Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The Juice Roll Upz Combo Pack includes 3 of the top selling flavors from the brand known to product some of the best true to life fruit & candy vape juice flavors in the industry. This combo pack contains 3 x 60mL bottles including: Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Punch & Apple. Watermelon Punch is a tangy and sweet watermelon candy with fruit punch notes. Blue Raspberry is a true blue raspberry candy and Apple is a crisp green apple vape rolled into a chewy candy. Save 10% by bundling and get your Naked 100 e-liquid combo pack today!

Vape Review of Juice Roll Upz Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Juice Roll Upz Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

what's up you guys J James here and
today we're looking at juice roll-up
that's right juice rollup now that
liquid guys was kind enough to send this
whole entire line for the purpose of
this review for you guys so would that
be in further ado let's go ahead and get
into this line we're gonna bust out
playing on four different flavors right
off the bat I'm going to talk about a
little bit about this company this is a
this is two of their flavors are an
80/20 VG PG blend the other two are
70/30 now it comes in zero three and six
milligrams of nicotine strength and I
will say over on liquid guys calm for a
30ml bottle it is $19 for 120 it is
$49.99 and for three 120 ml bottles is
$119.99 all links will be posted below
in the description so with that being
further ado let's go ahead and take a
look at one of their flavors called blue
raspberry roll up and here it is blue
blue raspberry introduce roll up as you
can see right there at the label all the
way we're on the side pretty neat now
went ahead and got this loaded up in my
dna200 with the mutation X 2 3 4 let's
go ahead and give her a mate oh my gosh
you want to know what this one tastes
just like just like it or not and it
does definitely does taste just like a
flavor I I had before it in vapes
Heisenberg tastes just like it without
the blue coloring food dye now this is a
perfect spot on blue raspberry candy for
the kind of flavor if you like blue
raspberry flavors or that nice blue
raspberry taste this one's definitely a
flavor for you it is does have that rich
nice blue raspberry kind of candy Kevin
taste I will say that on both inhale and
exhale and this one is a 80/20 VG PG
blend as well and there you go taking a
look at the strawberry juice roll-up as
you can see the labeling like I said now
went ahead got the strawberry juice
roll-up loaded up in the ferrule box 45
TC from boobie tank with the OBS a steak
let's give her a baby ma'am
man oh man the flavor on this is a maca
strawberry right on the inhale and
exhale I will say that the first day
feels a little muted because I'll put
wattage was a little bit low but we're
running this one on this box about 45
watts maxing it out it's running about
perfectly fucking perfectly good flavor
I get good rich crisp clean ripe
strawberry on both inhale and exhale not
a candy I strawberry it is a real fruit
real authentic like I've kind of like a
fruit juicy fruit kind of candy um
what I'd say if you've ever had one of
those gummy kind of candies is exactly
with the strawberry what it tastes like
in this one so maybe hit there you have
it folks and this one is also a 80/20 VG
PG blend all right taking a look here is
the juice roll-up this is their other
this one is it's called their watermelon
punch as you can see now I went ahead
you already got that it's loaded up in
the mutation x-23 for reweighed got
already set to go let's go ahead got it
at 90 watts let's give her a make mam
I'm gonna tell you this what this
reminds me of a lot if you ever had been
to the beach or been to a party and you
ever had these like rum kind of punches
I had watermelon in it so what this
reminds me of it reminds me of a
watermelon rum punch without the rum
does taste just like a flat-out
watermelon drink like your drink like if
you were to mix a whole bunch of
watermelons together blend it all in
together throw some water in there BAM
you got a watermelon punch that's
exactly what it tastes like pure
authentic watermelon flavor on both
inhale and exhale and I can't help
saying that this line is all this pretty
pretty much been impressive so far and
this one right we'll say is a 70/30 VG
PG blend and last but not least is their
last four they were called orange cherry
as you could see some oranges and some
cherries on this label man I want to say
this orange cherry is amazing you don't
really get that much of a citrusy orange
on this taste I will say that you do you
balance out more on the cherry you get a
mannaseo cherry and I do also taste like
a dark
cheeri in this blend this vape orange
the orange is very subtle very very very
light in this you don't it's almost like
a mandarin orange kind of taste not a
very citrusy orange is a very sweet
orange so I don't know how they
perfected this how they got it right to
balanced up or the cherry and the orange
together but they did and it works quite
well and this is by far one of the best
flavorful vapes out there that does not
have a citrus taste when it combines
with other fruits especially with it
being one of these struck but one of the
big key notes on this flavor so there
you have it folks and this is also a
70/30 like a blend as well as you
figured there you have it guys that is
juice rollup right there I'm gonna put
all the links below down in the
scription for you to guys to check this
out I hope you enjoyed this video as
much as I enjoyed this juice this is
some pretty good stuff and if you wanted
to try or some juice roll-up or ever
wanted it one been wondering what it
what it tastes like you can get your
chance by going over the liquid guys
dot-com they have shout outs to them for
sending this again for my way for review
what that being said guys thank you guys
for watching babe safely and they bought

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