Vape Review of I LOVE POPCORN

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of I LOVE POPCORN

Vape Review of I LOVE POPCORN

Mad Hatter Juice has gotten even madder, and has come out with a cinema favorite eliquid, I Love Popcorn. I Love Popcorn is a delightful and light blend of fluffy, fresh popped popcorn and sweet, melted butter. Sounds absolutely unbelievable, doesn't it? Vaping on this eliquid will transport you right to the cinemas, where every cloud is filled with buttery goodness, but without the mess! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of I Love Popcorn BEASTLY BECAUSE This popcorn is fresh from your favorite cinema! Vape it while watching your favorite movie, light, fresh popcorn and sweet, melted butter, how can you go wrong?! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of I LOVE POPCORN

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I LOVE POPCORN

awhat's going to vapers wrong to my
review of I love popcorn by Mad Hatter
juice I love popcorn is a 70/30 VG PG
blend nicotine options are zero three
and six milligrams as described as get
it popping with the newest flavor from
Mad Hatter juice I love popcorn this
amazing blend of crisp fresh popcorn
covered with sweet melted butter is your
favorite popcorn jellybeans in a bottle
guaranteed to transport you straight to
the theater your movie experience will
never be the same
with this new all day vape
oh my god that is horrible ah what the
hell is that oh my god this is
absolutely rank doesn't taste art
popcorn oh my god that is absolutely
okay so I'll try do the flavor profile
for this there's a slight bit of
sweetness on the inhale but there's a
lot of harshness as well now I don't
know what the harshness is but it eats
it takes your breath away is absolutely
vile there's like a but there is a
buttery essence there in the background
but it isn't pleasant if I'm honest now
after the inhale it's a bit more
palatable there's a bit of the sweetness
comes through a bit more
and that butchery comes through a bit
more and it's actually a bit more tasty
at that point there is like something
that is reminiscent of popcorn but it's
no popcorn like I've ever tasted in my
this is absolutely vile
and the exhale thankfully is putting me
out my misery because it doesn't
actually taste of anything there's no
sweetness the buttery flavor is gone
there's no none of that popcorn flavor
there it is just err it's absolutely
there's nothing there at all
there's no aftertaste there's no nothing
it's all on the back of the throat that
hot it's so harsh I don't know what it
is it's causing that harshness Wow
that is absolutely disgusting and I'm
disgraced for my hat off this is bad
this really is bad overall it lacks
imagination it lacks what flavor it
should be that's going in the bin oh
it's absolutely vile I'm speechless
I'm absolutely speechless do you know
what I'd be lying to you if I didn't say
that this was shit it is absolute shit
and if you want me to be honest they
make nice boxes in like very ergonomic
very appealing boxes and I think if they
actually spent half the budget they do
on designing boxes and printing pretty
little things on their boxes and
actually put it into employing people
that know how any liquid is supposed to
taste them maybe maybe my heart might
actually come out with a decent juice
this this is absolutely disgusting so
guys I'm not review um I'm not bacon
anymore it's disgusting okay guys that
is a review for I love popcorn done I
hope you find it informative make sure
you like this video and subscribe to my
channel thank you very much for watching
guys and after see you soon Cheers
now after inhale the ice cream takes a
more creamier turn which in turn gives
it a bit of texture which is great
the orange calms down a bit we

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