Vape Review of Just Jam Original E-Liquid 6 x 10ml Multipack by Just Jam

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Just Jam Original E-Liquid 6 x 10ml Multipack by Just Jam

Vape Review of Just Jam Original E-Liquid 6 x 10ml Multipack by Just Jam

By Ekaterina Mironova

Just Jam Original e-liquid is the original taste of classic strawberry jam. Fresh, sweet, and sumptuously aromatic, this timeless flavour perfectly mimics the thick satisfying taste of English jam. Details 6 x 10ml E-Liquid Bottles 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Just Jam Based in the UK, Just Jam are known for their sweet and ripe strawberry jam flavour e-liquid and unique variations of quintessentially British jam flavours and treats.

Vape Review of Just Jam Original E-Liquid 6 x 10ml Multipack by Just Jam


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Just Jam Original E-Liquid 6 x 10ml Multipack by Just Jam

right welcome back to speed is your
revision to David in a juice if you're
on a company called just yeah we've done
these before but these are the new
flavors were going to be doing and these
are under the wing of vs wholesale the
VG PG um needs a ATV g20 PG and they're
coming nicotine strips of three and a
six because the bottle size is six times
ten mil TPD compliant inside every box
which we're going to be showing you
anyway and the two flavors were doing a
strawberry donut and raspberry doughnut
and basically what we're going to do is
we're going to talk a little bit more
about flavor profiles as we go over to
the baking side we're going to be
checking whether it does what it says on
the tin flavors and white and basically
also we're going to be showing you the
six times ten mil TPD compliant bottles
that you get inside the box
so don't go nowhere catch back in a bit
we're going to be checking out all the
goodness checking out all the clouds and
having a good old way and check us in a
minute rather welcome back to spending
trip reviews and today we're doing the
easiest review on a company called just
yet these are the two new flavors called
strawberry donut a raspberry doughnut
these are under the wing of the USPS
wholesale sorry and the VG p DS ATV g20
PG and the bottle size is six times ten
mil TPD compliant bottles inside so
that's the bottle I'm just going to show
you inside the box and you get six of
them in a box as you can see all stacked
up in the box you get six of them last
ten military different Drive bottles and
you get this lovely box with it or your
writings on this sorry that way visually
your warnings and then on the back edge
you can see just there in the corner
says six times ten them so you still get
anything thing up in 10 ml bottles and
also on each bottle if you just peel
back the label as such yeah there's all
you want all your balloons exactly how
to use it yeah I'm H I thinking yeah you
know just in case you don't know answer
then spread I'm just that yeah we're
spending having them leaflets all the
time we're going to little wife stop I
can already notice that
it's gonna have to stick or anyway so
while it - yeah put that little back it
has this on the box as well yeah
obviously you know this product contains
nicotine so yeah everything is TPD
compliantly yes good cop says this is a
just Jones new range destroy be donut
and a raspy toner and you can get these
in a three or six yeah so we'll start
with start with the the robbery
jam-filled donor oh okay the teacher
needs a peck it smell really gnarly deep
smelling I was hoping you know as with
city fish what's their reviews doughnut
is a hard one to conquer sometimes we
get this we call play-doh e effect that
we'd like to sign it so they don't we
let a harsh way we're just saying that
play-doh smells of sometimes what I
don't up contains life so you know
lighting it a liquid remain but
sometimes they do get them right you
know there is some amazing doughnut
Saturday we're not this you know luckily
it's not about that and we don't say
play-doh because we want to you know
just a company either we just mean
that's what it is sometimes the smell of
what play-doh can do it can sometimes
take oily like that in the doughnut but
sometimes they don't make it them less
and in my opinion sees right you carry
on but it's right it's a gorgeous Rahman
IR loudly not a touch of play those guys
go smell inside it's a lovely bike that
like go nice for a beautiful sugar lip
amazing raspberry jam I mean I supposed
of the jam is what they've used in the
own yeah it was reviewed before etc and
summer yet there others if you haven't
shared a share I'll review that I'm now
hoping that in the strawberry they use
the same jam that they used to be
well I would like it oh we will see if
they use the same just jam in the
strawberry donut Oh bang on point but
it's lovely got that nice jamming this
guy don't like just spooned out the jam
from the middle of it you know a jar
your spoon and had a good old but then
it's like you've been bit a lovely bike
doughnut with it and from chewing them
all together I know it's what you get
with the German term you know what I'm
trying to explain levels of what I'm
getting I'm starting with that Jam as if
I've spooned you add a jar so fresh and
real and then straight away you're
getting that
lovely darling good doesn't just I love
so happy that it's a nice donut because
that compliment that I am is banging to
burn us amazing should be lit perfect
nice rallies move on me in an excel as
well and like I think I could like that
for quite a while you don't want to do
these it's a nice one little bit and
they're definitely looking forward to
this one yeah because they must have
used the same doughnut but you'll early
so let's move on the next one and this
is a strawberry donut and it's the same
thing as the raspberry is we will news
and all your information and the same
thing six ten mil bottles inside all TPP
compliant there be got to been shut down
a vesl so we've I've been looking up you
Expo a real lovely guy you know but last
time for him like yes for us and there
yeah just want to send that flow back to
you let's go in with a strawberry if you
can to do with stage the rug and I'm
really excited that I see it I got food
another prize and this way at your own
you won't like where's the box go Jojo I
know you you know I mean it's a specific
Wow remember we did just down by these
which was the original strawberry jam
which you are really lik it's the same
base and I've got that donut feel to it
and maybe not as strong in the donut as
the raspberry right but it's still
still they're still real still clean but
that a strawberry jam always does it for
me and I love it and the two together
I've just give me this
almost folder line strawberry scones
store we going at each other field going
on you know like if you had a skunk it's
gone wherever you want to call it and
you took the creamer and you've just
left the jam in there with maybe a
little bit of you know like a fume
scrape in a bar so that the bars are not
apparent think that's what I'm getting
that cakey doughnut II you know jamming
ass going on and it so Niles talked in a
I think either as road and being the
strawberry man but he's nice and I'm not
taking away from it that what am I on
startup was better than that one because
they are both on par yeah but what I
like with this one jamming this once you
start you get that would you get the
strawberry jam as good cuts it from the
just jam right yeah yeah and then bang
this sugar lip just explodes ring white
hmm and in comes the donor because I
member doing this first on when we had
the scone you know it was talking about
it was geralyn's going bigger there was
lacking scar wasn't it yeah well these
ones like these ain't lacking no donor
it's like that you know realness about
that fake lovely juicy oh not going on
but as large as welled up
well you know then you above clash
together and make this amazing like
really impressed with both of these but
yeah they're really nice to be fair I'll
do like them I do like though I do I
mean I could I could bake these yeah
that's the what a lot hell yeah and any
information you need to know about these
to be in the show more section and that
would say to you before you can add
these up at vs wholesale cut card at UK
I'm sure it is yeah yeah and basically
does forget subscribe to us does get
tell our friends bad set us up on
Twitter Instagram Facebook as well as
this has been just jam probably donut
and just a just jam raspberry doughnut
I've really enjoyed them yeah I really
love them yeah really man really nice
catch that next time speak ninja

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