April 24, 2018


The I C Cola flavour is a cooling member of the cloudchaser series. The distinguished flavour of classic cola is the front runner, but dwelling in the background is a chilly sensation reminiscent of sipping on an icy cold cola. The flavours are vibrant, yet subdued and on exhale, you are left with one impressive cola-scented cloud. → A 70VG to 30PG ratio means spectacular vapour production alongside amazing flavour - every time. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of I C COLA - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON - 3MG NICOTINE - 70VG 30PG

hi this is steven from big club and
today we're going to be looking at
nicotine salt ii liquid whether you're
new to vaping or you've been baking for
a long time you're probably already
aware of nicotine and the way it's used
in a liquid manufacturers have actually
come up with a new way of putting
nicotine into e-liquid which actually
changes one of the main sensations of
vaping the throat hit the new form of
nicotine is called nicotine salts
although nicotine salts have been around
for a while they've only now just
started coming out onto the market with
various popular brands bringing out
their own line of nicotine salt a liquid
nicotine salt liquids are incredibly
smooth because of this you can use
higher concentrations of nicotine in
higher powered devices for example with
traditional a liquid we don't recommend
anything higher than six milligrams
on a typical subong device the reason
for this is because of the high output
of subohm devices it can make the
sensation on the throat very
uncomfortable but with a 20 milligram
nicotine salty liquid this doesn't
become an issue now the main points you
can take away from this or that you can
use a much stronger a liquid on the same
sub ohm high output device which in turn
means that you'll use less eliquid
because you only need to take a few
vapes and you'll feel satisfied I use a
sub ohm device and I can go through
maybe one or two 10 mil bottles be
liquid at 3 milligrams in a day but with
a nicotine salty liquid at 20 milligrams
I can make that last about 2 or 3 days
the reason is is because I can use a
nicotine salt ii liquid at high strength
and it's smoother on my throat than
traditional eliquid
now there's a lot of advantages to using
nicotine salt ii liquids but there's a
few things to keep in mind because it is
a bit smoother on the throat and you can
use it in high powered devices you might
not know when to stop vaping this is
important because if you bake too much
you'll give yourself a nicotine headache
a good way to help stop this is if you
leave 4 to 5 seconds between each vape
it's just
gives your body enough time to absorb
that nicotine so you know when you feel
satisfied so if you go slow you'll be
fine if you decide to give nicotine
salts ago the best way would be to use
it in a standard mouth to lung tank or
even a refillable pod system before you
start using it in a sub ohm device this
is the easiest way to gauge how strong
the e-liquid is and also how it feels
compared to normal a liquid now if you
have both versions of the e-liquid a
nicotine salt and a normal one just
check which one you're using before you
put it in your tank hopefully this helps
clear up some of the confusion about the
different kinds of a liquid available
out there as always if you do have any
questions leave them in the comments
below and we will get back to you as
soon as possible otherwise please feel
free to get in touch with our lovely
team at vape clubs code at UK and if
you've liked what you've seen please hit
the like button and if you want to see
more content from us hit that subscribe
I've been Steven from vape club bye bye
for now

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