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Dewberry Cream is a crazy good honeydew cream flavor with ever so subtle hints of mixed berries. Its a perfectly balanced combination of cream and fruit. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Kilo Dewberry Cream BEASTLY BECAUSE Kilo handcrafts their liquid here in beautiful southern California using only the finest ingredients available. Giving you the best flavors available. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KILO DEWBERRY CREAM

what happened welcome to overdose babes
one more game back at you coming back
let your bass beat - rap - that's not
true but we do have a bass flavor review
for you so we're looking at today today
we are looking at a flavor by kilo kilo
kilo and it is do berry cream tell them
I got this juice done how did I get this
juice well it was my birthday right it
is birthday my lady called days ago said
if you want to see juice what kind of
juice would you like well you know what
I chose and that'll be coming up next is
vigilante vapor
robe it's never for me oh my god it's
good anyway
but Juke club was so damn cool cuz you
can buy flavor straight from your club
she did that she went to drip club and
she got three bottles of rogue for a
great price and then they just threw in
Dewberry cream a fifteen that strip club
for you so what's that gonna look gotta
love the drip Club so this is do Barry
crane by kilo and it is a fresh
cantaloupe and cream with a hint of
berries out on the bottle it smells
really good in the vapor when you paper
eyes and then smell it it reminds me a
lot of sweet Lucy which is one of my
favorite juices of all time yep we love
it I love it it just might be that I
miss you might be projecting yeah but I
actually do think it has a little bit of
sweet Lucy you know that's good it's got
the essence baby it that's just quality
lately man and there's one thing I want
to talk about um as of recently I had
all I've been collecting different
Addie's different mods and shit but I
basically have all clothes except
nothing wrong with that I mean I'm not
judging anybody nice phones I have a lot
of clothes you know my IPV is like one
of the originals that I have this boot
hatten I guess you could say it's an
but everything else to produce clerk The
Orchid is kind of this is so far removed
from the original orchid that it's
almost on its own thing it's almost it's
don't think except for they use the
insignia on the fuckin
so I decided that I wanted at least one
authentic setup and then this day and
age it's actually getting really cheap
you can get really cheap Authentics
there's a different great different a DS
and stuff from China that are coming out
like from what Oppo and a mod like the
freakshow shell those kind of things are
under there like 30 bucks so I went for
my birthday I told my I told my
girlfriend what I wanted and she got me
this it's low the beyond bait beacon do
with the Mako RDA this is all from
beyond Vegas all often - tick I got me a
little Teflon drip tip and I'm I'm not
trying to show off right and they didn't
have to take out a loan to get it know
this right this all set up including a
charger was like a hundred and forty
dollars instead of what 600 yeah exactly
and so I just I just want to give a
shout out to be on bait for providing a
really really decently priced identities
for an affordable authentic and I'm not
gonna say I'm not gonna brag but this it
just seemed like the right time for me
to actually get something authentic all
right yeah we love clothes too because
who can spend $180 on a tee not me I
still recommend even if you're gonna buy
it get the quote first just to see if
it's something you like okay right so
back to the juice back to the gibbering
Dewberry cream mmm and it's a great
honeydew it's popping - Lakhan yeah
Stefan just nothing doesn't taste like
sweet Lucy yes much no there is a
sweetness there is the honeydew honey
new Creamery
the cream is their desire it's very
sweet it's a sweetie
that's a it has to really have has a
really unique flavor it's good it is
good really good
and I determine my waters down I get it
didn't taste great at high wattage but I
turned it down I'm in about I don't on
the voltage about 3.7 25 watts 0.5
resistance and it is now um yeah I have
it on a single coil here in the Mako
2048 just by coming out to about half an
ohm and I think that it's it's good at
that it's it's it's not put up a lot of
vapor it's not a huge vapor producer but
the flavour of this juice is intense
then I'm thinking 60 45 60 40 yeah but I
love it and I had actually received it
before in my drip Club like you know a
couple months back loved it then love it
now I was so glad to see the best the
free one day Center Jeremy yes there's a
lot of fruit nuts each time I get it
actually I seem like I'm getting a
different fruit berries coming yeah so
there's a little sourness to it almost
sometimes and then other times it'll be
very sweet yeah it's a complex juice
very good I love it
it doesn't come up all this one note
either it's coming off like a meeting
individual notes each time on the inhale
and you exhale it's just really
reversible to you is you're getting the
cream definitely the cream sometimes he
has a hard time picking up creams but it
is very creamy it's like your main your
main she is honeydew and cream which is
beautiful and then these berries come in
and out of it honey I was sweet I wasn't
the first to have trouble picking out
creams I think that sometimes creams are
hidden behind clusters custards and
creams can be hid behind walls of other
flavors then I break the wall I don't
want gentleman jaws to be fucking hating
on my fucking my custard flavor profile
under talent bro I'm not saying shit
over Alec don't hit him with pally but
he's right I mean sometimes messes get
lost invade Durin's they're under use
this is delightful though yes absolutely
if you like melon you're gonna have to
like melon if you like cream you're
gonna have to like but there's a lot of
there's a whole seat there earlier
little pockets thing where like playing
fuckin Zellman
I think exactly there's little pockets
of sweetness throw a little bomb down
next to a fucking rock with a crack and
see what opens oh it opens up a little
sweet I think that they oversimplify by
saying do berry cream cuz it gives you
this this idea that what you're gonna
get it's much more than it is much more
complex than a very it is it's more than
that yeah cuz they barely even touch on
the berries but the berries come in and
out real nice and then in the bearing
it's not just like one berry no I'm busy
so here he is yeah throw down we'll just
keep vaping it for you guys
I'm not a production isn't crazy but
this is a juice I don't really care no I
love juice it's kickback I don't have
the United sounds in great flavor the
flavor on this is really intense this is
like an adv kind of it really is you
don't want to bust out clouds and every
space isn't shit sometimes this is the
kind of juice that I would be vaping
like I'm watching movies in the fucking
front room with the fam and I don't want
to fog out the animals in the moon I
would definitely like this just to throw
you know I throw a couple hits I'm a
huge fan of this and I want to try more
kilos products yeah I really like this
this has great flavor of saturation yeah
great flavor saturation handcrafted in
California hello why is anything from
Cali got you like kilo dosa yeah yeah
we're not all druggies they're not all
druggies nub another real kilo on the
word a good product bomb I'm giving it a
9 I love it I'm gonna say 8.5 it's a
good product
absolutely uh-huh anything else you want
on Dewberry creameries
you know you better subscribe that was
some singing I want to tell them that
I'm so far I like this a lot
yo check out beyond beat look at their
website they have other mods and shit
too that are under outer bugs
yawns a very cool site yeah the drip also yeah check out kilo site I
think it all up I think
kilo is the winner out of this bunch
bomb huge okay we'll be back subscribe
yeah of a comment and it's all next time
keep it keep it close tight keep your
wigs wet day he then and keep your
pillows Raptor peace peace

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