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Banana Milk’s delicious taste will make you go bananas! Smooth and fresh bananas blend so perfectly with creamy and mellow milk that this could be your all day vape! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Moo Eliquids Banana Milk BEASTLY BECAUSE Moo Eliquids combines the taste of creamy fresh milk with smooth and rich flavors like strawberries, bananas, and almonds. Created in Orange County California, these are blends so fresh you can milk them! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KILO MOO ELIQUIDS BANANA MILK

overdose tapes keep you awake sweat oils
ODB back at ya being crazy man
oh those babes apples amber Nene's
without the apples yeah yeah so in his
own little weird way this is Josh I'm
Travis he's trying to tell you what
we're doing today yo you already know
because you clicked the link but what
we're looking at today is mu e liquids
damn and this is their value yeah all
right so what is it it's banana milk no
it's a milky guy kind of flavor mixed
with a banana kind of flavor it smells
wonderful out of the malls good smells
good baked we haven't tried it let me
try that
I loved the strawberry milk I'm hanging
why I gave that a fucking extraordinary
score nine point seven yeah I wasn't as
enamoured with it but I still do
appreciate that it is a good juice oh
yeah an above average juice cuz they do
milk better than most companies I've
seen this is a new line just came out
just came out yesterday yeah we got it
a couple days ago we were gonna try to
get it out before it released but just
because of scheduling and the way me and
Josh record we weren't able to but we
are on gonna be some of the first people
to be to be reviewing tea and it is
$21.99 you can only buy it in 30s right
now yep there you go it's 70 VG 30 PG so
the bacon juice and it also yeah Josh
red has great production and the
liquidus thick it seems thicker than a
70 so I would say it's a very thick 7
yeah yeah and the bottles are some of
the best balls I've seen in a long time
let's check them out real quick so we
can see you we are looking at mu e
liquids banana milk great bottles got to
love that character love the little cow
print gold embossed lettering let's see
how the juice is so if you see the
bottles they're equal part kitsch
if you don't use the cras yeah
they're a great bottle you know what on
a shelf standing next to a bunch of
generic looking bottles these are gonna
stand out like crazy I'm looking at him
and then I'm probably going oh my oh so
let's try right up in you know mu e
liquid it's a little different banana
laughing on the inhale where's the last
one I got a lot of cream on the inhale
milk the milk is still there but it's
almost like a milk smoothie yeah you
know what I mean okay say banana
milkshake yeah that's what I mean like a
banana milkshake yeah you're right the
milk makes a little thicker in this like
a milkshake yeah yeah it's not the same
as the strawberry one in the sense that
the cream is handled in a totally
different way or the milk is a totally
different way hmm but josh is right yeah
it's a little bit more of a dense kind
of milk and it is a little bit more I
would say ice creamy no cakey yep
shaking yeah that's what it tastes like
and it's like if you sliced bananas up
and put it in that milkshake that's like
the sweetness that you're getting
that's the banana you're here yeah um I
get there is the fresh banana flavor but
I also did it get a hint of candy banana
yeah not necessarily runts banana no but
a candy ish kind of banana well three
quarters fresh yeah but this is so don't
like banana yeah you know like a banana
milkshake would be it's tuttle smooth
whereas the last one
I had my strawberries sitting on top of
milk this time it's all one flavor yeah
you notice milkshake it's a milkshake
and that's not how they market it
they're saying banana milk but what
we're getting is banana milkshake flavor
which I probably I've had more banana
milkshakes when I've have been in the
mills so that works for me banana milk
um I know they make like a banana muscle
milk yeah okay so I'm I'm getting zero
throat in on this one
smooth very smooth good
I'm Phil good vapor production they're
gonna single-coil in here
it's a single Clapton yeah vapor
reduction is there yeah the smoothness
is there the lung Phil there the flavor
is very subtle hmm I am left with a with
a aftertaste a little bit of sweet
aftertaste but not overbearing no it's
good well it's good I think it's
delightful smooth very all day vape
status yeah I think especially through
tanks and abide me really shine through
Oh dripping is also good but I think
this is this is gonna be a good taint
juice as well I'm so pleasantly
both of these juices bang I got a good
texture from this juice as well it's
like I can almost taste like like feel
the banana no chunks you know naming
yeah it's an interesting Jesus trail
milkshake mine yeah without a doubt
Josh was right this is a milkshake juice
it's a banana milkshake all day but I'll
blame them for keeping them keeping the
name synchronized with just banana milk
yeah and that could be you know that
could be what they were aiming for but
Jimmy and Josh we're both unanimously
saying this is a banana milkshake flavor
I really I keep trying to put it down to
fuckin say something but it's like it's
one of those juices that compels you to
have more it's like the best of any
banana cream pie that I've had like the
best of any you know I mean you get a
little cream the cream yeah good man I'm
not gonna I'd point fuckin to which is
crazy for a man in a banana juice I'm
gonna say 9 I like this one little bit
more it's a little less candy ish and a
little bit more of that realistic kind
of banana flavor I agree and it's a
little bit of a thicker milk so I like
it a lot yeah whoo doggy yeah just some
tasty motherfucker
yeah these guys are not gonna Park a lot
of times a lot of times I've thought if
you have like a really catchy packaging
sometimes it's tied subpar juice in this
case I would say that's not not accurate
and not accurate at all they it's
elevated all of its elevated yeah you
know it's a good juice you know it's up
to you yeah and your big budget hands
whether or not you're willing to pay $22
for 30ml bottle yep but that is about
par for course when it comes to a
premium product yeah so especially these
new hi vici hi play berg kind of
products yeah so it's good makes you
know you make a decision for yourself if
you want to try it I think that it is
worth trying
would I buy it at $21.99 I would okay I
would buy a 30 yeah I would like to see
bigger bottles like a 60 ml bottle 120
ml bottle yeah that may be coming down
the pipeline there it's brand new just
came out today yesterday something like
that if you're a banana love her I know
that there's people that go crazy for
try this one all day try it it's it's
worth a shot
I think it's it's one of the top tier
bananas and if you'd like that
strawberry milk try the strawberry meal
yeah absolutely yeah
all right well um that's a cut and dry
kind of episode because when you get a
good juice what are you gonna say it's
good um you know the only like I'm gonna
bring through my downsides the only
downside that I could really see is that
they still hold onto a little bit of
that candy ish flavor but I think that's
mostly to sweeten yeah it's a little
sweet it's just sweetened it but it does
have a really strong representation of
that fresh bananas you know so it's it's
kind of a counterbalance all right
until next time people please hit the
Facebook group leave a comment below let
us know what you think about these
juices do and keep your coils tight keep
your wigs win oh let's do that peace out

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