Vape Review of I Like Sweets - Drumstick

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of I Like Sweets - Drumstick

Vape Review of I Like Sweets - Drumstick

I Like Sweets have released a sweet candy flavour called Drumstick. It is available in 60ml bottles short filled with 50ml of liquid.

Vape Review of I Like Sweets - Drumstick

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Sweets - Drumstick

are you guys so you don't Steve not you
again celebrate
lovely jubbly thanks for listening that
button again guys and join me here again
on car viper - hey steve not yet loud
and proud and keeping it real
I've got a cheery mood for each to know
it guys I was gonna do hardware with it
let's just turn that music down a little
bit get a copy Roy's smack I'm at I
haven't even got me microphone plugged
in do you know what is the matter with
me these days
losing the plot guys just bear with mine
just a little bit of a shake a little
bit of a shake together there we go got
them like nice and close now just a
little bit oops did I say close enough
how's it sound
said the Roy's got that light blue in a
bit in the back okay let's get on with
these scores yes have a vibe and we
ought to him you all right you all had a
nice weekend
well done on the prize giveaways Sunday
guys three winners one from the state's
cop from the UK and well done really
well done on that some nice prizes there
nice monster nice Jewish guys we'll have
another one next Sunday okay where am I
going tonight I'm gonna look I've been
in communication with the I love VG know
I did some reviews for them
some time ago on there I love the G
range of juices the fruits and whatever
now they've come up with three new
ranges now which is the Suites
the deserts and the menthol so they've
got three brand new ranges I think the
sweet one is the latest one we're going
to have a look at one of those - not for
you guys I've got nine bottles of these
these juices come through they've
actually changed the name from I love
the Fuji - I like VG and now I've been
in charge
talks with a lot I like VJ and they
changed it for international reasons
because it was known differently in
other countries because they're a
worldwide company
there's name different in other
countries so they uniformed it - I like
VG now so it's not I love VG anymore
it's I like VJ and that's why they've
changed these
regarding their e-commerce where you can
actually purchase these juices they
haven't got an e-commerce site set up a
retail size they've got their a vibe
website set up I'll put links down below
social all about the juices and the
company and their images because they
are analyzing beyster juices but they're
all produced up there in I think it's
Manchester from vibe labs and yeah I'm
sure if you google you'll find these
juices somewhere these new ranges of I
like the juices you can still get the I
love VG the the initial range that's
available everywhere so just Google us
but these new ones the Swiss the deserts
and the menthols you may struggle to
find them but so Google you may find
them but so that's I've been in talks
with those guys and they're actually
setting up a new e-commerce site for
retail so they'll be able to sell its
dialects or such so that'd be nice right
so what I'm going to try for you tonight
one from the Suites range which is their
latest version their latest juices think
there's four in this range guys so I've
got loads of them hang up just bear with
bear with just a second these are all
their different ranges of guts
I love menthol I love a Jewish who was
the original range where else we've got
I love sweets and I love desserts and
we're looking at the sweet ones at the
moment they do bubble chameleons which
is the one we're trying to nice they do
drumstick blackcurrant gummies and Cola
bottles so we look at the Bubblegum
millions that sex of sweet range there
guys or a bit flashing the lights there
we go just looking at one of those
tonight but I've got I've got four from
the menthol range that's that one there
they I like menthol and I've got four
from the desert range I love desserts so
at all those next couple of weeks but we
want to try tonight
it's the
Bubblegum millions from the I like
sweets a little bit confusing this I
like VJ I like sweets
I'm not sure if the branding is going on
that but the branding on this company is
absolutely brilliant so everywhere that
on Twitter Instagram Facebook they wrote
all the shows are probably one of the
major stores at manage to the show
and they're really pushing it out there
this is probably one of the biggest
developing growing issues companies in
the last five months guys so and yes
they're really developing their range
what stop waffling Steve let's get on
with this that one there I love sweets
the the lights are really bad aren't
bubble gum and millions we'll try that
one guys we'll try some idea proof what
we're knocking he says I've got the
indestructible Hardy own topper there
with a single coil now that cause is 0.3
which is not too low and what do this
well should we go
turn off your clock let's do it at 80
what shall we spend that down a little
bit yeah nope you look guys hope you had
a nice weekend keep all those comments
those likes coming in 80 watts there we
go on the Jeep roof lovely cheer proof
this is the original one original two
screen which I absolutely love
I've got a single car going on there
we'll just cut off the old top and get
the top off and get this all in trouble
but all these are 50 ml bottles so I'm
not sure on the prices or anything at
the moment
but I'll get all that sorted in the next
week or so and as I say they set up an
e-commerce site but if you have a look
at your local vape stores or just
question them or go online guys you'll
find these juices I'm sure you will in
here we go
I know they had a big ghost all of the
vape Expo in Braun and there is really
pushing it up there here we go with the
bubble gum millions from I like sweets
from the I like VGA range of juices here
we go guys
now tasted a lot of bubblegum Spearman's
Chuy's you noticed juicy fruit'
Bubblegum's I'm not his bloody polka
that is really that's the noise sexy to
Sully's that is noise so tasted a few
bubblegum miss juicy fruits that sort of
thing you know spammy means that is
lovely it's not smashing the five sweet
flavor there's just a lovely Muriel
those are all in zero Nick as well so
with overdoing Nick shots in the future
not sure guys but I'm sure they'll
sorted always but just googling you're
finding guys that is bloody lovely
that's one of the best Bubblegum's I
have tasted in a long long time I don't
usually go for these these sweetie type
of vibes you know like the slushies and
the drinks and the bubble gums and you
know the I don't know the lollipop ones
but that is nice that is that that's an
order vibe that's bloody lovely
oh that is nice
you know Emily with all the stuff I get
through for review guys I give it all
back to you in freebies giveaways you
know it's the way I rock on the channel
and so I've got a nine of these all in
50 mils I became an all giving everyone
away but if that our first notice is
that one that's gonna be a struggle to
give those away but that one that
bubblegum millions guys I love that
that's lovely it's one of the best films
I've ever tasted that is really nice
just like a Habra blah blah you know the
hobo by bubblegum
listen a little sweetie wrapper like a
Dicky bow the rain one this is about
that thick that tastes exactly like that
straw lots of strawberry in there
there's some other foods in there as
well it's got a bit of a and mint going
on it's not a menthol there's nowt
mental in there or Collider that just is
out and out of a bubble oh and this
guys it's just let's just swell that
just smell it that's not gonna just wait
to shop and open in a hole ba ba ba
you know trysting it open
smell them nailed it and it's all lovely
juice out they're all like that I take
lightly Heidi I love the G range that I
did there Bates here for five months ago
they were really nice and they're
looking at the part with that one
that is bloody lovely I have the other
eyes are like that guys will do reviews
on those probably one on Friday and
Wednesday night we're gonna do the old
DIY I've got some nice suggestions come
through for us somewhere then we're
going to do some clown mixes this week
from a suggestion from one of my lovely
ladies over there in the States
couple of clowns and a couple of shelf
juices so give those a go and western
art guys have a look at that one we'll
do a quick shower vibe as well you know
just show you how easy it is to do do
it really is a way forward doing why
it's so easy to make your own juice
these guys hopefully I sought the
e-commerce site act with these guys and
update you at that in the next couple of
days so there isn't a charger 19 miss
social worker it's a worldwide company
and he was different name on a different
country so the Amalgamated it's one name
now which is I like a VJ instead of I I
likely chase them not quite sure what
went on there but so hey there you go
and hopefully they'll set up their email
they're a website where you can buy
these liquids Daleks which will be
lovely so I'm not sure on the prices
I'll give you all that info as it comes
through guys I know what the prices are
on the Isle of VG I love VG range the
initial range which was which one it was
that one that was their initial launch
range that they did I spin out some time
so you can get all those most of those
have coming in the three bottles oh you
know the third tip is ten mil bottles so
whether it will all be like this in the
griller bottles in future don't know so
I just think that they're actually
random the company opening to a more of
a multinational company research but so
they are Malaysian based juices but they
are manufactured in the UK up there I
think they're in Manchester this is
right blood UK sort like that W anyway
I'll put the links down below guys
thanks for popping in that's just a
quick one just a heads up on these new
guys their new name their new juices
they've coming through that bubblegum
that was bloody lovely guys till next
time keep it real
and we'll catch you on Wednesday night
up on the old Dixie table we'll have a
little vibe all abhishekam vape and I'll
see you then guys have a nice copper
daddy's told him

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