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Strawberries and kiwis always go hand in hand, now add some of Kilo's signature cream flavor and viola, you have Kiberry Yogurt. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Kilo Kiberry Yogurt BEASTLY BECAUSE Kilo handcrafts their liquid here in beautiful southern California using only the finest ingredients available. Giving you the best flavors available. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KILO KIBERRY YOGURT

alright guys I got it right here check
this out see warm-up hold on baby
there you go there you go
what's going on everyone out there in
YouTube land so as you all may know um I
had a cold I had a sinus infection a
week or two back finally it's all
cleared up
I can now taste my e-liquids smell my
everything is perfecto and with that
said I have a boatload of illiquid
that I need to review um some company
sent me off some eliquid a while back
and I just couldn't review it because I
couldn't taste anything so I was you
know I was stuck I just couldn't do it
but now since I had my taste we must go
on with the e-liquid reviews first up
today is going to be a brand new eliquid
from kilo if you guys remember kilo I
did review on their eliquid line about a
month or so back they carry three
flavours but now they carry four flavors
on their blurb below a brand new one
from kilo and this one is gonna copy
called key berry yogurt key berry yogurt
and let's read the description real
quick on key berry yogurt a delicious
yogurt cream that is infused with a
blend of fresh strawberries and a dash
of Kiwi forging a perfect harmony
between sweet tardiness and our
signature cream flavors our complex
blend produces a candied fruit mixture
on the inhale that leaves a creamy
yogurt aftertaste that's it so pretty
much it's going to be a strawberry
yogurt strawberry cream now if you guys
know kilo they're very very popular for
the cream um they put their cream in
other flavors what flavors of the Hamma
free all the names of them
the key barrier Gert the Dubarry Corrine
which is one of my favorites the true
blue and the cereal milk all those
flavors contain their cream because they
have a very very um creamy cream it's
really really good so I can see why they
add it to other illiquid this one was
just released and I'm a huge huge
strawberry cream fan so I was very very
excited to receive this one now this one
this comin 0 3 6 12 and 18 milligrams 15
ml bottles or 30 ml bottles and the
pricing on this one is gonna be 1199 for
15 ml and $21.99 for 30ml so price is
you know right in that $22 range that we
see a lot of the higher-end top-shelf
liquids go for so it's right about there
it's gonna be a little bit pricey for
some people I understand that I get that
but for those of you out there that like
your quality eliquid your top-shelf
liquids um the price is about right it's
right in that $22 price bracket now a
new thing that I'll be doing in all my
juice reviews is I will be looking at
labeling now over the past few weeks a
lot of controversy has came up with a
liquid labeling how it's um you know
geared towards children or teenagers and
how the poppy graphics and the colors
and the artwork is attracting the
younger crowd
I completely agree on this one and I
think the e-juice manufacturers are not
designing these labels with the
intentions of attracting the younger
crowd you know that's not their purpose
when they're you know design these
labels but the labels just so happened
to attract the younger crowd okay it's
it's a known fact I know a lot of people
you know they say oh well blah blah blah
but I mean you know this is vaping this
is a liquid it contains nicotine
nicotine is very very dangerous and you
know it's for adults it should have an
adult look to it it shouldn't have
cartoons on it it shouldn't be called
like you know rice krispies treats or
you know pony shit or stuff like that it
should have a very professional name a
very professional look and I'll be
looking at the e-liquid labels and
during these use reviews and it
they have a label on it or a graphic
that I don't like I will comment on it
and I'll let you guys decide if it's
something you want to purchase or not
the labeling on kylo with all their
flavorings is very very professional
nothing about it really you know sparks
an interest to a younger teenage or
anything like that there's no poppy
graphics on it there's no cartoon
there's no weird names to it they do
have one called cereal milk
yeah that's debatable but you know you
can't really get around that one it's
cereal milk but as far as graphics are
concerned and logo and design and bottle
design you know I think kilo is very
very professional they do have a born-on
date when the e-liquid was made they
also have warnings on the bottle keep
away from children keep away from people
under the age of 18 and yeah very
professional labeling here very
professional job this is the way it
should be done I got it already
pre-loaded in my dead mods RDA dual
Clapton coil running it on my B Box 160
at around 50 watts let's have a vape and
then we'll talk about the flavor mmm I
need a spoon I need a spoon oh yes the
exhale through the nose always so
delicious but at the same time just so
runny um
nailed it beautiful oh this is it right
here guys um
Yoplait strawberry yogurt this is
strawberry yogurt at its finest right
here on the inhale I'm getting a
slightly sweet strawberry and I'm
getting a little spike in the strawberry
making it it's a little bit sweeter and
it has some tartness to the strawberry
and that is because of the Keeley of the
dash of Kiwi I don't taste Kiwi I don't
taste Kiwi at all I think the purpose of
the Kiwi is kind to compliment the
strawberry to kind of like you know give
the strawberry more of a kick
strawberries I actually hate eating
strawberries when it comes to food I
don't drink strawberry drinks I hate
strawberries but when it comes to vaping
strawberries my number one V so the Kiwi
is just you know spiking the strawberry
giving it more of a tartness more of a
sweetness so on the inhale I'm getting a
nice sweet and tart strawberry and then
on the exhale I get that kilo creaminess
that kilo oh it's there the kilo cream
whatever they use wherever they get it
however they make it it's delicious and
it's mixing with the strawberry and
turning it into a just a wonderful
strawberry yogurt it's kind of like a
strawberry cream and kinda like a
strawberry yogurt throat here on this
umm it's 3 milligram I've apus 6 but 3
milligram I'm still getting a decent
throw hit it's it's satisfying vapor
production on this one 70/30 VG PG
on the kilo a liquids so vapor
production is gonna be really really
good on a 70/30 I'll have one more vape
and show you guys favorite production
let me get it let me check this thing up
a little bit higher let's go to 70 watts
my lungs aren't what they used to be but
I'll do my best
nice thick rich dense clouds and the
flavor isn't super overpowering it's not
super super sweet nice and mellow but I
just love the way you get the strawberry
on inhale and then on the exhale you get
like the yogurt creaminess mixed with
the strawberry definitely definitely a
very very good strawberries and cream I
think this actually might replace my
number one from kilo which is the
Dubarry cream this is going to replace
it as my number one now this was sent on
directly by kilo from a gentleman named
John what's up John and if you guys
check out this 30ml bottle they sent me
yeah it's gone I had to say that little
drop at the on the bottom to do the
review whoo so that's how good this
stuff is John also was kind enough to
send on a kilo gift pack which contains
three 15 ml bottles 45 ml of a liquid
for a giveaway so I'll be giving this
one away
at the end of the video so make sure you
stick around but yeah we're pretty much
at the end of the video what am I
talking about but yeah if you're a
strawberries a cream fan strawberry
yogurt strawberry cake if you like
strawberry I say definitely check out
the new kilo key berry yogurt
you'll be I guarantee you'll be
impressed it's some good good stuff yeah
that's gonna be it I mean it's just one
like I said they do have four e liquids
they have great e liquids um my
favorites are the the key berry the new
berry and the cereal milk those are my
three favorites by kilo great company
and you know the prices like I said
they're a little on there not so much on
the high side but the price is right in
that you know top shelf bracket about
twenty-two dollars normally top shelf EE
liquids run from twenty to twenty-two
dollars we're at 20 $1.99 so yeah it's a
bread about there it's not everyone's
cup of tea I understand that but if you
got the money definitely give it a try
so for the giveaway all you guys got to
do is be a subscriber to my channel and
just comment below that's all you got to
do and today's date is
is my microphones in the way today's
date is June 23rd so what does one go
all the way till next Tuesday which is
June 30th and once again all I got to do
comment below and then we'll enter you
in for a chance to win on come next
Tuesday I'll throw everyone's name into
a randomizer who commented on this video
and will choose one lucky winner
um the only thing that you guys are
responsible for is shipping on this
that's it shipping so if you're cool
with that then by all means enter the
giveaway so that's all I got for you
guys today on kylo eliquid if you have
any questions or comments please feel
free to leave them below please feel
free to hit that subscribe button
good luck on the giveaway I'll talk to
everyone very very soon make sure you
build safe and vape on

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