packaging is
always pretty cool and of course the
price the price is fantastic this
remember this is an authentic Artie yeah
I believe everything is made in Taiwan
so they are you know it is made overseas
but it is designed here in the US which
is cool um so about the mod itself the
kindred be 1.5 the price 65 bucks
holy crap no wonder they're so it's like
that's a great price for an authentic
mechanical mod that looks and works as
well as this one does they've definitely
improved I think the overall form factor
it's not 22 millimeters it's shorter a
little more compact I definitely think
the looks have been greatly improved and
the adjustable you can um I can't
remember if you could do this on the
original or not I gave my original one
but um I really like how you can adjust
the throw super super easily in the
switch assembly and the machining is
really good and finally the conductivity
is so good for a stainless mechanical
because they're using the silver plated
copper contacts which i think is great
um it doesn't like freight train or
anything like that but it does hit very
very nicely
very very cool guys so those are my
thoughts about the eros Pro and the
Kindred 1.5 thanks again to ease liquids
for sending these my way for review and
I think that brings us to late parent on
what preparing today well we are vaping
looper today I've taken the little break
from looper and I figured I'd give it a
whirl today again uhm looper from the
animal line but philip rock with a drip
Club very very nice this is a cereal and
when you're pairing that today with a
Moscow Mule I feel personally that
looper goes really really nicely with
very bright crisp beers it goes well
with pale ales and IPAs it also goes
really great with citrusy bright
cocktails which is what's terrific is
um so I've got for my Moscow Mule vodka
ginger beer and lime juice like fresh
squeezed lime juice let's see how these
go you can tell already the cocktails
bringing down toning down the sweetness
of the vape whoo that ginger is awesome
working as a palate cleanser for sure
bringing out all the hi-brite citrus
notes in the vape for sure oh looper I
need to make more of you so that was the
vape pairing those are my thoughts about
the areas prone the kindred thank you so
much for watching today guys you can
follow me on Instagram and Twitter
rooby-roo vapes you can also find me on
Facebook and please join Kesava org if
you haven't already follow their calls
to action and fight tooth and nail for
your vaping rates baby me if you got him
guys Cheers

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