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Jam Monster e-liquid bundle is now available. This 3 pack bundle comes with all three flavors, totaling 300ml, for a discounted price. Strawberry Jam E-Liquid – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with a delicious Strawberry jam. Blueberry Jam E-Liquid – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with a sweet and slightly tart Blueberry jam. Apple Jam E-Liquid – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with mouth-watering apple jam and a hint of cinnamon. 100ml Chubby Gorilla 75/35 VG/PG


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of JAM MONSTER E-LIQUID | 3 PACK BUNDLE

everybody welcome back to my channel
today I'm gonna be doing juice review
for two of the Jam monster flavors which
is the blueberry and the Apple so we're
gonna be doing that today and yeah I've
actually tried the blueberry and spoiler
alert I do like it but I'm gonna go
ahead and do the taste test um there is
a third flavor which is the strawberry
but as you can see there's only a little
bit left I might try it at the end we'll
see how long this takes um cuz I do have
dinner started and it's storming outside
so we'll figure it out but I'm really
really excited about trying this Apple
and if I like it I wanted to vape it but
I didn't want to start vaping it till I
tasted it on online so um when you order
these and I'll be leaving the link and
the pricing everything below when you
order these they actually come with some
cotton bacon so those of you that really
really like cotton bacon and actually
automatically comes with it so yeah so
that's kind of cool you get the big
hundred ml bottle and the cotton making
now I've actually had a blueberry
already open um yeah that I've already
been vaping on so I'm going to use this
one I said in this pot so let's save it
for later but I am gonna be opening the
Apple because know I'm dying to try the
apples so let's do this now what I do
like is on these boxes that they come
with again all of them come with a
cotton bacon so there's another one in
here - and three Nick is that they
actually give you like baked facts on
the back how cool is that
like that is so cool I mean it tells you
like the size that's 100 mill bottle VG
PG 7525 this is apple jam 50% butter is
25% and toast is 25% and these are
supposed to be like blueberry or in this
case apple butter toast
so yum yum yum so I'm dying to try this
so we're gonna try this first because
why not
my review I can't write if I want to
so again cotton vegans in there and the
only thing I don't like about these
chubby bottles I gotta crack them all
first but that's when these tweezers
come in really really handy again they
have multiple purposes yes and I
actually always always always always
love for some reason don't ask me why my
Jam monster blueberry I vape it all the
time in my Elite v2 so I'm trying the
Apple out in my v2 so which is from
Armageddon manufacturing and of course I
have a fresh quick everything's wick
fresh nice and fresh turn this up
because I'm telling to try this and it's
been a really really long day so this
was just make for my day I'm gonna make
my day better
I see lightning and it's like really
really storming outside like really but
then again this is Florida so if it's
not raining it's just not a good day I
could be bright and sunny by like 12:00
1:00 o'clock and then yeah now this is a
28 point five millimeter RDA with a
twenty five point five millimeter thick
so it's taking me a minute to juice it
up so excuse me but yeah I love this RDA
this is like I want to say if I have a
top favorite RDA go be this one the
elite v2 is my top top top favorite um
that's just me I love big atomizers
apparently I don't like small ones like
22s the only 22 that I will vape is my
pulse 22 RDA on my squawker any other
than that I don't I don't babe any 22
millimeter party ace I like my baby IKEA
ones even the 24 kids kind of small for
me so let's go ahead and keep this up
raising it
and let me tell you these coils have
been in here for like three four months
they're from Joe's cloud house awesome
coils YUM
I'll be honest with you I haven't tasted
a lot of apple flavor vapes this this is
good you get the Apple right away and
then on the end you get the toast and
just a hint of butter it's not like an
in-your-face butter some people are
scared to try the Monster Jam lime
because of the butter it's really it's
like if you're having a piece of Apple
like literally oh my god I can stay here
all day I made that so yeah alright so
let me put that aside so that is really
really good I mean I'm very surprised I
can still taste the Apple on the end
that is a very very unique it's not an
in-your-face sweet or tart or anything
Apple it's a really natural a natural
apple flavor it's like having apple
if you've ever tasted apple butter like
on toast that's it it's perfect perfect
okay so let me close because this will
be gone I could promise you that oh my
god that was so good and then now we
have the blueberry jam monster well let
me show you this one
I showed you the box but I didn't show
you the bottle so there's the Apple and
then the blueberry is here let me do it
in order and let's go ahead and taste
that now this one right away you smell
blueberry like like really heavily um
but the good thing I hate it when these
bottles leak they're supposed to be
proof on things but mine always leak
anyways I smell the blueberry
but thank you
okay I put on a different atomizer sorry
um I smell the blueberry right away but
it's got like a smell to it with it so
it's like it's not a straight blueberry
so that's where the toast
I smell blueberry toes like when I smell
it turn this one on
woo lightning kind of scary there yes
probably my cotton so that way there's
no ramp up time that's what I always do
I always put put it in the oil with the
fresh cotton and then just pulse it that
way it gets into the continent's in the
coil and that way you don't get any
cotton flavor just a little FYI there
and this I'm gonna be putting on my
peerless RDA another one of my top
favorites really like it
with the blueberry I get actually the
butter toast first and then the
blueberry on the exhale so and the
blueberry lingers on your tongue
and on your lip it's literally like
sugar lips I don't know if you've ever
watched vapor trail channel and he talks
about sugar lips that's what you get
from this one young it's still when I
top flavors um I really really like that
that Apple one was really really good
and I'm here I might as well let's go
ahead and do the strawberry my batteries
are not charged and I thought they were
charged so my Mac will not work because
I don't have a battery so instead I want
to put it on my Wonder Woman mom I still
have the same apocalypse set up so we're
gonna put it on there
since I've had lipo mods I kind of
forget to charge my batteries because no
but these oh my god dude just charge
them on and it tastes like less than two
hours so 38 and strawberry I smell it
this one is very much like the blueberry
where you can spell the smell still
smell the strawberry right right away so
this one you actually get the strawberry
with the butter toast in the inhale and
the exhale and then the strawberry
lingers on your tongue at the end so
this is just as potent as the blueberry
the Apple is a lot more subtle but it's
there it's like a surprise it's like
having a piece of toast buttered toast
with strawberry jam on its freak'n
that's that's why this is almost done so
yeah so now that we've tasted them all
and I'm just gonna take this with me um
cuz I already know what I love them umm
yeah so we've got the Apple Monster Jam
make sure that you can see that we've
got the strawberry empty bottle of
strawberry monster jam and then we've
got our jam monster I keep calling it
Monster Jam I always call it monster my
monster juice so yeah and then we've got
the blueberry of the jam monster as well
so these are Jam monster not monster
jams but anyways so if you liked the
video please give it a thumbs up don't
forget to Like comment and subscribe you
can find me on all my social media
Facebook Tumblr Twitter Instagram and
snapchat and if you have any comments or
questions about any of this please leave
it below I'll be leaving the pricing um
and the link where you can get these
again they do all they don't come in
anything but hundred ml bottles which i
think are great because they kind of
blast butter your way until next time
I'll catch you later

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