Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Crimson E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Crimson E-Liquid

Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Crimson E-Liquid

Crimson is a strawberry yoghurt flavour e-liquid that will leave you speechless. A velvety smooth yoghurt is topped with a dash of fresh, sweet and ripe strawberries.

Vape Review of Illusions Vapor - Crimson E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Illusions Vapor - Crimson E-Liquid

what's up YouTube it's a business paper
I got another review for you today turn
a little bit towards me honey thank you
I got a new review on a new juice and
new company I was gonna do all the three
flavors together but I think they
deserve to be by themselves okay it's on
illusions vapor illusions vapors okay
and they have three different flavors I
want to read you some of the information
alright this is gonna be on crimson
alright a bottle it looks like this
comes in this ball nice white bottle
30ml bottle
these are at 8020 VG PG ratio comes in
zero three six milligrams of nicotine I
have three milligram here
okay thanks presentation oh no guys
these were sent to me for the purpose of
this review
thank you very much illusions vape uh
for sending these my way for review this
will not change my opinion of this
review so uh what this is I'm gonna read
you it okay it's crimson is a fresh ripe
strawberry in creamy yogurt and treat
yourself to velvety smooth yoga topped
off with a dash of sweet ripe
strawberries okay yeah man it's it's
this is a really good juice guys
I smell a nice strawberry it's like a
milkman strawberry I smell you get it
smells very similar to Rocket Man from
the profile of it it has strawberry
versus blueberry but it smells very
similar alright these are roughly around
$22 for a 30 mm okay I have the whole
line I'm gonna have two more reviews out
on the rest of the line which are also
good but I'm doing this one alright so
this one's called crimson alright I
loaded up give you this Mikey the smell
test let me get loaded up here ba
bop bop-bop-bop little taste test on the
on the hand here oh shit I put in the
hmm oh my god
this stuff guys this stuff is identical
I mean identical to rocket man but with
strawberry identical but with strawberry
I said of blueberry you get it like I
even get like a granola type of thing
got my revolt RDA clone ipv4 hundred
watts point 1 1 ohm built dual 24 gauge
in Turkish and any wire inhale/exhale
flavor vapor Authority went to 5 scale 5
being a competition juice all day vapor
kicked I'll throw you one Co 3 are all
they pay for throwing it that was a lot
to say here we go
this should here is crack it is liquid
vait products is great
get my always going there Wu Bing Vey
production is great a TV g20 PG this has
got great vapor production you can go to
a cloud competition with this shit I'm
gonna give it a five on bait production
smooth out the nose no sting in
whatsoever it's a very clean sweet fresh
the strawberry is on point in this one
guys the strawberry it's not a candy
strawberry it's a natural strawberry
it's sweet though it's a very nice
strawberry I think they did a great job
it's one of my favorite juices of all
times it's an all day vape punch a
percent throw it hit on this is perfect
it gets a three-four throat hit it's
perfect I highly recommend this line I
highly recommend this juice here guys
you can't this is one of the best juices
I've ever had
hands down it's right up there with
Rock'em and if you like rock a man but
you wish it was a strawberry
I'd say snag this one I think it's $22
for a 30ml you could find this juice at
illusions vapor dot-com right there on
the bottom they also have a couple other
flavors here taste of gods and Holy
Grail which is a I'll have a review on
them it's a blueberry and I can't a
blueberry fresh waffle and maple syrup
and then we have taste of Gods which is
a black currant coconut and pineapple
also I'll have a review coming up soon
on these on my channel stay tuned don't
go anywhere
and I'll put a link in the description
to illusion vape is calm this is a great
juice it's out of Canada it's a brand
new line they're doing a great job over
there you can tell that they put a lot
of time and effort into this juice you
can just tell by vaping and man I just
wish that uh you know which companies
would start doing one hit one to type
shit you know what I mean hundred eighty
mils for fifty dollars I think it's that
I think they need it's not going in that
direction because 22 mils
you know 20 rolls for 30 mils but I
conveyed that a day you know but anyways
it's not about that it's about the juice
highly recommend that you use guys
crimson it's called crimson it's great
so yeah if you found this video helpful
please leave a like share subscribe and
remember smoking is gone vaping is on
vape on guys and I hope you hope you
like the new 4k I got some 4k video on
here for you so if you do like it leave
a leave a like put something in the
description leave a comment if you like
to new 4k if you like what I'm doing
with different sceneries and whatnot
I'll have some channel updates later but
yeah it's getting long guys vape want

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