Vape Review of Kilo - Vanilla Almond E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Kilo - Vanilla Almond E-Liquid

Vape Review of Kilo - Vanilla Almond E-Liquid

Vanilla Almond E-Liquid by Kilo features the prominent flavours of vanilla, almonds and milk. Available as a pack of 3 x 10ml bottles with various nicotine strengths to pick from.

Vape Review of Kilo - Vanilla Almond E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Kilo - Vanilla Almond E-Liquid

hey big fib it's your boy Dre back at
again with another review and say day
long who's got the juice I'll be
reviewing vanilla almond milk by Millie
liquids guys your way no I'm done banana
milk this is the second of a three-part
series of ejuice from Mui liquids
let's go ahead and give it a fake and I
give you guys my take on it shall we
guys first and foremost I just want to
say man um I'm sorry to give you guys a
fresh review on Friday I was incredibly
sick my daughter had had like some type
of 24-hour virus and I had got ahold of
it and all day Friday I was just pretty
much incapacitated I couldn't get out
the bed I just slept all day and I was
just done but I'm here guys and I'm
gonna give you this review now you guys
already know how much liquid does their
packaging they don't it doesn't come
with a box or in a box but they had this
really cool kind of cow looking uh you
do stripper right here which i think is
it still amuses me sometimes and I they
got a little cow right there and what's
crazy is I didn't mention this in the
banana milk review but if you look at
the label right the the gold parts of it
they kind of were kind of reflective has
like this real nice sheen to it I like
it man but a lot of people told me to go
ahead and review this one so I figured
I'd give it a go and I'd rip it vaping
and then give you guys my take on it all
so let's go ahead and get into this
package and shall we so um like I said
before I had some difficulty with mu e
liquids plastic protecting wrapping
before and there we go
so that came out fairly easy I guess I'm
just weak today alright yo let's go
ahead and give it a whiff
oh man that smells good too that smells
that smells really good
all right y'all y'all know how I get
down with the cotton now this is that
cotton baking I've been telling you guys
about I'll make sure I'll give you a
link in the description box below link
to go ahead and buy you some of this
this is my own personal bill my Clapton
bills I have a dual six rap Clapton on
here and it is reading that point to
read one arms I have a sitting at
seventy-eight watts you feel me you
already know what's about to come up
that first big test let's get it to it
all right y'all you know what's about to
go down you know it's getting serious
when that first big test come around you
know what it is vanilla almond milk
let's do this baby
all right boom yeah all right you
already know I'm about to say yo
whatever you got some luke oils on that
or if you're just rear icking your coils
always always always always make sure
that your coils as well as your wicking
material whether it be organic cotton
whether it be cotton bacon is well
saturated folks make sure that now the
thing I love about Clapton clothes is is
that it's a flavor build actually like
the coils themselves they retain a lot
of the juice so therefore you get a lot
of flavor from the juice as its heating
up and oh man it's dis oh I might have
stuff a little bit this juice is making
my mouth water it smells so good
it smells oh so good look at that that's
real saturated right all right y'all
let's give it a vape
Hey okay so the flavor profile for this
is vanilla almond milk
simple simple on the inhale you get that
better the nuttiness of the almond and
then you get that sweet and savory tends
of vanilla but then on the exhale it's
like a but it's like a vanilla milk you
know it's like a vanilla milkshake on
the exhale to that the taste is damn
good I could taste the combination of
all three of the vanilla the the sweet
and savory miss up of the vanilla you
get the nuttiness of the almond and then
you get the creaminess of that milk and
it was so good I had to hit like four
times four or five times folks this one
right here is banging like this one
right here it all depends on your flavor
palate or depends on your taste buds if
you like vanilla if you like nutty
flavors if you like creamy milky flavors
then this one is all day vape for you
this one right here is gonna be an all
day vape for me that's why I'm gonna
give it a sensational six long
that's my sensational six this is our
all-day bait to me and I'm tell you why
because the simple fact is all those
flavor notes are hid in that flavor
it's a 70/30 VG PG ratio 70 VG 30 PG and
you get hellacious clouds you get
hellacious flavor and it's just banging
it is a banger in these big streets I'm
gonna sling your Nolan this right here
this is bangin
this is bumping this is off the chain
off the meat rack Otto whatever it's
fleek its fleek is this whatever is
poppin um and it's pretty damn good man
um i'ma tell all my guys man Doug Steve
Brandi chase you guys did not steer me
wrong in this this is a banging a juice
right here I love it and it'll be all
day day from you guys that's why I give
it a sensational six today hey guys you
know what like I said one apologized to
me being absent last Friday but not
giving you guys a fresh-baked review but
you know what I'm here and like I said
never gone nowhere I'm here for you guys
all right so if you like the video hit
with thumbs up if you didn't it was
dumped down it's okay it's fine
let me know what you thought about this
review in the comment section below
okay and guys I also want some more
juice suggestions like it best if you're
in the UK you're in Canada if you're in
South America you know if you're in the
Philippines or even if you're in Japan
and there's a a juice that you think I
should review go ahead and shoot me a
holler at WG TJ 2015 at or you
can just go to slash who's
got the juice I'll leave you links to
those sources to get ahold of me to get
in contact with me and the description
box below and I'm also going to be
giving you a link to go ahead and pick
up a package of this cotton bacon
and to pick you up some of this vanilla
almond milk by mukki liquid okay so like
I said guys in the comment section below
let me know what a juice you think I
should review next and guys please share
amongst your friends and your big fam
and subscribe to the channel people
we're reaching 100 subscribers very soon
and I will be doing a 100 subscriber
vape fam juice giveaway and it just it
might not just be juice it might just be
a mind or two but you never know who's
liable what happened here who's got the
juice but hey guys I thank you guys for
rocket with me I thank you guys for
being so patient with me and I thank you
guys for supporting me man I love each
and every one of you this has been your
boy drape on who's got the juice they
born and bake strong baby

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