Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Rainbow Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Rainbow Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Rainbow Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

This is a 60ml short filled bottles which contain 50ml of Rainbow Menthol e-liquid from the I Like Menthol range of e-liquids.

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Rainbow Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Menthol - Rainbow Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

what you guys are you doing it's just
turn that music down welcome to Kant
vapor TV we're at it again for a Friday
night I pick or whatever Pleasant week
guys and you're all looking forward to
the weekend got any plans anything that
mean going anywhere in an exciting all
you're gonna sustain in this car whether
the noise take away and tucked up in
front of a watch your nice movie I
anyway we can have a look at the second
in my review of I like VG's I introduced
the company last week guys as I said
last week earlier in the week they've
changed the name from I look - I like
now it's I like the G all the links are
down below guys to the site their acne
by Bloods which are up north where they
mix these juices it's orma lysing juices
guys it's all mixed in the UK which is
lovely and we're going to give the
menthol range they do a sweet range and
menthol range and the desert rains
besides their original value G range so
we're gonna have a look at the mental
range tonight the one we did last I
think it's the earlier in the week was
that millions that was absolutely lovely
I hope all these are the same rights
what we're gonna shoot some they're
gonna tilt on the old snug with the
indestructible sitting on top there
I've actually got a joke all in this for
a Giants tonight guys so I said go for a
joke or change you know maybe simple
calls I do love single calls but I've
got a joke I'll Clapton and that's
coming in a that's a little bit higher
you know point three so it's not gonna
have that fast ramp up time as with me
single round coils but so you do get a
nice smooth longer lasting very precise
day and long gain in Ireland such so
I've got that it's at 85 watts and the
first I'm gonna try in the I'd like a
menthol range East a rainbow one which
is that one there guys I'll just show
you a quick skins of the Ranger that's
the full range there guys in the rainbow
once so if you want to click that and
have a look at that guy's there you go
this is one of their new ranges they've
got a sweet range which is their latest
range of cues and they've also got a
desert rains will troll those next
freeways guys right let's get me cause
all nice and moist we'll try this
rainbow menthol all in a 17 VG 30 PG mix
at coming these fifth
female gorilla bottles with a nice
drippy drop it locking top Israel drippy
job his job hits up on there zero
nicotine so if you want to add nicotine
or get nicotine shots I don't know
whether I like will be doing nicotine
shots in the future maybe something
that's fun to do but so they all come in
zero nicks so you have to add your own
nicotine that might be an issue of one
or two people I don't know but there's
plenty annex shots out there these guys
these days guys and you can actually get
these if you google these I like menthol
or I like sweets or I like desserts
Google the price I've seen prices
ranging from eleven ten pound up to
fifteen sixteen pound for 50ml so you
can get these as low as 10 pound for 50
ml which is great value I mean that
first one I tried last early in the week
was absolutely love like love dis rice
get a bit of the juice on there get all
me cuttings or nice and moist get me two
arrows lined up with it you'll wake up
on there now and we'll give this a tooth
make sure you go will go 85 what's guys
and here we go with the rainbow menthol
friend I like menthol here we go
all those noise oh that's candy it's
like Dino o'clock chuckling allowed
asked it was in your mouth but with a
hint of menthol mint on top of this that
is quite that is quite nice you know if
tasted some skill all faiths and they'll
just anyt note sweet skittles and it's
fruit sweet squiggles candy but that is
it's sweet its skittle it's definitely
taste but you've got a hint of mint and
a menthol on the back as well not too
much menthol it's not blowing the back
your eyeballs oh that is a lovely place
rooms that's an all-day baby boys that's
lovely that musics are too low oh that
is nice that is really persons I'm
liking that that's on all day vote for
me that is that is really nice so I've
got about ten of these bottles and
they'll all be going back to you guys
and giveaways you know they were all on
the channel that is lovely a little bit
of a meeting us there
on top of the menthol so they must have
a hint some mint in this as well as a
menthol that bag of Skittles ice lovely
that's nice oh that was nice nice and
refreshing I do like a little bit of
menthol in my votes that just make them
Sparkle and bring all the fruits to life
and I'd send to me that turned him into
an or dive I you know sometimes he just
wonder up its best in my DIY just one
drop two sparkles mix all these fruits
come alive you know if you won an Emmy
until then you put more mentally but
some of these mentors can be quite
strong but that that crack the menthol
in that absolutely on points that is the
lovely right will crack off the all top
I'll get me weeks drive down and we'll
try the second one which we'll try
tonight which is despair means now
that's going to be interesting because
my all day vape is my own wrinkly dragon
as you all know guys be inviting that
now for a long long long time I've got
three gallons of that bloody stuff I
love it mum is beaming dragon which is a
spearmint menthol and we've got a
spearmint menthol here it's that one
there guys
here we go all my lights are washing the
images out so I can't bring them that
close please just washing out the image
it's give it a go get the altar
hard-luck off give this gorilla a bit of
a squeeze we all like to squeeze the
gorilla now and then there we go get
those calls or noisy and moist and we'll
shoot this want the flagpole and see
what the spirits doing from I like
here we go experiment
okay the menthos not smacking your
eyeball so you know it's not possible
polishing the back your eyeballs those
it's cement although it's nice and fresh
and that's a me I'm it's leaning on
spearmint but it's me it's swaying more
tours peppermint cream it's more
peppermint than me tonight it's like a
bag of peppermint cream with it just a
hint of Spearman's and a little bit of
sweetness in there and of course you
know that men thought was following
through that is lovely because my DIY
Wrigley dragon that's an experiment but
I'm sure this has got a touch of her
peppermint in there it's probably got a
bit of cream as well clicks a lovely
smooth nice and they feel again these
are all zero nicotine but I could quite
happily write these cuz I'm unload
nicotine anyway but that's giving me a
nice nice throat feel it's given me a
four-minute feel that is a lot lovely
spearmint peppermint tea taste on your
lips so another one that cracks that's
three out of three they've been
absolutely lovely
a bit of rock on the bloody music so
nice what am i on on the wrong channel
that's what pop that down a bit
I thought is a bit rocky for a smooth
dude it'd be red band in there guys what
we've got going on here
no lecture nobody's or sold ones anyway
all right guys I'm knocking on the it
there that's that I like it VG used to
be I love the G but that I like now
they've been knocking it at the part the
last couple of months of all the shows
then look at the Twitter Facebook they
really push they've got a great website
as well up there with the Acme vibes
which is up north
Oh Duke I have a look you'll see all
those juices on there guys you can't buy
him on that side you have to go to a
separate vibe sites but so I put
something stand below for you guys Kim
ago they're lovely juices til Sunday
and the shelf at whatever slurp we'll
have another big giveaway 500 Mills of
juice going all back at you once I've
reviewed all these guys I've got about
ten of these those would be going back
at you as well join me on Sunday
get the door wide open I'll get some
nice cold drinks laid out for you guys
and it will have a nice little nest on
the sofa and a nice giveaway till then
guys you have a cracking weekend and
we'll see you Sunday today Avenue

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