Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Apple Berry Crumble 50ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Strawberry Pastry - E-Liquid Reviews

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Apple Berry Crumble 50ml E-Liquid

This is a 60ml short filled bottles which contain 50ml of Apple Berry Crumble e-liquid from the I Like Desserts range of e-liquids.

Vape Review of I Like Desserts - Apple Berry Crumble 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I Like Desserts - Apple Berry Crumble 50ml E-Liquid

what you guys welcome to carbide TV
again we've got another juice review for
you tonight just turn that music down a
little bit
well you're right there here we go yeah
no the juicer you I hope you all had a
nice weekend guys thanks for pressing
that button and join me again for
another juice review Monday night juice
review we usually try and do a juice
review on a Monday noise perhaps a bit
of ID we're on a Friday we've got the
DIY on Wednesday
thanks for all your interactions on last
Sunday's a sofa vlog we have nice little
NASA lovely to have you all in my little
flatter my little Bodhi over the Norfolk
coast of England and they give why's
going quite well has been quite a few
entries on that so get involved with
that one guys will give the giveaway
results next Sunday will have a little
bit of a tip looking on the sofa will do
the old drawer on the old famous car
paper wheel of fortune for the lucky
winner so we've got two three prized my
this week two hundred mils of Jews 150
mils of juice and a hundred mils of
juice three lucky winners for that one
so get involved obviously needs to be
subscriber follow the links in the video
that's Sunday and you'll see how to
enter that one so get involved with that
one so thanks for your interaction guys
keep those thumbs coming up keep those
shares going let's get this bloody
channel rocking gun a bit style I got
your subscriptions coming in so then
that's more down to YouTube than
anything but sir well click rockin guys
we'll keep pushing
we're gonna have another look at some I
like Fuji which was I love VG which is
now not I like og or I love VG it's now
called i VG I don't know whether than a
few 9 changes but it's all a bit
confusing I've been back and for
communications with these guys and that
last week they've changed the name for
the third time notes I visually ivg
desserts I've eg menthol ivg sweets or
the original ug range now the original
ivory range the fruits they were all
Malaysian influencer flavours but their
latest ones the
IV juice which the ivg desserts and the
IV g menthol they're all UK blends as
such guys that all made up there in the
Acme vet labs which is up north which
does all the mixing for these guys which
is lovely and they're a be pushing
exactly and all the social media sites
as I said in the last two videos guys so
reviewing these juices we've done for so
far they've all been bloody excellence
we've got another two tonight and I'm
gonna do the I the GE desserts tonight
we've done the sweets we've done the
menthols we've done the original now
we're doing the I of the GE desserts the
first one we're going to try is apple or
berry crumble looking forward to that
wanna do like dessert vibes
then no dessert pipes not really my or
Dave apes or such and second one were to
try from the I of the jelly desserts
it's the cinnamon go I've got some it's
bacon in the oven
how could doesn't burn won't do the
video probably will do cuz there I'm
always bloody burnished off boys well
crack on with these juices quite a show
and so what they was doing so the men
thoughts were lovely the sweet ones will
lovely and that we'll try those now guys
they've really knocked out the part with
the flavors on these I do love these
juices and that's a UK company as well
which is lovely salad bean it's all the
meat cos I'm now really pushing into it
they're all the media sites
it's a massive global company now so
that's seem to be doing pretty well now
you can get those juices they all come
70 very G 30 PJ and they all come zero
Nick the way they're doing the formula
now is in these gorilla bottles nice big
gorilla bottles nice Charlock or to feed
through compliance nice to people if you
top up topper they're they're all in 0
Nick they're in short film bottles what
we call short shot bottles where you can
top it off with nicotine if you desire
if you want excluding your juices guys
whether I've lead you will do NIC shots
in the future I don't know but you can
get Nick shots anywhere guys or put your
own nicotine Ian
to put it up the desired lever you like
so say you got to be bottle and it's got
enough room at the top there to pop your
nicotine YV nicotine strength Ian but
I've been vaping those onions zero
nicotine and they're doing the job for
I don't have much nicotine anyway chorus
right stop rabbiting I'm Steve what
we're going to knock it out on my usual
kiss at the moments go through phases of
five weeks that way I've got the old
indestructible sets on top with a dual
coil we've got a Clapton inside there I
made some Clapton Wilder the day I've
got your call in there which is unusual
for me how you usually do single cars
but I thought I'd run a joke for it
Jones I'm banging it out at 70 watts and
that's all Clapton got about a56 rap I
think coming out to 0.7 which is not too
low not too high and we'll do about 70
watts which one should we try first guys
true I very junior now so it's not I
love it's not I like i VG that's the
name of the brand now boys so we try
this Apple berry of crumble to start
with saying get these prices you've
everlook now guys just Google to search
don't get the best price they average
between 12 pound 11 pound right up to 16
pane 450 ml so there are some good
bargains out there for these guys
what still income my last video for
ivory G of the best press play skillets
I think it was lemon pound 9 C 450 ml so
I would my video for that link you'll
find way to buy it from at the cheapest
price which is lovely and they are no
excuses right I've got me old coils all
nice and mice let's get those air also
lined up with a dual coil now pop on the
Autobahn the destructible there we're
doing it assembly what's there
consume me I'm reading on there guy 0.7
70 watts I'm a schmuck Joe proof 220
with indestructible
here we go with Iove desserts and this
one is the Apple Barry at Quran fall
here we go
well that's nice
alas the noise that's got some cream
going on inside there were lovely
crumbly buttery buttery crumble with a
hint of bitter apple like a sour apple
and then there's berries on top of them
you know Jean that is the love life
well that is nice and creamy he's a
lovely taste on your lips and a
beautiful full mouth I'll say these are
zero Nick and they give me a lovely feel
on them which is surprising for zero
Nick but I don't have much Nick these
days anyway I'm usually 3 or 0 my
homemade you sees my DIY juices they're
usually about to Nick strength 1 Nick
strength so damn much Nick to that these
days but that easily again that's the
fifth one from these guys which I've
absolutely loved lovely juice she-bitch
sweet always smells like cooked apples
sitting on top a crumble oh it's a
lovely smell
well I've like always noise all these
desert pipes they're not all dive out
somebody notes for conveyors the end of
the day with a nice cup of tea or a nice
cold drink then all day votes for me
because I can be a bit sickly but sir
that is really nice I'm more like a full
mile day baby fruit vibes men for lights
time to think nice and fresh but that
that is a lovely dessert vibe that's
another lovely one right there guys nice
chippie chippie drop your dropping
bottles all the look the warnings on
there nice bottle there guys big old
chunky gorilla bottle so if you want to
put your own dick in by all means put
your own dick in lice we'll get this
Coral draw it down
I'll just dampen it down with a dried
tissue get all that juice that there get
all that loveliness that Apple berry
crumble out of there I will try this
next one which is the cinnamon dough
which is interesting I've done cinnamon
custards cinnamon cakes before and I
suppose it's cinnamon cake and it's
cinnamon dough cinnamon pastries we'll
try this one and this is one there again
from ivg desserts this time say all
these ivg desserts ivg sweet ivory G
menthol they're all UK inspired juices
their original brand the VG brand these
fruits that they did originally those
are all inspiration from Malaysia but
all these laces brands are all UK brands
all made up there in acme of a plaits
acme vape bloods up north where they
produce all those juices all UK brands
so nice UK company get the old it on
there we'll try better this a cinnamon
add yellow see what this one's doing
here we go
same setup here we go 70 watts guys name
that tune comments down below
here we go with cinnamon Dao from IO VG
Lowe's at war a guy all that is lush so
a few of those cinnamon cakes and
cinnamon biscuits they've been over the
top of the spiciness of the cinnamon but
that is that's just lingering in the
background so that's noise lovely
biscuity taste or what's like a it's
like a cinnamon sponge when the guys got
a bit of sweetness a bit of I don't
whether it's vanilla in there or
something but again that's another
lovely juice
we've no lovely lingering taste on your
tongue gun on your lips
a lovely doughy cinnamon any sugary
how many's that there for those guys
litter over Joey that 6 juices we've
done so far and carp over TV and
everyone they've been loved like really
really nice scent for a 12-pound for 50
mil prices grocers well guys though most
places are doing it round about 14 16
pound but if you go to that link on my
last video you'll get 4 12 pound 19
popke absolutely pakka
there you go guys that's the g4 you ivg
desert IV g menthol IV g sweets and the
original IV g range so it's not I love
very jewy no more it's not
I like Fuji no more its Oh G ivory G now
that's the name of the range guys oke
that's all sorting over those guys and
that'll be their name for the future
have a look all the live links down
below guys I will put a live link we can
get this the cheapest there I found
anyway and Kim ago guys can't Viper
really recommends the ones I've tried so
far got a few more to try will have
eclairs in the future guys Wednesday
it's good on the DIY desk over dere
we'll do a little bit of a mix we'll
have an answer about DIY juices guys
Friday we'll probably do an adware
review so I hope here you go thanks pop
you give me a big thumbs up guys get the
shares go and get subscriptions going as
well that'd be absolutely lovely and
we'll see your Wednesday night from
later can't Viper say have a look at the
links down below for those guys they are
really nice juices and these desserts so
we've tried the menthol we tried the
sweets now we've done the desserts and
they've all been lovely so far I've got
a few more to try this out try those and
if you
: guys thanks for popping in and we'll
see you when snow from the car bad boys
keep it real now - later

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