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Light notes of vanilla, creamy milk, and a smidge of almond creates Vanilla Almond Milk! Each and every single hit will leave you craving more and more. VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Moo Eliquids Vanilla Almond Milk BEASTLY BECAUSE Moo Eliquids combines the taste of creamy fresh milk with smooth and rich flavors like strawberries, bananas, and almonds. Created in Orange County California, these are blends so fresh you can milk them! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KILO MOO ELIQUIDS VANILLA ALMOND MILK

welcome to DIY or dye your last stop for
vaping and doing it yourself remember
that remember that tagline today we're
going to be remix ting mu e liquids
vanilla almond milk for this is a pretty
popular a liquid and I see a lot of
shops it was one of the top requested
remixes that we do for remix month I
just so happy to pick it up because I
saw it I knew people were going to want
me to remix it and this will be the
first one that we do in this kind of
series for the month I'm going to do my
best to try to make this video as short
as possible while also getting all the
information I think you're going to want
to know about the process of trying to
emulate this e-liquid
so let's just jump into it the first
thing that's obvious that we need to be
doing is testing the e-liquid I've vaped
a good amount of it already this is a
profile that I've actually mixed before
and I enjoy almond milk that's actually
my preferred milk rather than whole or
2% anything I like almond milk vanilla
almond milk it's all pretty good to me
so when you're trying to emulate an e
liquid that's on the market this part of
the journey is very critical
understanding the flavors and
understanding what makes this recipe
this what makes this recipe different
from the other vanilla almond milks that
are on the market trying to identify
that characteristic is very vital to the
success of your clone because you can
get everything else wrong but if you
nail that defining characteristic of
that recipe then your recipe will be a
lot more accurate than all the others on
the market that defining characteristic
is really what we want to nail in this
recipe luckily for us this is actually
pretty simple a liquid and to be honest
I'm not a big fan of it I don't think
it's really that good at all really what
I taste is this vague almond milk flavor
there's a little bit of vanilla but I
mainly taste Capella's vanilla custard
in here I can really taste that almost
plastic-like flavor there's not much
body there's not much mouthfeel there's
not many layers going on I don't really
get much almond I get a maybe a light
almond or a like toasted almond flavor
and I get a little bit of sweetness on
the end
now it's also a really good idea to test
the recipe in multiple of vaping styles
so I generally like to test it at what I
like to vape which is my Hadley at a 0.8
0.9 single fuse
clapton fifty to forty watts with the
hadley on top and that's the way I like
to vape and most of my development is
for this type of vaping style but I also
like to make sure that the vape taste
good and different devices for example
like a more open aired and powerful
device like this cosmonaut on the noisy
cricket - just super high voltage and
just kind of plowing through it and this
will give you a good idea of how the
recipe does in different types of
airflow airflow makes a really big
difference on flavor as well as
temperature as well as wicket and wire
types but air flow I feel is the one
that makes the most difference in flavor
I really don't get a much of a different
flavor in the cosmonaut so it really to
me is a really poorly made a liquid it
doesn't have much flavor it doesn't have
much dimension I feel like it really
falls flat on its face I know the banana
milk variation of this e-liquid is a
pretty good it's not bad but this one
the vanilla almond milk is really just
not my thing I don't get much flavor
from it so what this remix is going to
teach us is how to create a recipe
that's authentic to the original source
material but improves upon it and makes
it taste better so in my eyes and in my
flavour the way that I vape remember we
all have different kind of flavors and
palates and and vaping styles so for me
I personally think the defining
characteristic of this ingredient is
that just vanilla custard like flavor
with a little bit of a toasted almond
and there's really not much here for me
to go on unfortunately so what I want to
do in my recipe is at least emulate that
part at least put some of that into
there and then I can just have fun with
it and build around it to fit a vaping
style and to fit a flavor that's more
appealing to myself so the first thing
we want to add is our Capello's french
you could add Capella's vanilla custard
version 1 or version 2 whichever you
like but I don't want too much of that
kind of greasy DAP flavor in here I want
this to be more of a smooth and silky
experience and Capella's french vanilla
at one percents going to help me get
there while also getting that defining
character of the original recipe we're
just using it at 1% here we don't need
too much of it the other part of the
help bring that authenticity is TFA's
toasted almond like I said I taste a
little bit of a toasted almond on the
end it's almost more of like a burnt
almond the recipe to me is really not
put together very well so I'm going to
use toasted almond to try to emulate
that flavor profile we're using it at
just a half a percent we only need a
touch and I'm going to make the rest of
the recipe really fit around what I
expect the flavor to be and what I want
the flavor to taste like I don't think
this recipe has enough of that milky
flavor I don't think it has enough of
that body and I think it really just it
fails in that department so one on one's
creamy milky undertone which is a
highly-regarded cream milk flavor it's
one of the best that you can get it's
going to help us get that when you
combine it with the Capella's french
vanilla it really creates this milky
vanilla flavor it's it's really
delicious and we're using at 2.5% and
one thing that I really enjoy about this
ingredient and the reason why I'm using
it in here is it does have a nuttiness
about it that milk does contain somewhat
of that almost almond like walnut like
flavor within its own profile and that's
just going to help blend those profiles
even better I want a more fatty and
flavorful almond experience flavor arch
almond is going to help us get there you
only need to have four percent of it you
don't need much the last ingredient is
flavor earth butterscotch and this is
going to give it more of a darker tone
it's going to bring about a lot more
flavor it's going to sweeten it a little
bit and overall just pull it all
together 0.5% again you don't need a lot
of its flavor art and that's basically
it you can add a little sweetener in
there if you like if you want to make it
a little sweet you can go ahead and add
some more vanillas you can go ahead and
add different fruits you can do whatever
you want to the recipes this DIY and
that's it you have a very premium and
even better flavor than the original at
a much much much cheaper price and it
only took us two minutes to create test
it in our handily
it's much better much much better it's a
lot more accurate to a vanilla almond
milk than the original has a lot more
flavor and more body you're going to
want to let this sit for probably a week
I mean there's a lot of creams in here
and it's just they're just better off
when they sit even almond is a flavoring
that does well after a few days yeah
that's good I think you guys are really
going to enjoy this recipe if you
enjoyed the original the recipe will
also be in the description of this video
that I'll take it to the website where
the full development notes are and you
can also get it at all the flavors calm
that's it for this video I hope you
enjoyed it if you did please leave a
like and subscribe if you haven't - make
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that and help out the channel and
support what I'm doing I'm going to
catch y'all later keep mixin watch love

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