Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry

This is a 60ml short filled bottles which contain 50ml of Strawberry Pastry e-liquid from the I Like Desserts range of e-liquids.

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry

how's it going you know you are welcome
back to another review
it's as soon as they previewer again
coming to bring you all a new in a quick
review before we do get started on this
a big shout out to ivg for providing
this e-liquid to myself amazing guys
also a big shout out to yourself for
watching thank you all for your support
it is definitely much appreciate you
guys you don't understand how much I do
appreciate it before we get started I do
want to say this review is going to be
mainly based on my opinion as a eliquid
reviewer every vapor every liquid review
out there has their own opinion and
everyone has their own taste as to what
they like so the e-liquid and I will be
doing I'm going to be reviewing you on
this one which is the smoke HP I'll be
having it on for you watch and I'm going
to be having on the RTA 25 so hope you
guys do enjoy this video as much as I'm
going to enjoy bringing it to yourselves
I'll take a week I'll tell you about the
e-liquid it is and then we'll go
straight into it we won't waste no time
so the e-liquid I want to I'm going to
be reviewing today as you guys know and
as you can see it's from ivg themselves
big shout out once again to them and a
liquid i'll be reviewing it's the one
from the ranger which is the i VG desert
and it's called VG deserts strawberry
pastry sounds very nice I really do like
the packaging of that as well it does
look very eye-catching
this liquid is actually a 50 ml bottle
and is a 0 milligrams of nicotine so
when you do get this e-liquid guys you
won't have any nicotine in there if you
do want to put nicotine and just add
your own nicotine shot to convert it
into those strengths that you prefer if
you don't have nicotine and you don't
need to do anything so that's the flava
guys and I'm gonna go straight into the
review now so let's get onto it we think
I baked and then I'll give you my
opinion as to why I think
now guys before I do see what my opinion
is on this e-liquid whether it's going
to be good points whether it's going to
be bad points guys this is a painting
based on my opinion as to what I think
as a eliquid reviewer so the e-liquid
itself has mentioned this strawberry
pastry which is nice and it sounds
different it's in the dessert range of
the IPG and as soon as I take that
inhale the first thing I contains that I
really do like this
it's the pastry taste that pastry
straight away so I feel as though I'm
actually having the pastry itself I'm
taking a bite into that pastry and I can
taste that within my mouth which is
fantastic as I inhale more I can place
that strawberry which is very nice and
you know how you have it s probably a
pastry and you know you start on the
pastry and in the middle you've got the
strawberry cases just like that well I
strawberry two squirts into your mouth
which is fantastic absolutely amazing in
the lingering of the math or the back of
your folks throughout the inhale going
towards the exhale guys I can taste a
bit of cinnamon right so let me explain
that in a bit more detail or just give
me a moment so you can taste a bit of
that cinnamon but guys it's not too much
cinnamon which is fantastic because I
don't like cinnamon as it a liquid
reviewer and he liquid as a baby pose as
well just generally I don't like
cinnamon eloquence I saw but I have to
say in this one you can't really taste
that cinnamon which is great because
when you take that inhale you can taste
the pastry you can taste a strawberry
but you can just taste a little bit of
that cinnamon right from the inhale to
the exhale so the strawberry and pastry
I would say you make overpower the
cinnamon flavor which I personally
really enjoy and I like that I think ivg
have absolutely smashed it with a see
liquid fantastic scrubby pastry guys
absolutely delicious delicious guys I
have to repeat
to be honest there's no bad points I
can't say about it the only thing if I
were to say about point I would say I
would have liked it without the cinnamon
if this enemy would just wasn't in there
at all I was able to it would taste nice
but again guys wouldn't taste as nice as
it does with the city because I'm
cinnamon gives it that little bit of a
push in that a liquid it just makes it
different so while you're taking that
inhale bite to that exhale you can taste
a strawberry pastry and that little bit
cinnamon which is great I think if they
had it without the cinnamon it was it
would taste better but I wouldn't know
what it will taste like because that's
not there so I have to say ivg fantastic
guys keep up the good work keep bringing
those all these liquids they are
absolutely great I'm sure a lot of
people have been trying about the ivg
ranges there's many different ranges out
then I've got so many liquids guys if
you guys don't know about them go on
type in ivg and check them out guys
check out their profile there are also
on Twitter as well so do go check them
all I'm sure you won't be disappointed
with that eliquid
I would have to say this could bring up
a nice Christmas present hint to some
people out there guys I'm will you mess
in there I'm sure it would be a great
Christmas present but those who do vape
so if you guys are interested then do
just get in touch with ivg this can be
also purchased from the vapors club as
well their website is the www dot the
vapors club kool UK I'm an accountant
join my vapor hope you guys have enjoyed
this video I'll hopefully see you won't
BOSU if you guys have liked this video
then hit the like button down below
either subscribe got another top and
that will be much appreciated once again
before I do go as well guys it's been an
absolute pleasure bringing you all these
reviews I know we are coming to the end
of the year but they are going to still
be more reviews to come so keep an eye
out guys there's going to be some
fantastic he liquids comings very very
peace out beep on fire

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