Vape Review of JUICE ROLL-UPZ

April 17, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of JUICE ROLL-UPZ

Vape Review of JUICE ROLL-UPZ

Juice Roll-Upz has been one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry for a long time now and we are stocking their most popular flavors in 120ML.

Vape Review of JUICE ROLL-UPZ

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JUICE ROLL-UPZ

howdy fuckin duty what is up in TV squad
big fan mr. two hosts friendly
neighborhood vapors that bet here to
bring you another TV screen view you got
apple jam monster the newest one hope
you guys are having a nice fucking moist
night is that what it says
keeping that at precipitation fucking in
the air around you keep that shit moist
so apple jam eliquid by jam monster
liquids is a freshly buttered piece of
toast smothered with mouth-watering
apple jam and a hint of cinnamon so
basically like the other two in the line
which fucking you get the strawberry
still we're supposed to have it sent to
us I've no idea what happened to that
but I'll check into that butt we got the
apple to review which is cool it's the
newest one but uh guys probably goes
from our Jam monster it's really on the
fucking hike right now everyone really
loves the blueberry in the strawberry
one I really want to try the strawberry
mm very good
yeah it was really good free aggressive
for a blueberry bait so um high hopes
for this I don't think you guys would be
this point so anyways it's a 7525 mix
all your little things on the side
there's got a born-on date March 17th so
yes this is a very new juice like I said
24.95 and 20% off using discount code
and Callie 28th check out on PBS we'll
leave all that info down in the
description a book start off with a
smell what can I hate these guerrilla
balls you like you're going to waste
used to be try to even squeeze it small
I ought to deposit comedians like some
buttery Apple Jacks if you remember the
Applejack cereal um it had like almost I
guess it was mostly an Apple cereal with
a light light hint of cinnamon a very
light hint of cinnamon in it that's
honestly reminds me of that almost does
smell like yeah I'm telling you that's
Wade so that's only I could think of
when I smelt it was like some Applejack
straight up some fucking Apple Jacks
does that's him like buttery and like
smell like blasphemous we had a buttery
milky small to it that's what kind of
thing makes it seem like it's not like a
bowl of Apple Jacks it's kind of buttery
milky Apple II with a very hint as
cinnamon to it yeah so strip with teeny
bit more on here so we are going to be
using a smock alien bacon at 98 watts
with the doing 24 on top got it
point 1 2 ohms right now and then what
else I would say oh yeah cotton bacon
version 2 with some fused clapping
sitting in there I don't really prefer
for the cotton bacon or really honey to
like that native wicks or anything like
that you might actually boil and screwed
our own American grown organic cotton
Whole Foods 365 we treated ourselves and
everything so that's all me what we do
do I tell you dude I don't see any
difference in performance between the
two so there you go give her a fiery up
and give rebate the bake test
Emilie Howlett sweet flavors they're
sweet in there too it's really sweet and
how it takes out on your lips mmm and
almost tastes to me like a god I just
really like getting like almost apple
fritter base kind of taste it if you
like to what I think though I don't like
the whole nautical thing so don't think
so at all no it reminds me like cut wood
almost so try to mount the Apple in it
almost like an apple fritter and it like
it like a definitely like um I'd say it
tastes like pretty much like the same to
me like the blueberry just like you look
like an apple like cinnamon instead of
blueberry so I still I still get like
that same like it's like the buttery
toast I guess most reactors get butter
the butter
there's no toast and I didn't taste oats
in the blueberry you like because I mean
think about there ain't no fucking my
bread or like toast fucking play rain
right I'll that's are soaking their own
damn fucking bread in my GG boys throw
bunch of chemicals fucking added to it I
mean there you go one fucking surprised
me though it's just like they talk about
the sour flavorings and shit that are
actually supposed to be bad for you like
this that's actually made of malic acid
instead I mean so it seems like some
companies are more for the profit off of
people than they are actually about
their health but it's good it just
tastes like an appellee buttery with a
little bit of cinnamon yeah then it's
like a little hint to send this 24.95
description do you think the description
is pretty spot-on to what the
description so do you think you just
know toast yeah so yeah so stick of
butter with some apple jam on top of it
send an apple jam and it's more accurate
right there oh it's definitely good aha
how do you think it compares to the
mmm blueberries good guys the blueberry
probably better yeah the honest I can
say I like the blueberry better this
one's definitely good it's good it's a
tall David but I think after vaping it
all day I would definitely be bored of
it I would want to come home and switch
out with something different for sure I
don't see it as an all week babe I give
they've been all day for sure bring it
to work with me baby it'd not be
disappointed you know I wouldn't be
bummed out like what the fuck in my baby
today but otherwise I'd probably go home
and end up switching out to something
else and then keeping this in a rotation
maybe later on or something I'd end up
they've been it wouldn't go to waste of
course you know I mean but it's not like
one of those juices that you're like
fuck I can't put this down like dude
look at how much I baked already I just
been taping it non-stop non-stop do you
know what I mean
oh and we didn't talk about the throat
hit at all let's just talk about the
throat here because I know some people
care about the struggle more on here
it's pretty smooth yes pretty I want to
see it under Nick though compared to a 3
milligram I definitely recommend this
one for anyone that wants to fucking a
good Apple beep yeah that's probably
almost just about a preventative battle
fan I'd pick it up and a full jam on
screws out then turn Apple Z for the N
for 2495 for bon giorno that's pretty
good deal they're not bad at all get
your little fingers cut bacon with the
bottle do the thumbs up I'll give it
I'll give her a like a 7 solid 7 out of
10 rating
like I said all day babes is not on all
week babe if you do buy you won't be
disappointed with it so you'll be
overall happy with it you'll be happy
that you at least got to try it try to
super hyped up juice that people talk
about that so crazy good cuz I know with
a lot of high juices some people like oh
you know fucking I really want to try
that I really want to try it so I
thought it's worth trying it it is it's
not going to be anything that's going to
blow your mind though so keep that in
yeah I agree with that drop the other
day dumbbell you do
guess we're giving it a 7 that's what is
getting so some video helps you out make
sure you hit that like button subscribe
and I already stay tuned for more
reviews and keep it fucking moist

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