Vape Review of Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid (60ML) by Propaganda

April 19, 2018 5 min read

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Vape Review of Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid (60ML) by Propaganda

Feel the hype with a bottle of cool blue bliss with Hype Blue Slushee by Propaganda. This MAX VG liquid captures the chill of a blueberry slushie straight from your favorite convenience store. Inhale a refreshing flood of slushie fused with a tart and sweet blueberry swimming across your tongue. As you exhale the blueberry find itself intensfying with a cool touch providing a guilt free brain freeze. Get a 60ML Bottle of Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid (60ML) by Propaganda today!

Vape Review of Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid (60ML) by Propaganda

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid (60ML) by Propaganda

what's up YouTube Alpha and Omega n
lambda from good base and we're here
today to bring you propaganda the hype
collection which is cotton candy
strawberry shortcake
yes the mega mints I call these steeping
boxes they come in a box which I love
because 60 mils putting boxes no not too
many I haven't seen the sixties that's
actually pretty cool except for sugar
thanks I guess and making things in the
box too so does ethos actually now that
you think about it some of them do yeah
so scratch that so anyway they come in a
steeping box I love that and then dark
bottles I love that but steep is on so
which one's this that is a kind of
caning one kind of candy so Sub Zero
cotton candy let's take it - oh the
sweetness Wow
smells really smell like cotton candy
tastes like cotton candy that's that
spot on cotton candy I can't even say
anything else I'm just gonna say it's
spot on blueberry and strawberry cotton
candy yeah yeah really that's all I can
deal a perfectly balanced I got a little
bit of dryness just a little did that
one this we lied we're gonna be pink eye
it's a little weird though does it yes
it does smell weird I'll give it that it
has a weird smell it don't go by the
smell yeah definitely not no don't use
no that one's a loo you okay okay
you hocked a loogie in one before and I
actually touched it and I was really mad
about a nice so I'm gonna go wash my
hands like four times so meanwhile back
at the ranch before the cows come home
for steak dinner this is yousef eyeing
this thing up you're saying
jouso I can't wait the trash strawberry
shortcake because munchies is all right
good humor good humor it's good paper
vapor is better than munchies in my
opinion and I'm curious about this one
Wow Wow and it smells like cotton candy
when you vape it I mean it smells just
like you walked by there carnival and
you're smelling it take cotton candies
nope it tastes almost milky just imagine
your mod is that a little cotton candy
stick and there just spin it around till
you vape it it's so good this smells
identify the kind that's extremely sweet
not like too sweet to not beep but
that's really sweet
though yeah really good soon as I hit
the first pull it was like sweet that's
spot-on that's really small that's
really good I like it that's really good
oh yeah mmm it's even better secondhand
might just be alpha though yeah for days
oh my god
so now we got strawberries shorts on
there she'll kick next one I'm looking
forward to - cotton candy I wasn't too
turned on by but I baked it I was
actually looking more forward to this
but I actually think I might like that
more one way to find out you see that
they popped out the sides and then went
back in I think it's spot on I think
it's both of these are very very very
it smells blazing I do wish it was a
little more like ice cream
that's like 9.5 on the Richter scale
yeah the taste of those little crunchy
things so I'll be ordering these as
tomorrow cuz we have the lux Cup tonight
I'll be ordering these tomorrow really
good I was trying to figure out what
that was and I was like oh yeah the
that's that's spot-on that is try really
good girlfriends obsessive munchies but
K you need to try this it's delicious
yeah okay I think this one's gonna beat
munchies try it who will have some
pretty try don't worry what we show is
just a little more ice creamy I think
that I enjoy bit say something
okay so little cotton in my mouth that's
a little dry just a tad yes like we bit
this is still vapor nothing we bit you
still get it though that's how sweet and
good this juices hey you can be picky
I'm curious if it's cotton killer though
I don't think it doesn't look at it it
doesn't look it it doesn't know how much
of a stray off the Continental things
come here it's not like one excuses
where when you actually go get white if
you can't you guys can't really sell
that much but this is from the split we
Jimmy did this on the same day but this
is from the split it's not by any means
a quote a coil or cotton killer but it
does stay usually just wipe it that
white that means she's naked right off
and there's not a lot of good yeah the
split there's a there's a little bit of
discoloration but at least it's not like
killing the coils right off the bat like
I know some other juices but this let's
go back to this Strawberry Shortcake is
tasty tasty is
Oh Joe Turner sending me out Oh box yeah
thank you
fantastic strawberry shortcake it's
really spot-on
it's that it's more spot-on than any
other strawberry shortcake
after this and don't forget that we have
a coupon code for Royal custards easy
that's 10% off the order CGT ten is the
coupon code I don't know why I didn't do
GV 10 but he did cg 10 so that's alright
but 10% off for Royal custards it's good
yeah so this is the blueberry one and it
is really good fantastic I have it in my
BC empty actually and letting it steep
really brought out that blueberry Joe
just brought up he's using three cream
steam courtesy of Christopher good and
he's use essentially what I have in here
right now
he's using it in this box and he sent me
a blue one of these I can't wait to get
it's coming over from the UK as we
talked it's probably on a plane but
anyway make sure you check out royal
vapes they're off the chain make sure
you check out the hype collection my
propaganda I'm not a big prop again the
kind of guy their liquids are okay they
were good back when they were like
really when they first popped
yeah that they were really big back then
yeah now they did this collection let me
tell you they stay on point like this
they're coming back yeah I'm glad to see
an older company that's been in the game
for longer come back and redeem
themselves I'd love to see you look very
nice was meant to coming out with a 60
mil line that's just different than
everything else they've come out with
yeah it'd be cool maybe really cool to
see going with magua's keep going with
toe it up you just came out with I heard
they were dropping the new flavor whoa
peel here what is this oh it's a
scratch-and-sniff Knossos peel here not
scratch here
sorry Hoff it feel here sorry maybe next
time I guess I guess it's like I must
have thrown out the other box
oh that didn't fly maybe that was the
winner I lost
nice going up anyway alpha throughout
the winter damn it
so we'll see you next time check out
casado argh I'm a sore loser
now make sure not boil it smoked out or
make sure to check out a social media
and make sure you check out what else I
lost what else do you see yourself yep
make sure you like share subscribe to
these videos and yeah dude I'm out I'm
out great thanks bye fight for your
rights to be there guys we'll see you in
the next one I'm not that my can be dick
bye bye the best

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