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Strawberry Delight by Juicy Savers E-Liquid is a sensational surprise, full of strawberry goodness! Enjoy freshly squeezed strawberries that present delightfully fragrant clouds that will last you all day!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JUICY SAVERS STRAWBERRY EJUICE

youtube-land it's Adam from all day
variety and we're coming back at you
with another ejuice review this time
it's gonna be a first impression review
I haven't tried this one yet
it's juicy savers this is gonna be with
the bottle artwork it's gonna look like
it's gonna come in a 60 ml bottle I have
it in three Nick it's got a big large
warning label which I definitely did we
need that right now with the state of
what's going on right now I have not
tasted this yet in fact we're gonna
shake it up I'm gonna crack it open I
was trying to find the VG PG I'm blind
as shit I could not I could not find it
on the bottle but let's crack this open
its give it a little smell test
okay strawberry for sure it does smell
like a strong candy strawberry and I
can't really babe strawberry candies
non-stop but hey I've been proven wrong
on other juices before it's do a little
taste test
Wow whoa that is like strawberry fuckin
up in you in the face holy shit
so I got a five rap fuse clapped in
through some cotton in here right before
the video we're gonna wake it up we're
gonna get it capped up we're going to
take a couple to top of it we'll check
out what uh I'm oh man out at will do
that I'll let you guys know get an idea
let's check out cloud production overall
flavor on inhale and exhale
but I think that these these uh first
impressions are kind of cool you know I
haven't tried it so I don't have any
like built up thoughts on the juice
already so a little chopper so right now
it's at UH only now at 0.45 I've gotten
up 50 watts I'm using the goon single
coil though single coil and let's give
it up the first kid
Wow you know what it's a strong
strawberry and I mean obviously being
called juicy savers you kind of have the
idea sabers if you get what I'm saying
and that comes through quite a bit it's
not your typical candy like candy shell
taste that you get inhale very very
sweet sugary you can taste it on your
lips for sure and the exhale exhales
when you get hit with that strawberry
and it's a pretty good strawberry it's
definitely more on the artificial
strawberry and then it would be on like
a natural fresh strawberry but it's not
too bad
and like I was saying earlier I found it
over here on the false vape shop I'll
drop a link down below you can check
that off you want to get one if you're
interested in it it's 20 bucks it's 60
MLS as of right now it's pretty good but
you know you can't really just sit on a
juice after a couple to isn't to say
well I'm gonna love it you kind of have
to go through some ml's of it see if you
get sick of it or not would i buy it
again yep providing a first impression
rating one out of five I'm gonna give it
a three I mean that could definitely
change and if it really changes I'll
definitely make another video on a
follow-up for some reason I decide this
is disgusting or if I really like it and
guys I mean that's the first impression
on juicy savers I hope that helps you in
your juice shopping adventures if you
guys like these videos or the other
videos make sure that you hit that
subscribe button drop me a comment down
below and I'll do my best to get back to
you you guys enjoy the rest of the night
and have a great weekend be safe

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