Vape Review of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL)

Experience an enthralling rush of candy notes and a flood of ripe watermelons with I Love Candy Watermelon by Matter Hatter! This brand new flavor in the ever popular Mad Hatter vape juice line provides a rush of lip smacking watermelon fused with a hardened core of candy. This vape juice perfectly captures the palate's imagination with a front note of vine ripened watermelon, seedless and ready to vape. The flavor body and exhale is painted with vibrant hard candy notes primed with sour pockets of juicy delight! Be sure to get your bottle of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL) today!

Vape Review of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Love Candy Watermelon By Mad Hatter E-Liquid (60mL)

hey guys
what's going on this is Alex over here
at my freedom smokes and today we're
going to be talking about some new
liquids what we've gotten in it's the I
love candy line from Mad Hatter now you
guys have maybe seen this promoting this
a little bit on our page I and to be
honest it's because this is a really
good liquid brand out of the three
you're really gonna get good traditional
classic candy flavors out of these so
the name really holds true the one I
just stripped in here is called rainbow
and it's personally my favorite without
you know getting them in trouble just
think about a traditional candy that is
has a bunch of different colors in it
and you want to taste that rainbow you
can taste this rainbow for sure it is
amazing this does probably have to be
one of the closest flavors I've had
that's mimicked that rainbow taste so
out of the three this one definitely is
my favorite next up on the line was the
blue raspberry now the blue raspberry
was still very good I wasn't quite as
much of a fan of it because I found that
raspberry flavors do give a little bit
of an odd taste for me personally I've
had other people try it and you know
they're like wow this is great I'm still
getting that little bit of the raspberry
aftertaste on this that doesn't really
sit quite well with me but as a general
rule the blue raspberry flavors sell
amazingly and this really isn't any
different and even though the little bit
of the aftertaste I'm not a fan of the
initial hit of that flavor is that
flavor I'm looking for and I haven't
quite gotten that yet out of the
different ones I've tried so for me
personally this one does it still put it
right on top but you know this isn't one
that I would be upset over so out of
that is strictly alone I would do
still have to recommend the
blue-raspberry I highly believe that
you're gonna enjoy it and last but not
least is the watermelon the watermelon
it is a good traditional classic
watermelon they're not do anything
special with it you find it all the time
with people throwing menthol and you
know different flavors
this is just straight watermelon candy
and it's really good I wouldn't say it's
too close to the actual fruit the actual
fruit is a lot more crisp and fresh this
one definitely has that candy coating to
it I would say this is probably closest
to there's this little red hard candies
that are kind water Mountain taste and
that was the first feeling I got out of
this and maybe some starburst type
flavors again I would say this is my
second favorite out of the three the
number one favorite still be in the
rainbow mmm I can't get enough of this
one so if you've got a sweet tooth like
most of us here do definitely check out
this line if you have any questions
about this whatsoever
feel free to leave a comment below and
make sure and follow us on our Facebook
Twitter and Instagram pages we love
chatting with our customers tag us with
your hand checks
I run the Twitter page so I'll make sure
and reblog you and repost you on
Instagram also so if you want to be part
of it make sure and follow us and until
next time thank you for bacon

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