Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice E-liquid (60mL)ry Ice E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice E-liquid (60mL)

By Nataly Komova

Juice Roll Upz has now introduced your favorite tart and sweet blue raspberry vape juice with a kick of menthol for the ultimate cooling vape juice. The inhale will provide you with sweet blend of blueberries and raspberries, while the exhale hits those refreshing menthol notes that you crave. Make this your next all day vape and buy your 60mL bottles of Blue Raspberry ICE e-liquid today!

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice E-liquid (60mL)

hey vapors came here so I wanted to go
ahead and do the e-liquid review for the
second bottle of liquid that I purchased
from breezy calm like I stated in the
previous video I ordered two bottles
from breezy calm they sent me a 40% off
coupon and my email so I wanted to take
advantage of that it's always good to be
able to try new flavors and save some
money while you're doing it and today we
are going to be looking at the juice
roll-ups if I can get that focus there
we go
the juice roll-ups ice it's a blue
raspberry flavor 70 VG 30 PG in this one
which is really good for me because I
like the high VG liquids I'm all about
my flavors I really enjoy the flavors
over just blowing big clouds
I'm gonna use my RM RDA and my eleaf
istick TC 60 watt for this tasting now
as far as what I've read about this is
supposed to be kind of like a candy like
a menthol type candy I'm not sure how I
feel about the menthol but I don't have
any blueberry or raspberry in my arsenal
at the moment and I'm really big on
those sweet flavors deserty flavors
things like that so I'm really
interested to see what this is going to
taste like I don't knock it out simply
because it is a menthol I don't smoke or
didn't smoke menthol cigarettes but I
have found some liquids that are amazing
even with that menthol going on so let
that soak in there just for a second now
for new vapors and RDA is great to have
just simply because I know one of my
local vape shops don't have samplers
that you can use and they all run RTA's
over there at that shop so it's helpful
to have one of these just for tasting
your liquids before you fill your tank
and so I went on ahead and purchased
this one it only has the one cool
it pushes about 1.3 ohms and I only run
it at about 35 watts I just don't see
you necessary to run it past that if
this will actually come in - there it
goes it'll focus so since this is soaked
him for a second let's give it a puff
that's actually really good
okay now my lips right now they have a
sweet taste to them kind of like um I'm
gonna say it's the blueberry part that
I'm tasting and then I also on the
inhale it's kind of like you got an ice
cube in your mouth and you're going so
it's got a good cool babe if you're used
to a warm vape then this is gonna be the
exact opposite it's a nice cold bait for
this and you also get a rush of fruit as
you're going on your exhale with it so
it's good and it's flavorful I would use
this probably in my RDA
I don't smoke my RDA a lot or Puff my
RDA a lot except for samplings but like
I said I have to be in the mood for a
menthol if I'm sick or something but I
could see me puffing on this throughout
the day just you know stop by put a
couple drops and hit off of it because
it is really good it has a really nice
smooth cool flavoring to it so I mean
I'm not disappointed I mean I'm not the
gush I gave it about three and a half
stars um it was okay I mean it wasn't my
favorite by no means my favorite just
blows it out of the water and this one I
would give about four just simply
because it's a good flavor but breezy
has it as being like a candy and to me
it doesn't taste like candy it tastes
like you're getting a cool menthol with
some really really good sound solid um
fruit going on with it so if you like
blueberry or raspberry or free flavors
like that that you want a good little
punch of those flavors on your exhale
you're gonna get that with this yeah so
really good job guys I mean I I like
this liquid a lot I would buy it again
um there's actually a wasn't bad price
that 40% off so I really like this
liquid a lot and as far as that goes I'm
going to get into my sample box reviews
in the next day or so as soon as I get
some time and get turned around enough
to do so and sorry for the different
areas of my home and what you're finding
me in these videos it just is where I
happen to be at that moment and get a
moment to do the videos so everybody
have a great week have a great Wednesday
keep on vaping and take care of
yourselves bye

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