Vape Review of I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid (60mL)

By Ekaterina Mironova

The creativity at Mad Hatter doesn't stop! I Love Candy Blue Raspberry e-liquid is a hand crafted candy vape full of intense flavor and excitement. This candy classic is a sugary, sweet blue raspberry flavor that will make your mouth water for more. Stock up before it sells out and buy your 60mL bottle of Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter today!

Vape Review of I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid (60mL)

what's happening YouTube it's jaylee
thanks for tuning in once again guys I
got another alacrity to bring you today
and this one's gonna be on
I love Candis blue raspberry from Mad
Hatter so let's not waste any more time
let's go ahead and check it out
are you let's get down to it I love
alright guys and the I love candy blue
raspberry from Manhattan was sent over
to me from Aspen Valley babes for
purpose of this review that of course
will not change my thoughts or opinions
on the sea liquid so I know things look
a little different behind me today I
figured I'd do something a little
different come outside rather than do
the review in the normal spot so I just
wanted to switch it up a little bit so I
veer - birds chirping or anything else
just bear with me it's because I'm not
in a normal spot and I'm clearly outside
as you can see all right so it's a 70/30
VG PG blend comes in a zero three six
milligram that katene it's a 60 ml
authentic chubby gorilla bottle it's
going for 1899 now if you guys go down
below I will put a link down with code
AAA TV so if you use that code you can
get 25% off of this or any of the other
flavors on the Aspen Valley website and
there's been a ton of different flavors
popping up on their website guys so make
sure you go ahead and check it out
alright so let's get down to it guys I
know not everybody's gonna be a fan of
this box because of everything going on
with the FDA but in typical Mad Hatter
fashion it's got the crazy little flip
there says darker the very sweet of the
juice it's got Mad Hatter on the front
there it's got all the blue raspberries
all over here says Mad Hatter giveaway
on the back so if you're on their
Instagram tells you how you cannot enter
their giveaway and it says candy without
cavities so the flavor profile on this
basically is a blue raspberry candy it
didn't really specify which type of
candy just says blue raspberry candy now
I love blue raspberry I love candy so
I'm hoping this is gonna be another
flavor that I'm really going to enjoy
alright so here's the bottle looks
pretty much identical to the two
basically to the box alright so uh let's
go ahead let's open it up will smell
I'll let you know what get from the
smell then like we always do will they
bond it will go over the paper reduction
throat hit flavor on both in how the
exhale let you guys know if it's an all
day vape for me if of course I recommend
it to you why I would or wyden why I
would or why I would not go out and buy
this and we'll grade each category a
being the best at being the worst
and then we'll go ahead and we'll wrap
it up alright so here we go let's take a
smell smells fantastic it definitely
smells like a solid blue raspberry can
be almost like a blue raspberry hard
candy you know what it reminds me of
kind of like a blue raspberry warhead
even though it's not a sour Bell flavor
I get like that blue raspberry warhead
smell from it so smell I'm gonna give a
solid b-plus it smells really good where
you got a dripped and ready to go here
on the lush plus RDA I just got a single
coil twisted fuse clapping oh man out at
about 0.28 ohms running it at 75 watts
let's have a baby
and I know to vape reproduction is gonna
be a little hard to tell because blowing
away so fast but it's pumping out the
vapor it's doing exactly like a 70/30 is
expected to do throat hit believe it or
not I thought this was gonna have a
little bit of a throat punch to it but
it absolutely doesn't it's very smooth
very mellow so if you're not looking for
a throat it you're definitely not gonna
get that at least in a three maybe in a
six you might get a little bit but I'm
not getting it into three whatsoever
all right so flavor I'm gonna guide in
vape on this just a little bit more and
then we're gonna go ahead and start
talking about the flavor notes so on the
inhale it's blue raspberry prominent and
it's blue raspberry on the exhale as
well this is just all-around straight-up
blue raspberry candy I wouldn't really
compare it to a blue raspberry warhead
like I was doing on the smell I would
more or less say this is basically like
a like a blue raspberry Laffy Taffy or
more or less just a blue raspberry hard
candy so if you're into those types of
flavors I really think you're going when
going to enjoy this one now a blue
raspberry is not the flavor for you if
you're not into blue raspberry candy or
anything like that then it's not gonna
be something you're going to enjoy plain
as simple but there's plenty of other
flavors that you can find on Aspen
Valley vapes and I know they just came
out with a skittles flavor from Mad
Hatter as well so you guys might like
that one more but I think it's good it's
solid it's definitely an all day vape
it's not overpoweringly sweet whatsoever
like I thought it was going to be so I
could easily vape it all day but that's
just my opinion I do think this is gonna
work very well in a tank I'm actually
anxious to try this in my fire Luke and
see the type of flavor I get from it in
the tank as well as the RDA so far so
good guys I think it's a good one
these are just my opinions of course
take it with a grain of salt but what I
recommend it to you yes obviously if
you're in the blue raspberry flavor know
if you're not and that's it guys so what
I've gotten by it again yes I would
number one it's an all day vape number
two it's another good blue raspberry
flavor number three it's not too sweet
number four 25% off coupon code so I
think you can't go wrong there and
number five it's definitely one that I
would like to use in my my battle video
for the blue raspberry flavors to see
which one comes out on top and they will
be coming soon I promise I know I'm been
saying that I'm soup
backed up guys and a lot of things been
going on so I do apologize but guys if
you like this review don't forget to
Like comment subscribe and if you want
to join my facebook group I'll put a
little picture up above here do you all
about the vapor group page I think you
guys will have a great time on there and
if you're on Instagram you can follow me
at all about the vapor I'll put that
link down below as well that's it for
this one don't forget smoking takes
lives vaping saves lives guys have a
great day
I'll see you on the next one

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