Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Red A 50ml E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Red A 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Red A 50ml E-Liquid

This is a 60ml short filled bottles which contain 50ml of Red A e-liquid from the I Like Menthol range of e-liquids.

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Red A 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Menthol - Red A 50ml E-Liquid

don't sleep yo
red be again as always big thanks to www
back ashore polka dot UK and two red
vibe for sending me over the samplers
but another package arrived today there
was one juice messing from the red V
plane just one they sent Saxon that gets
seven juices and and stock that red
vapor look at that red vapor are
releasing and the final one came from
cool breeze big thanks to lender and the
one that Linda sent me was this it was
the final one from the reserve a lane
that was messing no I'm not reviewing
this one yet but I'm just going to show
you what these glass bottles actually
look like that's the reserve a lane that
come in 30 ml glass bottles and from
what I remember the the main line that
the non-reserved adjust the red V Twain
I think it's 20 ml glass bottles they
coming but this is what it looks like
look at that that's the first time I've
seen that mean I've only been vaping for
four months and this is the first glass
bottle aegis of actually pod there we go
child safety cut glass glass pipette
droopy hanging me dude are here
obviously these juices were made from
drop-offs but I've got the honey wood
and thought that I pinner I've got the
honey wood and the kangaroo tank which
is zombie it on this desk I can't find
it so you know can use it you can use
them in tanks just fine right but this
is going to be up for review and a
couple of these time once I once of
reviewed the other two red V juices that
are remaining from the body shop da KOAT
Yuki today we're looking at noble meant
know it meant and me don't get on if
anyone watch that flavor review the mint
mojito oh stop nightmares about that
just but this is nobleman for
on red vibe again big thanks to the bike
shop for sending their side kicking off
three point seven volts on the fucking
Nautilus and as you can tell by how
empty the Nautilus says I've been
enjoying this V for a good few hours MVP
to 3.7 volts hold on a minute I'm butt
off just right while that's a nice
flavor 5 volts
stable stable flavor and unlike the
other red vibe juices I've tried so far
the flavor as actually stable it doesn't
increases the voltage goes up so the
difference between three point seven
volts and five volts was basically they
throw a little bit more throw at 5 volts
but the flavor was just the same now
hold on start five volts hung about down
at 4.2 it's a speed man you can tell
that straight away it's a refreshing
spearmint dog that's not like the end
your face spearmint that you normally
get in chewing gum this one's a lot more
torn down and then the background pardon
me and the back you don't try to do this
without looking at the cheat sheet well
as in the background
there's a berry flavor it's a fruit
definitely a fruit but it's a keen a
berry flavor can't pennant don't know
you can tell it's some kind of routine
Bailey in the background
the first thing you taste is the mint
right as a spearmint some work as a more
cooler spearmint no it's not the
spearmint that you're used to tasting
this is a different spearmint and nurse
that's that through can a berry light
flavor that's annoying me try to do this
but looking at the cheat sheet
not fuck i'm going to use the cheat
sheet those are debt that's definitely a
berry flavor in there weird are we here
red vic oh there we go nobleman complex
combination of natural spin mint extract
known as mentor spicata natural Swedish
ah there we go natural Swedish League on
Barry that's why I couldn't pin it down
because I'm Nev up tasting the league on
Barry in my life a natural red couldn't
extract well red cotton I don't think a
little taste that I read cut it either
but you bet you're definitely packing up
our berry esque kind of flavor and the
backbone there right behind the man show
it now the thing about this meant as
when you see meant you'd expected to
have some kind of cooling effect like
like the flavor thing that I tried last
will that God that flavor juice is
coming back to haunt me again don't let
you know you'd expected to have some
kind of cooling effect as you inhale it
but not with this you can taste the mint
you can tell it's of spearmint that
leaves a Spearman TX after taste in your
mouth but you're not vaping ace you
don't feel that fucking ice crystals
going down in your lungs it's just very
refreshing very refreshing I like what
read beeps done with us I've tried quite
a few mint beast Aegis as the worst one
of ever tried was that one from flavor
well but I've tried quite a few meant a
juices and the either put too much mint
and hollow flavor or they don't put in
nothing so you barely taste the mint red
V got the balance pretty spot-on
actually I mean I would have liked at
but more men so it's started to give
that can our ace going down your throat
but the way they've got this balance
though you can teach the speed man it's
it's an unusual spearmint taste and
apparently it's from a different kind of
spearmint plant judging by what the
description as it's not the spearmint
that we are used to and you're chewing
gum and your candies it's a different
kind of spearmint but it's got that
smooth taste that spearmint son
generally associated with and that
leaves a fucking cracking after taste in
your mouth as well I'm stealthiest
enough stolt Easterner so at Lane goes
for a while and then the bike go and
you've got I've never tasted a league on
Barry I don't think of tea so the red
currant before but it's a kinda berry
esque flavor mangal done with that speed
man and that's a fucking nice juice that
really has hmm I mean he'll I felt that
that's tank this morning um about eight
o'clock this morning let's know pretty
damn close to 12 in the afternoon and
look the fuck all left I've been gene
beeping that stuff and yes folks i can i
can happily go through 10 ml of juice in
about a day of a chain beep so there we
go that was red veep's nobleman it's
it's a hard one to describe the overall
taste what does it taste like because
there's nothing in the real waddle dive
team of course to actually taste like
this it's it's in a class of its own f
you define of a spearmint type mint
flavor right which is what that says
you're going to love this it's it's
refreshing enough that you taste it I'm
still tasting it as well that is
refreshing enough that you keep testing
it for a good couple of minutes after
you finish beeping once you pick up the
bass down and do
dude you can tell you can still teach
that Speedman lingering but it's not
strong enough to give you that and that
ice Gwen down the throat they got the
balance of the spearmint with this
pretty by on pretty bang on I'm
comparing it to a lot of other meant
tape juices are fucking that flavor
thing but I'm comparing it to a lot of
other men just as I've tried and thus
one's buying on you know it's meant you
can taste the mint but it's not
overpowering which means you can taste
the other flavors they've got and here
the tube it well one berry and a red
currant that trait red currant before
don't like a half league on Barry
another fucking clue Italy go and bury
it is like but it's a berry esque kind
of flavor in there and you can pack it
out the minute you start beeping at you
can pack it out
oh it's just fucking gorgeous so there
we go that was watch left that's going
to ask me about half an hour that's
what's left of the noble meant from red
V once again beg thanks to the barca
shop go Yuki for sending her over I've
got one more from the body shop to try
and that's this thus as the other one
from the reserve a lane esas parikh
parikh petty k no it's parikh yes parikh
which is a tobacco oh god this one's 20
milligram I just noticed the label on it
nobleman was 12 yeah 20 milligram
strength that it's not too far from
eating which is what i normally v
they'll be up for review tomorrow and
the day after tomorrow we'll be wrapping
up the red v plane with the theft email
ball so there we go folks that's it from
me yeah have a good one

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