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Kilo Eliquids has just released the next installment in their collection, the Kilo White Series! Kilo’s White Series Ice Cream Sandwich is a magnificent replication of a classic vanilla ice cream sandwich. Savory vanilla ice cream is smothered between two rich chocolate cookies to create a captivating blend. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich BEASTLY BECAUSE Kilo’s brand new White Series is a one of kind, premium eliquid. The White label says it all; class, elegance, and sophistication. Vaping on Kilo’s Black Series will put you in the lead. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KILO WHITE SERIES ICE CREAM SANDWICH

how do you fucking do what is up and CB
squad bait fam it's your house your
friendly neighborhood vapor Pat bringing
you another Aegis review here the day we
got kilos a white series this one is
called Ice Cream Sandwich boy let me
give you a close up of the bottle pretty
sexy looking a white bottle right there
I like that right there that looks nice
with the gold on there it looks fly see
if it tastes as good as it looks
so huge shot out and thank you to
premium beep supply for making this
juice review possible so the white
series by kilo a liquids ice-cream
sandwich you can find this stuff off of
their website which is premium vape link will be down below in
the description can go ahead and give
you pricing nicotine levels all of that
good stuff so the pricing on this juice
is 2195 for the sixty milliliter bottle
which isn't bad that's the same price as
the last the last one that I reviewed
which was slam baby not a bad price
considering how most people charge
around twenty five bucks for the 60 ml
so it's pretty it that's pretty decent
and nicotine levels come in zero three
and six if you're interested in
purchasing this stuff and the flavor
description on this juice is it's your
traditional Ice Cream Sandwich which is
which would be a chocolate chip cookie
with a vanilla ice cream in between and
I gotta say I've already like I'm gonna
I'll go ahead and smaller right now on
camera but it smells fucking almost
identical to a fucking Ice Cream
one of those originals chocolate chip
cookies with vanilla ice cream in there
it smells like if I just got done
purchasing a fucking ice cream sandwich
off of the fucking ice cream truck open
that shit up that's what you smell out
of this juice you can smell chocolate
chip cookie and vanilla ice cream you
honestly do smell so damn good makes you
want to drink this shit just kidding
but it does it does it does do its job
on replicating Ice Cream Sandwich I got
to give it I got to give it that so I'm
gonna be baking this off of the twisted
messes box mod I got the Mad Hatter
version too RDA on this bitch with I'm
pretty sure these might be fuse
Clapton's I think they're just regular
your standard clapton coils built by
your friendly neighborhood vapor Matt
anyways these bitches is coming out to a
point to got it at 70 watts got it
dripped up I'm gonna head and babe it
let you know how it tastes
here we go
dan that shit's good and I didn't
mention this but let me see if it says
on the website I just seen it a second
this shit's a 70/30 and let me double
check to make sure and it is a 70/30 VG
PG ratio produces some nice clouds it's
smooth it's not too harsh not harsh at
all actually buttery smooth and it
tastes great
and I gotta say it's pretty damn good it
tastes not as good as it smells it
smells spot-on to a fucking Ice Cream
Sandwich vaping wise though the flavor
it's mostly like a you get the cookie
and the cream the chocolate chip part of
it it's very faint it's not like too
faint that you don't taste it at all you
can still taste it there but it's not
that strong
the primary flavors that I'm tasting out
of this juice is mostly cookie and cream
unlike the last one the slam berry is
more like a milk than a cream this one
actually does a good job on doing a
cream flavor so I I give it a thumbs up
for that I mean let me go ahead and give
another vape cause this shit's so damn
yeah man I definitely like this one
better than than the slam berry I gotta
be honest the slam berry was supposed to
be a strawberry ice cream it was more
like a strawberry milk to me in my
opinion but this one it fucking tastes
like a fucking Ice Cream Sandwich I got
to give it that it's good so I'm gonna
rate this juice and eat it's a solid
eight it's a solid juice good vape I
would definitely recommend trying it out
I'm gonna give it I'll give it two
thumbs up man they hit it on the nail
for making a good ice-cream sandwich it
is it is pretty damn I'm gonna it's
delicious it's good and as for the
pricing 2195 it's a fair pricing not too
expensive unlike other people so it's
getting a solid eight for me and if you
want to check this stuff out
click down on the link down below
premium baby supply com use a coupon
code and Cali at checkout for your 10%
off you won't be sorry so thank you very
much for staying tuned and watching this
video if it helps you in any way on
making decision or not whether you want
to try kilos white series Ice Cream
Sandwich make sure you finger the fuck
out of that like button subscribe if
you're not already - stay tuned for more
reviews peace out we'll see you in the
next one guys

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