April 20, 2018

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Cherry Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

This is a 60ml short filled bottles which contain 50ml of Cherry Menthol e-liquid from the I Like Menthol range of e-liquids.

Vape Review of I Like Menthol - Cherry Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Menthol - Cherry Menthol 50ml E-Liquid

every day baby here again another ejuice
review and this time it's another one
from one pound eliquid now one panty
liquid is a company based in the UK they
have a big selection of flavors and they
sell more for one of your finest English
Pounds and that's plus postage so 10
mils for one pound all of their liquids
are created an ISO called a class 8
clean room which is a pretty much
laboratory standards all of their
ingredients are USP grade so use pre
grade VG and PG they sauce the best VG
they can get and their flavorings are
manufactured by I'll just read it off
here who operates to a high standard and
as a PRC accreditation at grade a level
so the ingredients they their failings
that they get are top notch as well
there's also putting no colorings in the
liquids their liquors have been tested
for hidden nasties like - Sol etc and
there is a data sheet for the flavorings
that you can have a look at on their
website to see you know what they say is
true VG PG wise well it does vary from
nicotine strengths to nicotine strengths
now the nicotine strength is 0 to 24
milligrams and this is a 6 mil bottle 6
milligram bottle so the VG PG is 4 to 5
PG 55 VG if you had say for example an
18 milligrams strength it would be 60
percent PG 40 percent VG you can have a
look at this underneath the help section
on their website so I shall put a link
to that below so you can find out so
packaging wise then you've got your
tactile triangle all sorts on the top
there it's also childproof cap comes
with a safety collar as well so when you
come is pretty much sealed a nice
childproof cap there is no set or
triangle on there it is marked just
about as 18 + on there as I said it
before as a batch number but I can't
read that anymore and as a before and
dayne I can't read that anymore because
it's all wiped off
cherry meth all six milligrams
okay so we're going to give this a blast
in a
Cave fun to begin with 1.9 unbilled and
we're going to be doing out 14 watts
okay so for that amount of PG and VG I
have had more vapor coming off it from
other liquids but it's not bad you're
getting a good amount throat it from it
to flavor-wise then you've got a good
strong mental in there and then you've
got this kind of cherry drops taste a
cherry flavor to it so as it says it on
the tin it is a cherry menthol it's not
a fresh cherry it is definitely like a
can defied sweet cherry I've said the
metal is nice and strong cause the mouth
but it's not too strong it's not
overpowering let's try and a dripper
then so we've got a point 7 o build and
we are going to be doing this up 30
watts it's an actually more vapor coming
off it increases the throat hit as well
flavor-wise brings it all out commensal
doesn't increase much more you know
sometimes methods are just too powerful
to to to drip but this is it's just
right for me and you're left with this
can defied cherry taste in your mouth
with that cooling effect that the
menthol always gives you so that is of a
fine the bottle that is cherry menthol
from one pound eliquid check it out
thanks subscribe if you haven't done so
please do so click a button somewhere
follow me on twitter follow me on
Facebook follow me on the vape done I'll
see you all soon
one body liquid cherry menthol check it

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