Vape Review of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Killer Kustard E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

Vape Review of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

Vapetasia has added a fresh and fruity kick to their killer kustard concoction with Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid! A brilliant entrance of thick creamy vanilla custard arrives with force layering the vapers tongue with a warm release of deliciousness. An exhale of fresh picked strawberries swims across the palate with deliberate grace adding a splendid twist to a classic favorite. Be sure to get your bottle of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL) today!

Vape Review of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia (100mL)

what up - but you mantain from flava
chase of a previews hope you guys missed
me I know I've been out for a while and
that to explain that there's just
personal things that are going on in my
life right now a lot of it has to do
with my back and month you guys already
know I did have four surgeries on my
neck and my back and my back is
completely shot so I got to go getting
another corrective surgery to fix all
the other shit that the other doctors
messed up in my neck and my back what a
fucking mess I don't want to get into it
but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed that
and social experiment I did you realize
I think about a week ago where I tried
to convert as many people as I could
from smoking to vaping and you know I
did my best alright I had 23 kits to
give out and they was sponsored by
Innokin and the Schwarz e-liquid try to
give out as many as I could but in
Williamsburg Brooklyn the area that I
was in they were just these people were
just so unapproachable you know like if
you were to go up to somebody say excuse
me how long you smoking cigarette it was
like cocky sons of bitches and I'm like
alright well this isn't going to work so
I got those three lucky people that's
pretty much it I'm going to do a part
two so I hope you guys stay tuned for
that so that's pretty much that
all right today we're going to have a
good look and have an e juice review and
this one's going to be on killer custard
by vaped Asia now as you guys can see
this is my second bottle they sent over
three bottles okay and I think the ever
loved and fuck out of it just really
really good I got it in this as babe
Cobra and I've been using it with like
maybe I'd say 40 45 watts the most and
I've been getting awesome flavor so I'm
at four point six volts on mama goddess
mother fucker I'm on a JW custom and JC
West PWM box now this fucking box I got
it coming up for review like in like the
next video I just wanted to go and get a
couple of juice reviews out to you guys
they have this one come up coming up
rather and it's a dual 2700 battery
intake in this son of bitch there's not
the batteries last me all fucking day
that's number one and number two I've
been loving this box but enough of that
like I said it's about killer custard
today want to send a special thanks to
vape tasia for sending this to me for
review I'm sorry if you guys give the
fan I'm sorry sweat like a son of a
bitch right and it's like
I don't know it's like 900 degrees in
here for some reason uh so apologies in
advance for the pain if you hear it
right now because I got the road mic on
and all that good shit
um but yeah I've been vaping this juice
for the past maybe I would say almost
three weeks and like I said use a
hundred mill unicorn bottles I this is
my second bottle and I got one left I
was going to do a giveaway but I it's
too much trouble nowadays so let me give
you guys a vape on at four point six
volts which is around forty watts on
this as rate because it's a point 6 ohm
coil if you hear the kids next door that
are there over there and it's late at
night and they're up so you hear me
screaming occasionally you'll know why
this has got such an amazing taste
stay tuned to the after the intro we'll
go ahead and talk about it makes me real
quick I love this juice just to give you
guys a heads up alright and as you guys
can tell right because after the intro
we'll go ahead and do that we'll come
back and then we'll go ahead and finish
this up alright so stay tuned guys go
right back
okay guys we are back hope you guys my I
keep saying hope you guys enjoyed the
intro you guys got no other choice but
the skin people watching the skin passed
it right hope you guys enjoyed it anyway
that is so fucking delicious yeah so
today we're going to have a good look at
vacations kill a custard okay this is
the strawberry killer custard they do
solvent in these hundred mil gorilla
bottles which are really really
convenient alright
so only go ahead and give you guys a
description of this juice even though
there's it's really not much not much
it's a strawberry vanilla custard and
when I tell you you taste every note you
get a nice fresh strawberry and a really
nice creamy vanilla custard on the
exhale inhale you get the strawberry
exhale you get a creamy vanilla custard
and it is really really good I haven't
been this pleased with a vanilla custard
in a fucking a long time
alright and this like I said three maybe
four times already I beat the
ever-loving fuck out of it right so let
me go to head
go to head let's go ahead and get you
some information now I some reason I I
can't access their website right but I
did get them on Instagram here so I'll
give you all the information there
there's a couple of websites here says
wholesale at gate page accom I guess
that's their website and there's a
there's a bit bitly flash pager site
they're based out of Las Vegas Nevada
alright so let me go ahead and get to a
regular website that's got this juice
alright so the first site that pops up
is a strawberry tiller custard a premium
vape supply all right I mean another
bait this is a good
so let's go ahead and give you a little
bit you know I get I have a really short
attention span I should stop doing all
right here we go draw brachial
accustomed by major the creamy custard
dessert make sweet strawberries and
rounded off with subtle hilt of this I
can't fucking talk tonight are it's
mixed with strawberry then round it off
with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness
now I think it's a vanilla custard but I
really don't give a shit but it's really
fucking good right yeah taste that
strawberry killer custard is a creamy I
just read that there are laws Vegas
Nevada they've made the vacation
eliminate which is also a really good
juice each liquid comes in 60 ml bottles
this ain't sickly is 100 ml all right so
100 milliliter bottle 70/30 VG PG go
ahead and see the cost
I think it's 1999 so not dead at all for
this juice it does come in the gorilla
bottles the chubby gorilla bottles which
are what I said in the beginning are
very handy nicotine options you have
zero three and six all right
and I tried this liquid and a bunch of
different tanks at a bunch of different
wattages at a bunch of different origins
and it just gets better and better with
more power so like I said I'm not really
pushing too much on this as vape tank
but it is really really good at 40 Watts
vapor production is good and that the
taste is just really really phenomenal
alright in my opinion you know it's a
bold statement but the best vanilla
strawberry custard that I've tried yet
and I'm not bullshitting alright um I've
had my share of vanilla custard and by
far this has got to be the best one I'm
sorry I'm not being biased here I just
I've ate the entire fucking almost two
bottles of this and that's 200 million
less than like what two weeks I think or
something like that so that just goes to
show you going to go ahead and do this I
should have did this in the beginning
like I says not much here when you dab
when you knock it or you put on your
hands and you taste it you take
strawberries and a creamy creamy vanilla
so I mean honestly if you guys are into
strawberry and vanilla this is a fucking
homerun that's pretty much all I could
you guys check out this PWM this is some
sick shit right here I'm not you guys
can see it that's like a girl like this
mmm shit really fucking cool mother two
more bitches right there and there's
vampire bitch right here and says JW
custom and JC and Wes and then you got
the pentagram for you satanic
motherfuckers out there and you got the
visual readout regular like I said stay
tuned to channel I will be shooting a
video for this this week coming up so
stay tuned to the channel for that but
that's pretty much it going to do I'm
not gonna keep you guys here for fucking
26 minutes and all that good shit this
is in my opinion the best vanilla
strawberry custard that I've tasted in
my opinion taste the subjective right
but I will highly recommend this juice
if you're looking for a strawberry and a
vanilla custard that's what I think it
is okay I think it's a strawberry
vanilla custard and it's just really
fucking it's really really good so I'm
going to go ahead and give this one to
fucking huge flaming thumbs up alright
that's pretty much all I can say about
it right that's pretty much going to do
it for me I think it's like $19 20 bucks
you really can't go wrong it's a hundred
mils of juice and that's pretty much it
I want to send the special thanks to
Beijing for sending this to me out for a
review to review you guy that actually
and that's pretty much going to do with
me I'll give you another blast and then
all that you guys going about your
weight your rib nails also I'm going to
London in about a week so I'm going to
try to pump out as many videos as I can
now see this way I can schedule the
uploads for you guys to this way give
you guys straight-up content right I'm
going to London for a whole week with my
family I haven't been out of the country
in fucking God knows how long
and that's pretty much going to do it
for me I want to take a vacay because I
fucking hate it I don't know I really
need a vacation and that's good I'm
coming up but like it says when in
competent some videos for you guys and
scheduling the uploads so stay tuned
you'll have content for a good two weeks
alright so thank you so much for
um thank you babe tasia and i'll see you
guys in the next video peace

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