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By Ekaterina Mironova

Vape The Rainbow 120ml by Humble Juice Co. is an explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. Vape the Rainbow knows how to standout in a crowd! A colorful yellow and cloudy rainbow sorbet mixed with fruit flavored candies and might be the sweetest juice around! VG/PG = 80/20


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HUMBLE VAPE THE RAINBOW EJUICE

guys just checking with another juice
review we will be reviewing a novel
humble juice this one is humbles via the
rainbow this should be a a very colorful
red Mosab a mix with rainbow flavored
fruit candies it is a very sweet juicy
sir it does come in three six or zero
milligram Ditka teens it does on to come
in 120 ml bottles Arden from their wares
which I will put a link in the
description below I reviewed a few of
these juices before same thing
any others over 20 pound will receive
free delivery is an island based company
but the delivery is still pretty speedy
between three to five days so let's see
what we get from it as you can tell I
have I have been using it for something
from well I want to just cut around it
took it out of a review
you definitely get the fruity the fruity
companies on the NL and on the exhale
also some reason has got a slight
throaty here
it's got good fair production and
cheaper love juice subscription sighs
what are you going to get let's see
their first column are selling this at a
reasonable price web delivery is still
got 20 founder think of 721 or it's a
little bit less than well for the size
of the bottle you getting one will do
make some good juices if you do get
yourselves to fair quest calm they have
a variety of the juices and I 1 3 4 5 6
juices problem so far
all of them of test is really good it's
definitely M it's got sweet tears - it's
very nice test in juice I've been having
this now over the last two three days
I'm still still not being barfing that's
it I will be putting all the links in
the description below for where you can
purchase this you can also purchase it
from the humble juice website is based
in America so the only problem is the
shipping is quite dear book if you can't
find a uk-based vendor then if you will
be looking a little bit cheaper so you
can get it from there because it is
Island this company bought the delivery
is still pretty good between three to
five days or what can I say open up then
it's definitely really nice juice
it's going on all feeds my blade the
price and the size of the ball so I've
been very bit on this now further Goods
got week we can have and that's what
used I did order a few different flavors
at centaur no I was in cheaper if you
order a couple because obviously the
deliveries only one set price for all
delivery as I say thanks for checking
out the review I'll stick the link in
the description below for the the
website as long as the said via press
comma repeat the service three or four
times grabbed up just get it out there
and feel free to like comment and
cheers for checking out the video right

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