Vape Review of Illusions Chapter 2 - Messiah E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of Illusions Chapter 2 - Messiah E-Liquid

Vape Review of Illusions Chapter 2 - Messiah E-Liquid

By Nataly Komova

Illusions Vapor have created the Chapter 2 E-Liquid range, Messiah is an e-liquid infused with watermelon that carries sweet blueberry and pear undertones.

Vape Review of Illusions Chapter 2 - Messiah E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Illusions Chapter 2 - Messiah E-Liquid

what's up everyone thanks for tuning in
to vaping truants I'm back today with
another eliquid review and I'm really
excited for this one I've got the new
range chapter 2 from illusions the high
priest of vape
yeah really looking forward to this now
illusions directly reached out I got an
email off them a few weeks back and I
was so happy
came through and basically said new
range is coming out or results do you
want to review them she was like yeah
straight away yep definitely now just to
go back a little bit and Expo last Expo
was my cell phone Michael went to the
illusions booth in Birmingham had a
little chat with the guys they're really
nice guys as well and I remember we
walked away from the booth um we were
blown away very very big fan of their
liquids and I remember the are there and
taste of the Gods I think it was on all
the Grail Holy Grail yeah that's the one
me just check yeah Holy Grail and he
didn't have any in three milligrams and
I was gutted because I tasted it and
that's like the blue and blueberry
um it was a blueberry waffle with maple
it was delicious really nice e-liquid
walked away and I was caught the
couldn't buy any and I'm thankfully
though I didn't have to I won a
competition I warned the original range
from them and now I'll be honest I was a
bit naughty because I never I never got
to review the original range in chapter
one because I've ate them too quick and
I ran out before I actually put the
review out so it was a little bit cool
today that I never got to share it with
you and and tell you how much I really
enjoy their liquids or thankfully they
got in touch and we have chapter 2 and
chapter 2 so give you a little run
through and what we've got in chapter 2
so the first one is Medusa now as we
chapter one first of all just look at
the artwork on the ball I'll go I'm nice
those like look Medusa
three milligrams 30 mil chapter 2
illusions vapor and that looks low
doesn't it the white ball with the the
artwork on it it looks so cool and
obviously you've got your ingredients
and you're worn and then all the good
stuff it's childproof everything you'd
expect is on there it's a glass bottle
theity milk glass bottle it's not the
profile I've got the profile card that
they pop in and Medusa is a captivating
and indulgent baby pineapple upside-down
cake with a warm toffee glaze oh yeah
you know pineapple upside-down cake you
got bakery you've got through you've got
toffee there's a lot going on in there
isn't there
um so yeah what I'm doing now I'm just
gonna drip a little bit and once I've
done this we'll have a smell and I'll
let you know you know what was thinking
well yes thank you and thank you
illusions damn the guys NT from Canada
these came from Canada they arrived
perfect condition very well packaged and
I said I'm personally such a big fan of
the liquid the 40 chapter one range was
fantastic and really was especially the
blueberry waffle with the maple syrup
I needed the strawberry yogurt as well
ah beautiful
very very nice obviously subjective it's
my opinion and my opinion and they're
yeah they were great so very excited for
this I'm so Medusa they pineapple
upside-down cake with toffee glaze let's
have a smell first of all the smell it
just hits you in the face
that is prominent that potent dissolve
oh wow very fruity pineapple is the main
smell coming through but then you've got
you've got a sweet like a sweet bakery
like a pastry cake coming through as
well and there's the sweetness which
will be toffee
like a sweet sweet creamy pineapple damn
that smells very nice it smells really
nice and so for today's review just irx
200 we've got the goon I've got a dual
coil setup going on and it's firing a
0.15 ohms and 80 watts
I'm gonna have a vape and let's see what
would get an A from this same mid you
hmm well okay so you've got bakery
you've got fruit and you've got toffee
so I'm getting on the inhale pineapple
I'm getting a fruity rich pineapple
flavor with the sweetness I had toffee
sweetness and then on the exhale and
getting a cake I'm getting like a bakery
a sweet soft moist cake on the XL which
all comes together and now I bet
pineapple upside-down cake and it's very
true to its description it's sweet it's
very flavorful I could go all day long
on that no problems no problems at all
it reminds me a little bit actually of
AMD did he did one called taste of the
Gods which was coconut and pineapple
that was in the in the fish series he
did other liquids and yeah it just like
all coconut and pineapple nice fruity
vapor ball for me this is better it is
for me personally this is far better due
to the fact it's got that cake that I'm
big on me bakery style vapes and you've
got that cake in there with the same God
full fruity pineapple and then that
sweet toffee drizzle on there but you
know if you think that description
matches what you might like then I will
recommend that wholeheartedly that's
very very well flavored really delicious
secondly hood from illusion chapter 2
we're gonna be looking at is spellbound
let's give you a little a lot of all I
get that in focus so yeah again I just I
just love I just love the artwork on
these balls it's just so unique so
standout you've got like a metallic blue
artwork they're spellbound this one aim
of course sorry you've got obviously got
your same warnings and and and all the
same information on there but for me
that are worth is standout that just
looks lovely it really is very classy
really classy indeed and so spellbound
started off the light and by the way
the weather's crazy today the Sun comes
out and then it goes again so I've got
monitor light where is when it this one
comes down he lights the room so VI
apologies it's I'm a bit of a nightmare
or AM you know the contents the same I
said I'm a stickler for good quality so
apologies but spellbound a mesmerizing
blend of juicy nectarine lightly
sweetened with refreshing sugarcane
juice okay difference isn't it so
nectarine which is like a tangerine mini
orange style thing use of a better
description better weird bought
nectarine like a sweet sugarcane
nectarine juice oh so it's gonna be it's
gonna be different isn't it for it that
way it's gonna be something a little bit
different and I'm gonna drip a bit on
and then I'll have a smell you see what
would gain so I'm dripped we'll just let
that settle and characteristically over
drip like they always do so spellbound
its have a smell hmm okay so the smell
of this one is a lot lighter and Medusa
was literally boomed that pineapple just
got you straight away but this one is it
is like a soul nectar in which a
nectarine is it's not a really tangy
it's like a tone down orange I actually
quite liked them
it's with light and then you've got like
a sweetness which is gonna be that
sugarcane but it smells nice it does I
think this is gonna be more like a
chilled all daya this this liquid not on
offensive ball I have light sweet fruit
that smells good on it does smell very
em and I happened to it I haven't tasted
this one so let's let's dive in there
and see what again again crazy clouds
there from this AC VG it's a higher VG
liquid and you can tell very dense thick
okay so yet this one is different from
Medusa now Medusa like I said was very
very flavorful and full on vape this one
is more melon so on the inhale you've
got the nectarine and it's like a light
orange it's the best way I can describe
like you've had a natural you know what
I mean it's like it I mellowed out
orange flavor but then that refreshing
sugarcane juice is a good sweetness
there as well it's like a sweet and
mellow orange on the in and the out very
pleasant very pleasant vapor and if
you're into that type of profile like a
sweetened orange it easily an all day
because it's not offensive and the
flavor isn't as strong as Medusa and
that's neither good or bad it just
depends it it's an extra it's not gonna
punch you in the face it's not gonna be
tangy because they're not usually tangy
and not from what I've had anyway but
yeah this is different this it's a
different type of vape and potentially
more of an all-day juice with not being
so full on
and but a good flavor going right
through it and like that like a weak
orange and weeks not a good way but if
you've had nectarines you know what I
like a light orange
with a good sweetness on the excel but
it's a nice pleasant vapor is it's a
nice Pleasant people something I
probably wouldn't be Paul they'd be self
but I pop it in a second tank and that's
the type of finger dive in me bugging
work so if me main vape runs out get a
bit of that spell bar don't not be
perfectly happy with it
good sweetness Ally fruitiness but
overall a 98 you've got the last of the
third liquid from illusion to chapter 2
range and this one is Messiah so again
we'll get you in on the bottle action
lovely this has got like a gold castle
and crown logo metallic and it's just
classy as hell I love the fonts as well
and I just think it looks spot-on it
looked really good simple in itself just
a white bottle glass bottle with a
dropper or you childproof cap and your
warnings ball again I love the packaging
I've gotta say it's a the face thing
that struck me is when when I seen the
bottles when they came I saw four or
five minutes just looking at the
packaging and it just looks very nice
it's it's it's eye-catching and very
classy honey I do believe it ties in
with the profiles they're doing as well
they're not just standard straight or
profile so I think it all ties in quite
well Messiah to give you the profile
again it's ATPG a virtuously refreshing
watermelon infusion with sweet blueberry
and pear undertones so you know if you
look at those profiles you've gone from
the doing their fruits they're all fruit
based vapes pineapple nectarine
watermelon but all different you've got
a different taste to each fruit so
pineapple cake nectarine sugar cane
juice and then this is like a fruit
blend so use the straight or pre-planned
I imagine sounds good though let's have
a smell oh no no
that's nice Tom Tom I'm getting more pay
than I expected that watermelon is a
light watermelon there's a I could juicy
blueberry but it's to pay the
descriptions given me a pair on the
table before me pay is maybe even the
predominant smell coming off that oh god
that sound that smell it sounds that
smells it smells delicious
mouth-watering ly delicious smell
there's a grapefruit line let me get
this dripped Oh God
drip a bit of that on try not to do too
much as usual there we go
so we'll let that settle for just a
moment and so yeah last but not least
Messiah and that's just god I'm just
gonna get into this one
one of those clouds it's so thick oh now
we're back to Medusa level when it comes
to flavor on this one it's packed but
it's not harsh so if you've got a think
of the flavors we've got a watermelon
it's not typical it's not a tangy flavor
it's it's it's quite a mellow flavor
watermelon it shouldn't really beat
onion it's not pair again a pear is
quite a subdued fruit in regard to its
flavor it's not sang we bought its
fruity favorable and then a blueberry
and it says a sweet blueberry which
there is a good element of sweetness as
well bought as a rounded vapor and
getting pair then blueberry then
watermelon I'm not getting a lot of
watermelon from this so if you're into
watermelon vapes then I won't get this
because you're a fan of watermelon
because it's not there's not a lot of
watermelon in this it's a light
watermelon but as a balanced vape as a
package it's it it's very very delicious
it's a really really nice well-rounded
vape it's not overly flavored but
there's a lot of flavor they're
ridiculously smooth ridiculously smoothy
liquids as well all three of them very
smooth there's no fight there's no
throat it's off them you know you ice um
I like a bit throws it myself sometimes
but there's nothing unnecessary there's
no bite on the back of your throat or
this is just a great great great example
of a very well balanced like fruit blend
it really is
and yet I'm getting a light watermelon I
am getting like a fruity but sweetened
blueberry and then an exhale of pay
which is lingering now in my mouth and
the peer for me is to stand out flavor
in this one it's it's a very very plasma
free blend and um my favorite anti
between Medusa and this one
Medusa it's just it's standout sweet
pineapple cake with this one as a fruit
blend I mean I don't vape fruits all day
at dawn to and that's why Medusa for me
is easily and all day because of the
cake element the bakery element but
Messiah if I was to goes away with that
on a ten-hour shift I wouldn't be I
wouldn't wanna vape anything else I
could've ate that all day without any
issues absolutely fantastic has solid
fruit blend so it's not heavy aim on the
watermelon but it was out that light
freshness which you know you can get a
watermelon vape and it can be almost
like a watermelon candy like an oval
flavor overly flavored watermelon and
anyone who eats watermelon knows it's
not strong flavor at all it's quite a
refreshing light flavor and you are
getting that like watermelon I can taste
it but for me the lingering flavor and
the over tone is the pear with a bit of
sweet blueberry as well but overall what
a great package 3 really good very
differently hoods as well and very
different profiles there and yeah annex
definitely an experience in itself mmm
oh well I can guarantee you all that I'm
going to enjoy finishing all three of
these no issues whatsoever and and I
probably will pick up the chapter 1
collection again because I enjoyed them
a lot so if I do grab it I will review
it this time I promise and I won't get
carried away and finish them before I
gave a chance and I will definitely
review it but for chapter 2 illusions
thumbs up and as I said guys thank you
as well I know you've sent these across
the world for me to be able to do this
and that's a massive pleasure
it really is it it's a massive pleasure
and I'm just I'm very happy that the
liquids do live or to the great pathogen
and for me great reputation as well
anyone I've spoke to has really enjoy
the first illusions liquid so if you
haven't had these ones guys I'll leave a
link for the the official website below
and I'd recommend check your local vape
store and or if there's any websites I
find that's that Lamar just pop them
there to help but you're not Google
search illusions and you might find
maybe your favorite vape store has them
or all your favorite website sells them
you know and all they'll be a few
distributors in the UK he said these are
Canadian but yeah
spot-on and very much recommended as to
which one you'd like yourself I'll leave
that up to you the profiles are all very
different but hopefully I'll give you a
good enough description of each one and
then let me know if anyone's add them as
well you know I'm a big fan but it's
subjective and um what would I like you
may not so please know don't hesitate if
you have them leave comments and you
fear the questions as well guys you know
always it's a pleasure to hear from you
please leave a comment but I'm going
anywhere I'm gonna leave it there and as
I said illusions smash the spot on very
delicious e-liquids
and leave you the vapor and I'll see you
all again soon

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