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By Elena Ognivtseva

Our Key Lime flavour was created with the daring and bold in mind: vivacious lime taste and clouds on clouds of vapour. The vibrant taste of fresh limes, tangy citrus balanced by subtle sweetness, gets you on the inhale. As the flavour progresses, it continues to sweeten, becoming more key lime pie than pure key lime. You are left with the invigorating and bright aftertaste of lime and a whole lot of vapour. → A 70VG to 30PG ratio means spectacular vapour production alongside amazing flavour - every time. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of KEY LIME - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON - DESSERT FLAVOURED E-LIQUID

what's going on guys big time for big
time the vaping crew today what I'm
going to do for you guys is a juice
review that I'm very excited about doing
uh it's a juice and I've only got three
juices from the line but the juice line
is called world's best Custance and and
as you all know my flavor profile is
custard custard custard and so I'm very
excited to try these and I want to thank
vapor Z or vapor Zed whatever you guys
you know people be having this talk for
weeks about easy-fit busy is it
represent so I wanna thank Rihanna and
tan for sending these for review really
appreciate that guys and so we have here
the world's best custard in 1.5 so we've
got here Paris fog we've got a Cairo fog
and we have Valencia fog and as I said
these are 1.5 30 mil bottles and 75 and
25 so 35 VG 25 PG I'm very excited to
try these guys very very excited and I
have absolutely demolished
um the Paris fog which is the sugar
cookie custard then we have Cairo fog
which is chocolate-dipped apricots
vanilla bean ice cream
that isn't across that but we'll get
onto a minute and then you've got the
lengthy fog which is tangerine french
vanilla custard and this company is
called world's best custards but and
they're not all custards
so I think the line was basically
started off custards and then obviously
they've expanded their line in two
different things but with a name like
world's best custard they need to have
you know they need to step their game
to make sure they are the world's best
clustered so and I'm gonna go straight
into the Paris fog because I said I
absolutely loved this one
demolished it absolutely demolished it
um sugar cookie custard and this is what
this one is and I've currently got it on
the macro wall to which was also sent by
a vapor Zee and I will be doing a review
for that also
so no cookie custard isn't a massive you
know is a massive custard um it's really
really it is basically the sugar cookie
um really sweet sugar cookie is they're
kind of like it's not a biscuit cookie
it's kind of I wouldn't have got friggin
it's got the essence of bakery rather
than an actual cookie so it is
definitely like with inside you know the
bakery range but wouldn't say it was a
dominant cookie but the sugar is really
they're fucking up my diabetes
I wouldn't say it was a massive you know
strong custard there is some residue of
custard you know in the background but
it isn't you know overly powering
custard but that one's a winner for me
that that is definitely a winner just
because it tastes absolutely fucking
awesome the next one I'm gonna go for is
Kyra fog which is the chocolate-dipped
apricots vanilla bean ice cream no
custard in this they have a
disappointment there would've liked to
seen a little bit of custard
somewhere in there let's go for this
straight away a really strong apricot
get a little bit of chocolate book once
again I'm not keen on chocolate but this
isn't synthetic chocolate so I think the
myth hit the fucking you know here on
the head with this one because every
chocolate I've tried I don't like
because it's synthetic but this is
really nice so on that one's kind of
chocolate err because we've liked it
this AIT's ice cream but it tastes more
yogurty to me so kind of like a creamy
but that that's really nice as well and
it's a bonus at the rear one by five
because it's four by five and and then
the last one it is Valencia fog which is
tangerine french vanilla custard so yeah
this one's got custard in it 475 VG
they're quite thick as well these juices
and I will mention and that these
bottles um they've got information on
there but they're not CLP compliant they
don't have the nicotine patch or
anything like that on there
it's literally missing a tiny bit of
information and then then bottles would
be Selby compliant but currently they're
not CLP that's really really strong
orange country the tangerines a little
bit overpowering for me and get a little
bit of custard but that is because the
tangerine is very very overpowered in
that one it's not my preferred one if
I'm honest and the sugar cookie one and
the carrier fog which is obviously the
apricot one as well them two are very on
very nice juices the tangerine if you
like tangerine you will like you know
Valencia fog because it is very very
strong you know citrus very strong
tangerine so yeah guys the link will be
in the description where you can pick
these juices up once again thank you to
Rihanna and tan for sending these for
review from viz represent and the link
as I said will be in the description
thank you for liking thank you for
subscribing and I'll see you all soon

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