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Watermelon by Juicy Savers E-Liquid is perfect for fans of fresh and tasty watermelon on a hot sunny day. This is also great to gain that feeling of family picnics at the cottage in the summer time!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JUICY SAVERS WATERMELON EJUICE

oh Lola YouTube it's the time you train
a little bit back again with another
video at this video I'm gonna be vaping
you guys some clothes to get out of
there get out of there guys yeah I'm
gonna be peeing on a new ejuice the one
that I didn't try it from the 3-pack
that I bought water melone watermelon by
juicy savers a juice okay
so we already seen the other video I'm
down with the pineapple and I'm almost
down with the strawberry so now it's
time to try this watermelon so I'm going
to be Deeping this on top of my B
tations xv4 s which is on top o my MVP
pro 3 I taste yeah
really old mod but you know what I can't
afford new mods or I don't get anything
sent to me so just juices juices send me
juices XP please guys let me go ahead
and try finish this up this is actually
strawberry then baby
so if you guys never seen my other
videos go ahead and subscribe to me
Tomic trainee of the way check out my
the recent videos I did which is the
pineapple or the strawberry you know go
check it out cuz thousands I don't
really have flavor flavor preference
profile whatever but it tastes awesome
and it does taste good okay so let's go
ahead and jump into this so this is
brand new watermelon yeah full bottle -
foo 60 ml with 3 mg Nick childproof yeah
I'm a child
anyways so I'm gonna just try and smell
this like just that watermelon smells of
this it tastes smells awesome
just by smelling it smells like
watermelon candy if you guys ever had
the watermelon gummy candy that's what
exactly it smells like whoa my dad
smells like
let's get this sucker dried
okay it's pretty dried up enough let's
go ahead and drip this
all right the consistency is similar to
the pineapple a little bit it's a little
thick and not like the strawberry the
strawberry was a little bit watery but I
think it's just a manufactory stuff it's
all alone binky bye
I don't care of how it drips and how it
whatever you know like I just care about
the flavor honestly I can't get me that
nicotine hit it's a three let's see
oh yeah yeah it's like a a sugary gummy
watermelon I have like I have that gummy
sugar sugar lips are sugar tongue lips
or something it's not because of the
juice or whatnot is because of the
flavor that comes from this juice that's
kind of like making this like sugary
film so I don't know if that's what they
were trying to hit but for some reason
my badge they they got that way
whoa I like this one a lot
see it's awesome because my favorite
color is actually green so hope it's
awesome it seems the best one for last
right yeah so not much really to say
it's just like watermelon candy the
vapor production is not that bad either
so that's the people production and I'm
beeping this at 45 45 Watts on 0.5 for
coils 5 4 ohm dual bill okay so it's
actually not that bad um what I can kind
of hint is that a little bit of an
aftertaste it's it's exactly like gummy
candy whenever you eat a watermelon
gummy or why not on the aftertaste of it
it lingers and then it kind of makes a
bitter kind of takes boy it's really
money me like it's really like you know
I mean like it's it's it's minor its
minor compared to some of the other
liquids like if you're making dessert or
cream okay so like those ones are the
ones that he's kind of but this one is
not that bad it's actually tolerable
so yeah it's actually pretty good so
hopefully I will last on this bottle
will last me another week if not half a
week or at least until the next paycheck
because I gotta buy more liquid I have
to buy it myself
yeah I'm alright I'll let you guys send
me liquid anyways guys I am atomic train
808 thanks for watching this video and
like comment subscribe
oh whatever you guys I do Cheryl but
your mommy Sheriff what your daddy
sharing with your friends home with your
auntie uncle whatever
if they're into gummy beets this might
be for them this line is actually really
really good so juicy savers go check
them out google them what not flawless
bait shops have them I think even a
ejuice there rec have them also ejuice
Tareq has a has the three bottle combo
solve so they sell all three of these 60
ml so they're not pay me to say this but
I'm just saying you know just for you
papers out there yeah go ahead and just
google them yeah so I'm gonna talking it
away guys
shoots mahalos act it's watching this

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