Vape Review of Islander E-liquid Hula Girl (60ML)

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Islander E-liquid Hula Girl (60ML)

Vape Review of Islander E-liquid Hula Girl (60ML)

Escape to an island getaway with a bottle of cool Caribbean delight in Hula Girl by Islander E-Liquid. The Inhale of this vape juice provides an authentic banana flavor note. The banana note is supported by a bed of heavy cream emerging with intensity on the flavor body. A subtle emergence of coconut suddenly changes the entire nature of this flavor with a toasted note of delight. Hula Girl finishes with a relaxing combination of creamy bananas blended meticulously with a tender coconut note. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Islander E-Liquid Hula Girl today!

Vape Review of Islander E-liquid Hula Girl (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Islander E-liquid Hula Girl (60ML)

overdose babes keep you awake sweat many
coils tight
oh yeah I'm Josh's Travis we tried a
little summer baby it's summer summer
flavors for y'all but summer vapes for
you guys go to the beach it's a thousand
degrees outside there's a heat dome over
the west are the the Midwest and the
East Coast read that shit that's right
that's how you know global warming is
coming through they're coming on with
new terminologies you like heat domes so
it's real bro yeah I mean we're talking
triple digits in the East Coast that's
gonna start dying because they're not
used you know where we live it gets
triple digits all summer yeah but it's a
drier kind of you know it's nice but we
don't have as much pavement you talking
about that East Coast got people living
on top of each other it's wrong no air
conditioning that's Chicago New York
there's not a lot of air condition
because there's not a lot of times where
it gets triple digits so there's people
in danger so what can you do you grab
yourself a nice summer v summer vague
baby and you cool it down these are
gonna be like kind of a little lighter
than most vapes maybe we got some
lemonade's we got some different like
different kind of summer juices so a
couple different companies so you'll see
that here this week in next totally yeah
what are we starting with we're gonna
start out with one that was sent to us
by the great people over at skyline
paper this is gone
this is Islander eliquid and mrs. hula
girl hula girl hello
so hula girl let me read it scoop that
point right in line with our summer
theme hey you start with the girls yeah
move backwards okay so the flavor
profile for this is pro paradise in a
bottle boom boom escape to the islands
every day with Islander hula girl this
is a fine mixture of coconut banana and
heavy cream Wow
so so that's it coconut banana and some
cream sounds good yeah sounds good
sounds simple sounds summery yeah
alright let's do a close check out the
bottles the bottles are colored
themselves the glass is colored so when
you see it it might look like it's
really dark towards the bottom that's
just a bottle of salt that the juice is
not the juice is normal color
I spit it cold let me click I'm a
problem that's when the show starts and
we're back
you saw it who the girl it's the green
one yeah cool bottles I think yeah it
goes right along with their theme the
Islanders then no man this was our theme
for this week so I'm expecting heavy
cream coconut and banana
um definitely get seemed to me like it's
hard for me to separate enough mate that
coconut from like a from like the
pineapple I keep expecting pineapple
yeah like that sourness and it's just
not there because there's no it's not
there is there's no pineapple but to me
in my mind I just kind of combine those
it's like a pina colada with oh yeah
yeah totally right I mean you get your
get neck cream like man left in my mouth
is Street like coconut heavy pina colada
yeah really nice yeah yeah it's it's
definitely I get a piña colada vibe from
this it's it's pretty sweet
it's but it is light I like it it's good
but to me it comes off a little
artificial with the fruits
yeah fruits come off a little candies a
little too sweet to be like a natural
kind of fruit flavor um yeah I mean it's
it's a good it's a good summer break
though I could see that working for a
summer vape it still has cream which I
you know for me a good vape always has
some kind of creamy element to it you
know you gotta have that balance baby
yeah so it's not just fruits I like it
without that pineapple actually I think
a piña colada sometimes gets overpowered
by that pineapple it's a little sweet
it's a little you know sharp it's a nice
calm vague for me
that banana that coconut there are two
kind of dry flavors almost uh and and
kind of low on the sweetness scale so
with the cream I think it's a nice
little bait I really do yeah I mean it
works it does definitely work for what
it is the banana is really strong and
like the banana and cream I think I'd
like to to number one flavors I kid the
bananas a little runty yeah you know a
little bit like runt but it's good it is
it's more of a candy banana
I think the coconuts more accurate to
like realistic fruit ya know if any of
them are realistic and accurate to the
real flavor is the coconut yeah bananas
a little runty but you know that's kind
of normal you want to kind of add the
sweetness and maybe that creams a little
sweet for me it's a little too sweet I
mean that's that's my main problem with
it if I'm thinking about it some of it I
don't want something that's too sweet
it's to its leaves too much of an actor
taste cuz I don't wanna be walking
around with like a really sweet mouth
all day so yeah I know to me it's a
little too sweet okay and it does have
the cream I do want to I do want to
state that it does have the cream um
yeah I like it I mean I really like the
coconut I really like that what is what
I'm left with with that coconut taste
it'd be good if I see I would like it
just like a coconut cream good he'll be
good see the banana for this I think
it's kind of spoiling it for me it's
it's too sweet Josh like like Josh said
it's kind of like a runt candy flavor
it's good and even this coconut with
this cream yeah if you just yank that
banana out of there I would love it yeah
um I'm gonna give it a three mmm I think
it's a good fruit babe I think it's it's
good in the summer it might be a little
sweet for some people but I mean the
cream adds to it it kind of balances
that sweetness for me it's not that vain
if you're talking about which fucking
coconut banana and cream right I mean
that's not that's not really down my
profile but it's perfect I think that if
you're going for a coconut banana flavor
that's something that you like and that
sounds good if you're probably gonna
like this because it's really well put
together or did you really like or if
you really like pina colada and you just
that pineapples kicking you in the teeth
maybe try this yeah I mean because it's
very reminiscent of a pina colada
there really is without that pineapple
really interesting III think that uh
it's got a good way that 70/30 it comes
across a nice you know nice crowd to
solid you know good lung fill yeah just
you know I think the like Josh said if
you like pina coladas you're probably
gonna like this flavor yeah I'm not a
huge Pina Colada person I'm not a huge
you know banana coconut kind of a person
but I mean it it's okay for what it is I
mean I'm gonna go ahead and give it a
three as well cuz I think that it's
there's nothing standing out no glaring
issues now it's just kind of average and
I think that if you like like look like
we said if you like that pina colada boy
you're gonna like this oh yeah you got
you got to be like in that Pina Colada
without the pineapple that's what I mean
it's spot-on that hey you know a really
good description of it yes yes pina
colada without the pineapple
nothing's harsh nothing in that banana
might be a little sweet but it's not
yeah you know it's not smacking in the
face so I don't have to push it below it
now it's a solid or just solid if it
sounds good you guys there's no you
shouldn't have any fear in getting it
you know what I mean there's no you're
not gonna bust it open and go oh fuck
you know what I mean I've really fucked
this one up yeah it's good it's not like
smelling yeah alright so thank you guys
so much for watching um thank you
skyline for sending this out I think you
look good you guys did a good job
yeah buddy keep it closed tell the Lord
it's good keep your wick sweat baby

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