Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Taste of Gods E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Illusions Vapor - Taste of Gods E-Liquid

Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Taste of Gods E-Liquid

Taste of Gods is an e-liquid like no other. Experience the sweet exotic taste of Black Currant, infused with coconut and finished with a hint of fresh juicy pineapple sorbet.

Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Taste of Gods E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Illusions Vapor - Taste of Gods E-Liquid

what up YouTube its ambitions vapor I
got another review for you today and its
own another ejuice review and it's the
last juice of the line of illusions
vapor alright
Canada company this juice is made out of
Canada - brand new line
the other two are phenomenal they're all
Dave Apes 80/20 VG PG ratio we did uh we
got the cod here alright we did Holy
Grail which was the waffle and blueberry
tastes of a we did crimson which was
like the rocket man with strawberry
instead of blueberry and the next one is
taste of gods it's in the middle all
right it's a blueberry Quran with
coconut and pineapple experience the
sweet exotic taste of blackcurrant
infused with coconut and finished off
with pineapple sorbet yeah yeah man yeah
30 mils they come in on zero three six
maybe 12 milligrams of nicotine I'm
thinking it's maybe zero three and six
allusions vapor dot-com pink on screen
and scription guys and yeah this is what
the bottle looks like nice presentation
man white bottles drip tops all right it
looks like smacks ejuice and I'm gonna
give you I got my revolt RDA Cologne on
top of the ipv4 point 1 1 ohm anarchist
an tty or dual parallel and will give
you inhale exhale flavor the vapor and
throw it on a 1 to 5 scale 5 being a
competition juice all day vapor kick to
the throat you want to see a 3 on all
day vape for throat hit so ha here we go
milky clouds cloud competition no doubt
508 production as you guys can tell
look at those donuts some damn I'm
getting like I don't know what that
black currant is but to me this tastes
like identical to a pina colada
done right you get the pineapple I don't
even like pineapple on my faves guys I
really don't you get the there's like a
sorbet or sherbet a sorbet in there
coconut yup it's balanced well it's
balanced very well I don't like any of
these in my vapes coconut pineapple
whatever black quran is i don't like
that shit my baby though but this shit
this whole line is liquid crack my man
liquid crack guys I'm telling you this
stuff is on point it's right up there
one-hit wonder a liquid that's what it
reminds me of that's what the profile
reminds me of I wish they would make
bottles like one-hit wonder 180 mils for
$55 but you know hopefully losing vapor
I know you're paying attention hopefully
you'll do that in the near future that
way you step up your game in the market
I think everybody's just that doing that
30 mils don't last shit for anybody
nowadays but without that said with that
set out of the way it's not about that
it's about the juice highly recommend
this juice guys it gets it gets a four
and a half to a five on flava throat
hits perfect I got three milligram it's
perfect these are what they look like
I recommend the whole line man I
recommend the whole line
what close monkey clouds to how I
recommend that you should define
illusions made for dark claw put a link
in description for you guys I hope you
find this video healthy if you did leave
a like share subscribe and remember
smoking is gone vaping is on tape on

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