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By Nataly Komova

Pineapple E-Juice by Juicy Savers will transport you to a tropical paradise you have been searching for! Enjoy a freshly squeezed pineapple goodness that will brighten your day and delight your vape taste buds.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JUICY SAVERS PINEAPPLE EJUICE

hey what's going on YouTube what's up
everybody thanks for tuning in once
again Thal about the vapor my name is J
Lee today I'm bringing you another
eloquent review this one's on the
pineapple juicy sabers by juicy savers
juices so anyway this was not sent to me
for purpose of review this was actually
given to me by a co-worker she ordered
it on a whim hoping she would enjoy it
filled it up in her tank it really
wasn't her thing so she asks me if I had
any dessert flavors laying around that
she may enjoy and I did find a couple
that I gave to her exchange she gave me
this juicy savors here so I figured I'd
go ahead and put the review up I like
candy flavors I do like pineapple
depending on the e-liquid so I figured I
would give this one a shot let you guys
know what I think so here we are 60 ml
bottle right here and just watch how
easy it opens here real simple now the
reason I want to show you that a lot of
times lately I've been getting hundred
mil bottles and I don't know about you
guys but they've been a complete pain
yes either open or you get them open you
got to pour them in your tank and the
whole damn cap flies off and you end up
with you liquid everywhere so I just
wanted to show you that these 60 ml
bottles I really like a lot more than a
hundred mil bottles just because they
seem like they're a lot easier to if you
guys hear lawnmowers in the background
please forgive me I greatly apologize
but uh their landscaping out there and I
need to get this review done so
hopefully you don't hear it but if you
do sorry about that so anyway guys here
we go it's on the juicy savers pineapple
I lick what we're gonna go ahead we're
going to open it we're gonna smell it
let you know when I get off the smell
will vape on to let you know what I get
off the inhale what I get off the exhale
if it's something I recommend to you if
it's something acting vape all day then
I'll put a link down below to ejuice
direct that's where I'm finding this for
and I'll let you know what their prices
are going for and I'll put a couple
other links down before you guys too so
let's go ahead let's open it up will
smell it and we'll see what we pick up
off the smell pineapple pineapple
pineapple candy pineapple lifesaver
so pineapple pineapple pineapple that's
what I'm getting from it oh maybe a
little undertone of coconut hopefully I
don't taste coconut when I vape on it I
don't really like pina colada type
flavors or coconut flavoured e-liquid so
hopefully that doesn't come out but it's
a little miny a little minor undertone
about pineapple to it so we'll go ahead
and babe on e guys I got a sitting here
on the with tofu lush plus already a 24
if you're looking for an awesome flavor
adjacent RDA that's gonna produce
massive clouds and accommodate some
massive coils I'll put the link down
below and where you can get this -
awesome RDA one of my favorites just
puts off amazing amazing vapor and
amazing flavors so kind of sitting on
the tofu plus RDA washcloths already
yeah I got it sitting there on got some
fuse clouds and sitting in there and
I'll put a link down below where I get
the fuse Clapton's from clean builds
probably one of my favorite pre-made
coil brands out there these things will
last few months guys not only are they
just awesome coils they produce amazing
clouds and just put off some top-notch
stellar vapor um great flavor I mean
they're just awesome coils guys I can't
say enough good things about the clean
builds whether you're picking up the
aliens or diffuse Clapton's can't go
wrong with these I got mine me these are
the night chrome fuse Clapton's so I'll
put the link down below for them too I
picked those up in my local vapor shop
here in New Jersey Papi's Navy lounge so
uh big thank you to Bob for having them
in stock IRA absolutely loved those
coils I use them in a lot of different
reviews actually so let's go ahead and
have a vape I got it sitting on the
TOEFL s+ r da on e cig le fou chai 0.12
unbilled 114 watts here we go
so vapor production to me is awesome I'm
gonna say the 70/30 it doesn't specify
on the bottle anywhere it does give you
the you know the warnings and all that
all that stuff but it doesn't really
tell you if it's a 70/30 or an 80/20
doesn't look thick enough to be an 80/20
doesn't look thin enough to be a 60/40
so we're gonna say it's a 70/30 that's
my story and I'm sticking to it let's go
ahead and do another weight so obviously
as you can see vapor reduction awesome
now flavour awning inhale absolutely
picking up on pineapple candy on the
exhale I'm getting like a little tingle
on the inside of my cheeks almost like a
little mist so on the inhale I'm gonna
say it's dead-on it's spot-on to a
pineapple lifesaver but on the exhale
it's more like a pineapple gummy
lifesaver so an inhale you get that
pineapple hard gain you like savor on
the exhale just because it has sweetness
I say that because the gummy lifesavers
are a little sweeter than the hard candy
so on the exhale I pick up one more like
a gummy lifesaver it's nice and sweet
not overpowering so I'm hoping this
doesn't kill my coils doesn't look like
it will it doesn't taste like it has too
much sugar in it
but it's just a perfect blend of
sweetness to it so juicy savers
absolutely not Adan this one they really
hit the hit it on the head here this is
we missed the perfect blend of pineapple
and if you're looking for a pineapple
lifesaver or type II liquid this one's
gonna be dead-on I don't think you're
gonna I don't think you can go wrong
with this one at all so typically I
don't really go to vapor shops looking
for pineapple eliquid soreby any
pineapple illiquid stuff online the
other pineapple that I found that I
really enjoyed was made by gns vapor I
can't remember the name of it it was
pineapple something or other but this
one I think is even better this one
tastes identical to a pineapple
lifesaver I mean it's phenomenal let me
go ahead do a couple more well I mean
that is that is delicious that is really
really good so what we're gonna do for
all you tank lovers out there like I
normally do I'm gonna go ahead and put
the tobeco super tank mini on there
we'll see if we're getting the same good
flavor out of the tank as we are out of
the RDA and let you know which one I
prefer a little more and if I would
prefer it out of a tank rather than the
RDA or a vice versa so let's go ahead
we'll throw that on and I'm gonna
already tell you right off the bat I'm
gonna assume that this is gonna be just
as good as a tank and I'm probably gonna
recommend both TIA but uh let's go ahead
we'll see so let's take that down I got
a standard point to own tobeco coil in
there we'll take that down to about 68
watts there we go
here we gots glad I ate so 68 watts
point to one coil I'll need tobeco super
so it's definitely a lot calmer on the
RDA you're absolutely getting a little
more flavor it's more it's a lot it's a
lot more of a dense and more of a warm
maple in the with tofu plus RDA ISM and
I'm getting out of the tank which is
expected but it's excellent out of the
tank as well it like I said it's
definitely toned down a notch it's not
so in-your-face it's not so powering
it's not so much of a powerful pineapple
but you definitely pick up on a
pineapple lifesaver on the inhale and on
the exhale on this I don't really get
that that tingle on the inside of my
cheeks is I was getting from the RDA so
my choice I would go with the RDA with
this e-liquid before I would go with the
tank but it's absolutely phenomenal out
of the tank - so this will be something
I'll definitely have in the car with me
for driving around so I don't have to
drip so those of you out there who love
tanks you can't go wrong with this I
mean for the 70/30 blend - it's gonna
wick perfect in the tank so I absolutely
enjoy it out of both I would just prefer
it a little more out of the RDA so price
right now guys you can get this for
$14.99 for one but one one bottle so it
comes in three different flavors they
have a watermelon strawberry in the
pineapple so if you go on there all you
gonna do is put your email in put your
name in make a password it's real simple
takes two seconds and you can get this
instead of $20 you can get it for 15 or
you can get the bundle if you want to
try all three if you think you'd be
interested in all three flavors for
so $34.99 for 360 mellows with some
really good premium you liquid I mean I
don't have to say anything else about
that guys that's an awesome price or 15
bucks for 60 mils again that's an
awesome price so ejuice direct is where
I'm finding it I will put that down
below for you guys I'll also put the
link to the cleaning bills as well and
I'll put a link to my favorite vapor
lounge Poppy's vapor launched for their
Facebook's you can go and check that out
a few ever good time and also I'll make
sure I put a link to the Aspen Valley
vapes webpage now if you guys have been
tuning into any of my reviews or if you
haven't definitely pay attention right
here so I'm doing a 100 giveaway
subscriber doing a 100 subscriber
giveaway announcement I already did the
announcement sorry so we're doing a
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the video up on Saturday the video is
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so again thank you over at a thank you
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in the giveaway so that's pretty much it
for this one guys stay tuned for a
couple reviews I got coming up on a
couple key liquids that are being sent
over Timmy until then they don't smoke
remember vaping saves lives smoking
takes lives you guys be safe have a
great day and I'll see you on the next

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