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I Love Cookies Too is the latest eliquid from Mad Hatter! This is a new take on the original and highly popular I Love Cookies blend. Straight out the oven, these freshly baked cookies contain a hint of strawberry and are drizzled in rich caramel! Cookies so good it’ll put your grandma out of business! VG to PG ratio: Max VG This Product Features: 60 mL bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of I Love Cookies Too BEASTLY BECAUSE Mad Hatter went back to the drawing board with I Love Cookies and landed a legendary blend! I Love Cookies Too is ideal for all cookie loves! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I LOVE COOKIES TOO

were you a fan of I love cookies
e-liquid well now there's I love cookies
- welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm
Tony fresh off a trip to Mexico with
some business a lot of pleasure and I
got to be honest with you I wish I was
still sitting on the beach drinking
tequila right now you know how it is
when you get back from a trip with
multiple days like that aside from the
fact that you don't want to go back to
work I've got over 400 emails to go
through and reply to I've got three
giveaways that were going on while I was
gone that I've got to get the winners
for and get those taken care of and of
course I've got a business that I run so
I've got stuff to do with that and then
on top of all that my wife got sick on
the trip home I guess you know something
on the plane or whatever she's now sick
and I got to take care of her so I think
what I'm gonna do is ease back into
doing videos by doing a quick video
today on something that we've already
looked at before I love cookies eliquid
was a video that I did man over a year
ago maybe two years I've been vaping it
since I like the e-liquid now there were
some people that said I didn't like it I
thought it tasted like coconut suntan
lotion or something like that but you
know how that is everybody's tastes are
different I mean there is a eliquid that
I got one time that everybody said oh
it's the best cereal one very popular
maker I'm not gonna say who it was and I
got it thinking oh this is gonna be
great so I bought 120 ml bottle and it
tastes like aftershave to me so I ended
up giving it to somebody else is that
they didn't taste that and liked it so
you know that's just how it goes but I
can tell you right now that if you like
the original I love cookies eliquid
you're gonna like this even more the
bottle is now 60 mil and it's only like
22 bucks for a 60 ml bottle actually I
think it just started shipping today I
think the original was 20 for a 30ml
bottle so everybody's going to larger
bottles and they've improved the flavor
on this one so if you like the other one
you're gonna like this one now real
quickly before we dig in and show you
this stuff up close I don't want to
start celebrating or anything right now
because funky things happen with YouTube
and subscriber numbers go up and down I
mean I've had people tell me that they
were unsubscribed and they didn't even
do it so they had to Risa but we have
passed 100,000 subscribers as of this
morning there were 100,000 and 10 no
need to celebrate just yet but that is
so awesome and I just I love you for
your support here on this channel it is
absolutely amazing and humbling and when
I get around to it I'm gonna try to put
together some prize packages we'll do a
hundred thousand subscriber video and
we'll do some giveaways I mean I give
stuff away all the time anyways I don't
typically do the milestone videos like
oh I hit 50,000 or I hit 60,000 Oh if I
hit 70,000 I'll give stuff away but with
this one I think it kind of warrants it
alright well let's go ahead and dig down
and let me show you the packaging and
stuff for I love Donuts too so again you
remember the original was a 30ml bottle
and it came in this little oven looking
box here they actually spent a little
bit of time on this box making it you
know so it was like an oven door opening
and all that but you know what they went
with a 60 ml bottle and still it looks
like kind of you know like an oven but
they simplified the box and that might
help to keep the cost down I don't
really know you've got your little
bakery stuff here on the side I love
cookies too 60 ml three milligrams and I
think it's kind of cool the way they put
the vaping facts on here calories zero
three milligrams 70 percent VG 30
percent PG 0% real cookies 14 percent
sweet caramel drizzle and a hint of
creamy strawberry is 11 percent tastes
like happiness 100% here's the flavour
card with the profile hot out of the
oven I love cookies too is a new take on
one of our most popular favorites this
all day vape combines freshly baked
cookies with a hint of strawberry and a
rich drizzle of karma our new and
improved flavor and VG PG blend makes
for an even smoother taste that even
grandma would be proud of and to give
you the comparison on the VG PG mix on
the original it was a 60 VG 40 PG and
now we've got a 70 VG 30 PG which is
going to be a little bit smoother the PG
is what sometimes it's kind of harsh on
your throat and that's the bottle I love
cookies too
got all the warnings and stuff that
you'd expect on the bottle and that's
that's really about it I'm going to be
testing this out today on the sigelei
two one three plus and the crichton from
cyclone mods I love this thing I've got
a new squawker called the Archon that's
coming from vaping architects and once I
get that I'll put the squanching pin in
this thing and that will be the new home
for that one since I did the video on
this one I did pick up an Ultima cap and
drip tip for it and I'm liking that
quite a bit
so yeah bigger bottle is a more flavor
and a better price 22 bucks for a 60 mil
that is really good flavor profile once
again hot out of the oven I love cookies
too as a new take on one of our most
popular favorites this all day vape
combines freshly baked cookies with a
hint of strawberry and a rich drizzle of
our new improved flavor and VG PG blend
makes for an even smoother taste and
even grandma would be proud of well I've
got it in the Kryten on top of this
sigelei 2 & 3 plus let's go ahead and
get a vape I would say that it is
definitely cloudy or I'm not going to do
a comparison back and forth on the two
of them we all know what the original
tasted like and how it vapes this has
got a better VG PG mix to it and it's
it's definitely smoother and I think
more cloud production not to mention the
clouds are very dense this is a very
flavorful juice if you didn't like the
original though you might not like this
one it's it's pretty much the same
flavor but it's got a little bit more of
a boost to it but I'm digging it let's
get another one here I think Mad Hatter
does a really good job with their
flavors I'm really glad to see that
they're going with these 60 ml bottles
for 22 bucks because listen you know
everything that we're using nowadays
whether using those mega watt tanks or
an RDA or whatever squawker it's all of
them are just consuming more liquid and
and I'm really glad to see that these
companies are responding with bigger
bottles and better prices so that's nice
it is very good I really like it
personally and again if you liked the
original I love cookies I love cookies
too is gonna make you very happy I
definitely get sugar lips from this and
the way I describe that is you know it
kind of lingers the flavor does on your
lips and tongue without the actual juice
getting on them so that is a good thing
I love cookies too is available now on
Mad Hatter calm I'll put a link down in
the description they have zero three and
six milligrams available like I said I
just wanted to do a short video to kind
of ease my way back into doing videos
here for the channel I'm just I'm
thrilled with your support of the
channel the fact that we reached over a
hundred thousand subscribers today and
that's just gonna keep growing and and I
really really appreciate your support
it's awesome but like I said I'm not
gonna celebrate just yet because you
know until we get to be like one hundred
thousand one hundred then
you can fluctuate and it could go below
that again but we finally got over that
and hopefully I'll get my little plaque
soon from YouTube and you made that
possible so you're awesome
I also have links down in the
description for advocacy make sure that
you keep doing that it's a very
important thing August 8th that org
makes it easy for you to send a letter
to your legislators you don't have to
figure out who they are and who to send
it to and all that kind of stuff it
automatically populates all that gives
you a forum letter but I encourage you
to put a little bit of your personal
story in there so that they understand
that you're a person and this is what
got you off of cigarettes that is the
most important thing you also find links
down there for my social media that's
Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram
if you have one of those I'd appreciate
a follow on one of those and if you
haven't subscribed to the channel here
yet I'd love it if you'd hit that little
subscribe button down there it's
absolutely free to do if you hit the
little notification bell then you'll get
notifications when I upload so you won't
miss out on any of the giveaways or when
I'm just upload a video and I do have
some great giveaways coming up here the
new little baby alien from smoke we've
got the GX 350 from smoke and just a
whole bunch of other stuff so I'm really
looking forward to getting those things
in your hands that's gonna do it for
this episode we'll catch you next time
on the vapor trail Channel

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