Vape Review of Jam Nation E-Liquid by Pure Evil

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Jam Nation E-Liquid by Pure Evil

Vape Review of Jam Nation E-Liquid by Pure Evil

Spend your life in eternal Jamnation with this delicious e-liquid from Pure Evil. Featuring a sugary sweet hit of raspberry jam, this truly is the Devil's blend. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths Suitable for sub-ohm devices only About Pure Evil Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Pure Evil is their bestselling range of maximum VG e-liquids for great taste and maximum vapour. Flavours are inspired by the seven deadly sins to help satisfy your desires and create sinfully good cloud with sub-ohm setups.

Vape Review of Jam Nation E-Liquid by Pure Evil

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Jam Nation E-Liquid by Pure Evil

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and Annie liquid review the liquid good
take a look at today is one of the 10 I
was kindly supplied by vaporized from
their pure evil line and it is Jam
nation now vaporize are a UK e-liquid
manufacturer and retailer based in
guilford in Surrey and if you head over
to their website with vaporize co uk you
will find information and pricing
options on their three currently
available ranges of e liquids alongside
some hardware and merchandise as well so
go over and take a look let's head into
the review using the Mako shorty with
naught point 5 1 jul call build on top
of the RX 200 and we're going to start
at 30 watts
obably as you can see vapor production
excellent these are a max VG range of
juices and the flavor or straight out
slap bang jam doughnut there is no
mistaking it straight from the inhale
you're getting a really nice strong
raspberry jam in there it's so good you
can almost taste the seeds in it it's
that stronger flavor and that's
immediately backed up and I mean within
a second of inhaling you're getting that
really nice Dulli donut flavor and the
raspberry jam and the donor are mixing
instantly straight through the inhale
turning into the exhale and it is a
really smooth mouth-watering exhale on
this one and the aftertaste is a good 5
to 10 seconds the only thing that's
missing for me is the taste of sugar on
your lips afterwards that's the only
thing that I can actually find missing
from this vape let's pop it up to 40
watts and we'll see if anything changes
and at 40 watts the flavors remained
stable from the inhale you're getting
immediately that really nice full body
draws berry flavor immediately followed
by that donut going right the way
through the inhale turning into a really
nice smooth exhale makes your mouth
water like I say the only thing missing
is the sugar feeling on your lips that
make you lick it lick your lips
afterwards but it's literally like
you've just gone down to your local but
vapor local vapor local Baker see such a
good liquid got me tripping over my
words but you've gone down to your local
Baker you bought a bag of six doughnuts
and you're sitting there just ramming
them into your paw into your mouth and
chewing them that raspberry is superb
the donor is at the right level that
it's not too stodgy this is another one
that you could easily sit down with a
cup of tea or coffee and do it's 10 mil
bottle without even thinking about it
really gorgeous liquid so how is this
liquid an appeal to you guys look like
you doughnut pipes don't listen to the
rest of the video or the review go
straight to the website buy yourself a
bottle now you won't be disappointed you
guys are like your raspberry fruit vapes
another one definitely worth a try
basically if I think just about anyone
unless you hate doughnuts it's going to
get something out of this liquid it is
really really superb can't force it at
all so they go that was the review let's
have a look at what you need to know now
like I said at the beginning vaporize
are a UK eliquid manufacturer and
retailer and if you want information on
their three current ranges of e liquids
alongside hardware and merchandise as
well head over to their website
vaporized co uk your bottle sizes on
these ones you are looking at these ten
mil plastic bottles with the tamper
evident seals and the childproof caps
and under the childproof cap if you can
get it open there is you needle tip for
filling there as well let's have a look
at the labels you've got your pure evil
divine e-liquid
go there you've got the germination
named Angie nicotine strength at the
bottom and as we go round you've got all
your information there you've got your
warnings you've got your ingredients
your contact details and as you go
around further you've got your batch
code your expiry date and all your other
relevant information there as well these
are also available in 20 ml glass
bottles with the glass dropper tops and
a hundred and twenty bill plastic
bottles as well UPG VG ratios on these
they are max VGC you're looking at
anywhere north of 85 BG for these which
means that they're only suitable for sub
tanks and drippers you nicotine
strengths available r0 milligram three
milligram and six milligram mg prices
excluding shipping pretend mil bottle
such as this one you are looking at four
pounds ninety-nine for the 20 ml glass
bottles you are looking at nine pounds
ninety-nine and for the hundred and
twenty ml plastics you are looking at 37
pounds ninety-nine however the vaporized
do offer free UK shipping on all orders
over 50 pounds and they have worldwide
shipping options available as well so
there you go folks that was the review
for vaporized pure evils jam nation if
you found this review useful please feel
free to like and comment on the video
and if you haven't already please also
feel free to subscribe to the channel
for more reviews coming up in the future
thank you for watching and I will catch
you next time

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