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Buttered toast with Jam?! Jam Monster comes in several different variations, all of which are downright tasty in their own special way! Jam Monster Strawberry is full flavored strawberry jam spread across a crisp slice of toast topped with a smidge of butter. These blends might sound like peculiar combinations but you’ll be taking those thoughts back after a couple of hits! VG to PG Ratio: 75/25 This Product Features: Large 100 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Jam Monster Strawberry BEASTLY BECAUSE Jam Monster offers premium quality blends and affordable prices! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JAM MONSTER STRAWBERRY

look here I don't gangbang ho hottas
gangbang these hoes and I keep like a
Jays row and I face him after my shows
and I got your main name bro on my
dangling when she's swinging hand like
an orangutan but you don't believe on
Apollo because everyone on my voice
bangarang bit early to rise early dove
it early to rise Jam must have attacked
you didn't eats up what is that flavor
chase is Christian the kid ak8 flavor
chances coming at you for another a
juice review and today we got like the
most hyped up juice of 2017
I would say the strawberry jam monster
and I got the goon 24 with the snow wolf
200 right there
rocking that all day love this setup
love it love it love it once more of it
it's bomb calm status so the
strawberry jam monster is the most hyped
up juice I've like ever heard of 3
milligrams nicotine I'm at D vapor shoutout to the vapor for sending me this juice to
review really appreciate it and it's
only 22 bucks at the vapor spy calm 22
bucks if I have a promo code I will put
that in the description below vaping on
some coil apprentice coils as always
that'll be in the description below in
the gym monster strawberry I got the
strawberry they have Apple blueberry and
strawberry now I believe the Apple is
the newest and that does sound real real
good to some real good Apple babes that
have come out recently but the
strawberry is what I've heard about it's
the most hyped up I would say the
strawberry in the blueberry a lot of
people like that blueberry but I decided
to go with the strawberry and really
really cool packaging I don't
know why everyone doesn't package there
a liquids with a little bit of cotton
but you get some cotton bacon with this
shit man and that makes up for not
including a sticker you guys know I like
my stickers and all that good stuff in
the packaging some cotton bacon bits
right in there and I here's the
packaging boom boom boom boom yes so
some cotton bacon and the chubby gorilla
bottle that is super super hard to open
like the candy King sour worms comes in
that same bottle and it's a hundred mils
of liquid for 22 bucks you can't beat
that you can't beat that the vapor me and travis we're trying to
open this bottle at first and it just
wasn't it wasn't working so I pried this
piece off and now it's easy to open and
close and access I love that they
include cotton bacon bits that's just
bad as to me I love that looks really
really cool alright jam + butter + toast
that's exactly what this is jam and
butter on toast now when I hear toast I
think of that straight out of the
toaster and it really has like that
straight out of the toaster toast flavor
so I expect I did expect that out of
this you really don't get toast if you
get any bread at all I guess you get a
little bit of like white bread but I
really get just butter and jam that's
personally what I get let's do a little
smell test yeah I don't smell like a
straight out of the toaster type of vibe
at all really I just smell butter and
jam jam and butter using some flavour
yeah clouds super thick they stay around
7525 I'll buy I'll buy they do kind of
break apart real easy but they linger
man these clouds if you want to fog up
your room this is definitely a juice
that'll do so for sure
alright buttered toast with strawberry
jam a liquid I don't really need to read
the whole description because you guys
know it's toast butter and jam or jam
and butter on toast 75 VG 15 PG 100 mils
of liquid 22 bucks is it worth it yes it
is it definitely is it's an all day vape
for sure I guess I get a little bit of
like white bread but it's it's mostly
really jam and butter a little bit of
butter a lot of strawberry jam super
dank man this shit is super good it's
I've been vaping it since I got it last
night or yesterday I baked probably 30
mils of this stuff super thick juice
nice clouds great flavor 22 bucks for a
hundred bills you really can't beat it
is the hype real yes I will say it is a
little hyped up though it's I expected I
guess a little better but I can't stop
baking it so that says something I
cannot stop vaping it I can't wait to
try the blueberry definitely can't wait
to try the apple they include the cotton
bacon bits super cool packaging tubby
gorilla bottle that's really hard to
open so I would recommend just taking
this off and that's about it so I'm
going to take a toke let you guys go no
I'm not
I forgot I got to rate this juice what
would I rate this solid very very solid
eight out of ten great all day vape I
did expect it to be a little better I
guess because of the height but at this
same time it's great it's great it's a
great liquid I'm going to take a toke
let you guys go I appreciate you
watching hit that subscribe button and
I'll see you on the next review

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