Vape Review of I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60ML)

April 17, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60ML)

Mad Hatter's debut I love Donuts brought the vaping world a new standard of delicious dessert vapes. Now, Mad Hatter has upped the ante with a refined version of their original hit with I Love Donuts Too! This masterfully envisioned blend gathers a myriad of mouthwatering doughnuts and blends them deeply into a new kind of delicious. An inhale of glazed donuts is met with a garnish of powdered sugar that will erupt upon your taste buds immediately at the first draw. An exhale of freshly picked blueberries provides a delectable combination that will have you filling your tank or dripping again and again. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of I love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-liquid today!

Vape Review of I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60ML)

hey guys it's a shot and I'm here to do
another ejuice review this time we're
gonna be looking at that I love Donuts -
this is the limited edition second
version of I love donuts from Mad Hatter
you guys can find this at high society
supply all the information you will need
to know is right around me today we're
going to be testing this on top of my
Kennedy at a point one to build on top
of my eliminate loose arms mod I have
reviews for this mod if you guys are
interested I will link that video at the
end but we're gonna go ahead and give
this a drip and give it a taste it's
described to be a blueberry glazed donut
a nice clear nice clear bottle with the
liquid is you notice that it has a
little bit of tinge of like a violet I
don't think that is any dye I think that
maybe just the flavoring I noticed when
I dripped this last week that it did not
dye my cotton which is a good thing but
let's go ahead and give this a rip and
I'll let you guys know what I'm tasting
okay here's the deal I taste the
blueberry I don't taste the glaze I
taste that cake like donut it's very not
in-your-face flavor but just there the
sweetness of the glaze is not what I'm
catching on this but it's still very
very good I did not try the first one so
with a second I can't compare between
the first and second but this is very
very nice again for some reason these
believe these liquids aren't living up
to their full description but they're
still good if that makes any sense I
like the fact that it's a blueberry
doughnut I like the taste of a fresh
blueberry doughnut I like a cake part of
a doughnut but if you're expecting
sweetness it's just a barely there I
can't really say it's a glazed doughnut
it's more of a blueberry doughnut to me
but all in all not bad again a little
disappointing because I was expecting
that extra sweetness I'll try it out at
a tank notate it somewhere around here
how that worked out and let you guys
know somewhere before this video and so
I hoped you liked this quick review if
you did please give it a thumbs up leave
any questions or comments you have down
below and as always I hope you're having
an amazing day or night whenever you're
watching this stay tuned to the next
video until then vape on

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