Vape Review of Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid

Vape Review of Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid is a mango and black current e-liquid with a hint of mint. This liquid is available in 60ml bottles short filled with 50ml of e-liquid, made by Hustler Juice.

Vape Review of Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Hustler Juice - Cool E-Liquid

well this should actually be the first
upload of 2018 so if you're watching
this congratulations on surviving until
give me some around for a nap or
graduations are not dying
pleasantly finer balls under squash
review and thank you for clicking on
this video and today I'm gonna be
reviewing five flavors from the hustler
juice range now this liquid was sent to
me by gourmet a liquid who else biggest
supporters the channel appreciate them
very much and I believe that this is
Malaysian liquid at least I think it is
I'm fairly certain it is box doesn't
actually seem to see where it's from or
where it's made and neither does the
bottle I thought was that all I
requirement i I kind of guess that was a
requirement under like treatment
standards I had to state where it was
no I might just make shit up probably so
there are five flavors in this range and
those flavors are cool bold daring smart
and cunning I
I brought the box I brought the box for
that one so these liquids are sitting on
the actually is it sitting on the box no
I think it's actually stated on the bowl
nevermind let's take a bottle oh these
are a 60/40 pg/vg ratio no sex DV g VG
PG not PG VG sexy VG 40 PG fuck's sake
after a great start as always and these
come in these 50 male short fell bottle
saw you can pop a 10 mil nicotine shot
in there if you so choose to do so to
make up to your two sex demos and he'll
preferred nicotine strength you can also
buy this in TPD compliant 10 ml bottles
as well I am gonna be reviewing the two
60 ml variants so I'm gonna be doing
today's review on the usual setup it
hasn't changed over the new year and
it's the vape organ slash van TV bonza
RDA on the Tesla 220 Punk I've got a set
of Zhu kanthal juggernaut coils in there
Almanac point 1 5 and I'm thickness at
120 watts on normal ramp so I think I'm
just gonna fucking I think I'm gonna
dive into the the cunning we'll start
with the Elm start the Broughton box so
cunning doesn't see anything anywhere on
the box or the ball
what flavor notes are on here but if you
look at the back of the box there is
like a little picture of fruits or some
fruits I can see lemons oranges and
grapefruit grapefruit or a blood orange
it's one of the two but it starting off
with a packaging it's very very nice
you've got this kind of box map box with
like reflective bets Shanee bets and
packaging itself is actually fucking
top-notch as you
expect from most Malaysian liquids FSS
Malaysian like I said I don't know I'm
fairly certain errors but don't quote me
on that
but I was like pretty fucking cool very
reminiscent to the kind of older pre TPD
bottles of nasty juice which I should
actually have Hayden and if I can draw
somewhere got one so there is like an
old Fett this is actually a 50 my own
after do sport when this is a 60 ml
hustler box as you see this nasty one's
a little bit more of a chore than the
hustle one but you get the point
metal balls so I'm gonna guess this is
some sort of fucking medal citrus medley
a lemon orange and grapefruit or blood
orange don't know how to tell from the
picture yeah um it's like a really kind
of sweet
set you see max I'm getting orange get a
lot about lemon not really getting any
good eat fruit but then again just great
for it really is it really a sin tea
fruit ice any fruit Wow fucking 2018
softer Guinea it start I don't know
I'm get all of juice I'm getting lemons
and it smells really sweet West rapper
cunning I didn't expect anything less
I'm I'm without that I'm fairly certain
this is definitely Malaysian no just
some taste in it yeah okay so before we
go any further I have neck shots in all
of these so all of these are the ones
I'm reviewing our sex demo at 30
milligram it is pretty good inhale
there's a slight coolness to a tiny bit
of cool ardor and then I kind of a set
you see Aden just a really sweet orange
like if you were to take a slice of
orange and dump a little sugar on it and
yet something like that on the exhale
you get a little hint of lemon and what
I think is great for it it's it's very
subtle it sits in the background the
orange and a lemon definitely kind of
knock out that third flavor but it's
there I'm gonna say it's grapefruit I
think it's great for if I'm wrong I
don't know I'm probably a bit of a fanny
I see the Greek for our blood oranges
it's honestly it's it may seem simple to
tell the difference between those two
flavors but it's hard to tell when it's
mixed in there so sort we anyway they
like with smooth and Sundays fruit yeah
and he released a nice season of mouth
does taste very very sweet also this is
probably another range of Coyle Keller
liquids so bear that in mind if you're
using a sub ohm tank I probably wouldn't
recommend these I'm gonna give that
10 it's nice it's a refreshing set
receive it
we've been on ok so next I'm gonna do
smart and there's a big picture of an
apple on it so I know this one is gonna
be just apple flavor okay this is
something I just want to make a slight
complaint and boxes are a bit of a deck
they look nice but they're a bit of a
belly to get into I mean we can try and
we can kind of get right so we've got
one flap done oh shit there's another
fucking flat or me I actually brought
that one never me but you open that flap
help and yeah I guess I guess I broke
that one as well and then you've got the
other flaps and then you finally get the
ball oh it doesn't it's not as hard with
the section ml balls but when you've got
the tpd ones which also come in same
boxes just smaller it's a bit of a pain
to get them out so I recommend just
repping the fucker at the box so yeah
this one has green and it's got a big
picture of an apple yep it's a very very
sweet it smells like ass so a candy
apple I was expecting the fresh apple
but I'm getting more of a sour candy
apple on this meal let's drop that smart
oh yeah - it's a sweet green apple I
like that I like that more than the
first one
inhale slight touch - cool ladder again
I feel a running theme going on I feel
like all these like ones are gonna have
a lot of touching colada not necessarily
a bad thing it's something I just I come
across them - to be honest inhale you
get a slight hint of Apple and it's
kinda like a fresh apple on the exhale
you get this really sweet apple flavor
in the mouth I'm gonna be honest I'm
getting more of a candy apple from it
than a fresh apple it's more of our very
sweet candy apple flavor on the exhale
and that same flavor which carries over
to the after taste very very fuckin
candy apple esque
you know that's not a bad thing because
I real like that I'm gonna give that a
10 I think that's a great fuckin liquid
yeah sweet apple of a lot back colada
we've not next up I'm gonna do daring
now I've got purple box and a big
picture of what looks like I think a
like grapes right there so I know I'm
gonna enjoy this one because for those
who've watched the channel watch a lot
of anyone's here you're gonna know that
I fucking love great I can I can smell
the bottle already how many one open it
yet but you can smell the grape coming
rate from the wrapper
it's fucking beautiful okay I'm just
getting a really het of fresh black
grape sweet fresh black grip why
stripper daring oh yeah oh god yeah yeah
that's that so that's my type of fucking
Jam I like that
that's a fucking fantastic liquid sweet
inhale touch a cool adder as with all of
these I'm guessing let's read the other
- yep I'm guessing there's a touch to
Collider in there and then it's just
from the inhale to the exhale to the
aftertaste sweet black grape very very
sweet maybe a little bit too sweet for
me I would like the sweetness kind of
torn down a little bit because I feel
like the sweetness is maybe overpowering
the flavor of the grape and some sort of
weird weave no sweetness doesn't
generally have a flavor on its own it's
just Morris it's more of a sensation
than a than a flavor whatever get too
far into but it's just a nice fucking
sweet grip if I had a little less unless
less of the sweetness too more of that
just kind of fresh grape I probably
would have given that an entertain but
because it in the way it has it's not
bad still love it when you give an 8 or
10 very very nice if you're into grape
if you like a slap greet by nasty juice
you're gonna like that stuff moving on
so next up I'm gonna be bold red box and
a picture of a big whack and fucking
mango on the back now if you've been
watching a channel for any longer than
Kenneth Alaskan I'm a month and a half
two months you're gonna know that I've
grown a fucking real hatred from angle
thank him my one of my previous reviews
I think it was a throne like quiz review
you can see me practically almost vomit
into a fucking mango eliquid
yeah me and mango are not not the best
of fucking pals at the minute bit hey
let's give it a go anyway oh I can smell
it I can smell already Orca smells cat
purrs so I can smells like fucking
ammonia cat pass so it's what mango
smells like to me no oh oh no oh god no
no it's not good it's not fucking good
oh Jesus oh god oh right okay let's just
wrap her it's just mango it's just just
mango if you like mango you'll probably
will plate the smell of that
to me it just makes me want to vomit
bold oh no no it's not for me
oh no I can't take my angle any more
fucking heat my angle I have to stop a
cell from just fucking somehow regurge
to eating that Thank You mochi I think
we fucking survived that mango I don't
like it it can fuck off it can dine deep
these fucking pets are here as far as
imma as far as I'm concerned I don't
like you I don't like it's fucking
horrible it's just Oh vomit like like
fucking stomach bail now not for me
just because I have such a dislike for
it I'm not gonna give it a written
because I feel like if I give it a
battery and it may turn other people off
that may enjoy it so I'm not gonna give
it a written if you are of the cutest
thing I mean feel free to try that
flavor you might actually enjoy it I'm
just fuckin weird by the way mangle
moving on so next I'm gonna do cool what
now there is a picture on the back and
there is what looks like another mango
with blueberries Oh God that yeah it's
just a slight hint of mango it's the
exact same as the last one
oh god that hideous fucking mango scent
again right let's just drop that the
blueberries might be able to redeem this
one cool no no I can't take it I can't
take it there is a hairnet blueberry in
there and to be honest I would just
fucking cut the mango out that just
really simply briefly because fuck
mangle you've already got mangle what
you've already got one flavor a mangle
why would you go for a mango blueberry
mechs are fuck man go man go fuck
yourself once again I'm not gonna give
that one Irene just cuz how much I
fucking despise my angle I wouldn't feel
like it's fair to give that like would
have written because some people might
enjoy it but there you go that's the
five flavours from hostel juice why
don't we guys all of you like the
reviews lady give it a like if you liked
it give it a dislike and I will see you
again in the next video
oh wait I'm in a video back to fucking
hurling here links to these liquids on
gormie will be in the description if you
want to check them out for yourself and
once again a big thanks to Gore me for
sending ozone there we go
no no no fuck mango fucking language

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