Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Grape E-liquid (60mL)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Grape E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Grape E-liquid (60mL)

By Nataly Komova

Grape by Juice Roll Upz e-liquid bursts with the captivating bang of juicy candied grapes for a deliciously sweet experience by one of the industry's most reputable brands. A classic crisp purple grape collides with a splash of sweet and tangy with a slight candy note for a truly refreshing taste. The inhale delivers that timeless classic purple grape while the exhale is when the candy shines. Available in 60mL glass bottles, you simply cannot miss Grape by Juice Roll Upz vape juice, get yours today!

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Grape E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Juice Roll Upz Grape E-liquid (60mL)

the fuck is going on vape congregation
I'm Matt and I'm Pat and we're your
friendly neighborhood vapors and we're
back again back again with another juice
review guys so big shout out to a liquid
guys for sending this our way for a
review it will not be changing our
opinion of this juice we just wanted to
mention that anyways you guys what we
will be reviewing is juice roll-ups by
the liquid guys now I know how you guys
feel about you know where some of you
guys feel about these labels and stuff
that they're very you know fuel towards
kids which I agree with you it's not
good towards the actual vaping community
and what we look like as a whole which I
agree with so but it's not gonna change
my mind on what the juice is like so
right you want to tell them how we're
gonna do this review pat like we do all
other northern Cali vapors reviews just
like all of them we're gonna start it
off with the smell test and then we're
gonna do taste test
flavor test throat hit and cloud
production so let's start up the smell
test so I'm even fuckin tell you guys
really fast
let packet the first smell and I just
want to read to the flavor description
mmm this is coming off of a premium vape you guys
1795 for a 30 milliliter bottle just get
a flavor description here the juice
roll-ups strawberry liquid is the
closest you will get to eating those
strawberry flavored roll-ups as a kid
sugary with rich flavored strawberry the
inhale is a delight with every vape you
take that makes you remember those times
as a kid while the exhale is a mellowed
out strawberry flavor it is still smooth
enough to taste like strawberry flavored
candy for those of you who love
strawberry flavored roll-ups or just
love candy then the juice world
strawberry liquid is your next all day
vape so definitely what I have to agree
with is it's like a berry calm flavor
like I said mellowed out strawberry at
the end mm-hmm just smelling it too it's
like really mellow yeah like you can
tell it's a subtle like vape it's not
like gonna be overpowering you know
mm-hmm so I guess all either like all
leather max VG lines you guys it only
comes in nicotine levels of 0 3 & 6
don't think they make a 1 and a half for
those people that do like vaping one and
a half but I just want to show you guys
how fuckin thick this juice is I'm not
sure if you've seen a review on the blue
raspberry I think it is this blue
raspberry I'm pretty sure it's fully
raspberry a blue raspberry there juice
roll-ups that one's way more potent in
flavor and taste and then I just want to
show you how thick this shit is nice and
clear but you can just see how thick it
is well just fuckin strings off when you
pour it into the bottle you can even
hear it when you're like trying to suck
it up into this dripper really thick
even when you pour it onto your cotton
and stuff like fresh cotton some juices
will just tend to like kind of start
soaking in right away not this shit it
like rolls off it rolls off how to put
it like in the juice well my clit just
soak in oh wow
nice thick juice yeah but this smell I
do get from it is like a nice subtle
strawberry fruit roll-up no joke you get
that like almost roll-up signature kind
of flavor and smell
I don't know like I know that sounds
crazy you're like what's a signature
roll-up flavor explain it just if we
need a gusher
you need four roll-ups to have a
different flavor from each other
mm-hmm that tastes really good like that
just dripping on the hand tastes like a
fruit roll-up mm-hmm he's really good
I want to let that go to waste so we
find this up on the I got like a little
mix going on here so it's the mefisto
RDA but I put the twisted messes airflow
ring on the outside of it to help it
match color a little bit more because
the methi star RDA only comes with one
outside ring and it's brass and I don't
have anything that matches with it so it
doesn't really match but it just look
cool so but we'll be firing up its 0.4
42 watts simple macro build like we
always do 26 gauge nichrome wire was it
I think nine wraps twine wrapped um yeah
two millimeter screwdriver
as you can see vapor productions really
good mmm showing you it's a really thick
juice gonna get some nice clouds with
this how's that flavor it's really good
it's really good like taste just just
like a fruit roll-up just like a
strawberry fruit roll-up it's bomb
that's really good it's nice and mellow
too so for you guys out there that don't
like a really overpowering / sweet bait
that like really punches you in the face
I think that was their aspect on the
line of making one flavor really sweet
while having this one nice and mellow
yeah it's a nice my candies sweet
strawberry with that signature roll-up
flavor in the background but it's not
overpowering exactly how Matt explained
it very subtle smooth mellow flavor in
this juice and it chucks beautiful big
glass it's nice and smooth you could
just constantly constantly just fucking
yeah chain baby chain beat this all day
good they did a really good job on this
throw K I give this stuff like a 5 -
yeah it's like perfect 5 out of 10 nice
and smooth flavor
I'd say it's a ten for what it's
supposed to be it's I mean it's supposed
to be a strawberry fruit roll-up and
that's all I'm getting from it so I'll
give the flavor a ten on this juice do
you think Matt Oh give it a ten for sure
the flavor I would definitely give it a
10 it's a bomb takes me back to those
good old childhood memories and stuff
same here it's really good just nice
smooth I mean overall I'm gonna give the
flavor 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 on this
piece yeah Justin it's nice and thick
and I mean I really like those are
really sweet vapes and stuff but this is
really nice even being a mellow vape and
stuff it's a really great flavor so I
did think they did this one spot-on
I mean I know that label is like
whatever but I mean come on I know
they'll hopefully fix it and stuff in
the future but I'm not gonna hate on the
liquid guys and stuff they have other
juices in their line and like the labels
aren't like that geared towards children
so I'm not gonna can't hate on them and
stuff right anyways you guys that's
gonna wrap this up like he always does
thank you guys for watching make sure
you like share comment and subscribe if
you're not already and we'll see you
guys in the next one we'll see you guys
in the next one
thank you it'll see us you know I'm sure
because we actually don't ever see you
guys good point but thank you for tuning
in and we'll see you guys a role see us
next time

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