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By Elena Ognivtseva

Smash Mouth 120ml by Humble Juice Co. is an explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. A refreshing strawberry, graham cracker and custard mash up that is sure to be your next all day vape! VG/PG = 80/20


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HUMBLE SMASH MOUTH EJUICE

look at that cloud those nice what am i
vaping on that's what you want to know
and that's what you're here to find out
I'm vaping on the beautiful beautiful
ejuice from the humble juice coat this
is it right here it's called Smash Mouth
Smash Mouth it is a strawberry graham
cracker creamy custard mashup perfect
all day vape they come in 120 mils I
purchased them in on G 20 mils from eg
Steel's done that I'll let you know
about purchasing and where you can get
it and the link below but quickly about
the vape it's deep two weeks when you
get it at least two weeks they say I
prefer juices when they're creamy
custody strawberry cereal e to be steep
sometimes when you get it you don't get
the same taste so you get right off the
back sometimes the manufacturers make
them and push them out and you don't get
the taste that is suggested in the
flavor profile usually what I've found
in the past is I will go ahead and put
the juice in a dark corner unscrew the
crop cap not the crop unscrew the cap
and put down the corner and just in a
dark corner you know in a closet
whatever whatever maybe and let that
steep I know some some people put their
juices in the fridge to keep them fresh
I just keep them in a dark cool place
and they work perfectly a basement
school or even a closet or even a
sometimes if you have a nice and nice
causing and garage you can do that as
well but the juice is definitely great
humble juice Co you can find them on
Instagram Twitter these juice itself for
2495 it's 120 mil now I purchased this
for 1295 via a juice doodlenet they
pretty much saw ejuice is at a wholesale
price you can see what they're about and
check them out by using my promo code
hot 50 h.o.t t-50 that's a juice deals
dotnet when use my promo code it will
give you 50% off your first check out or
50% off your cart on your first check
out so so one time use coupon but
definitely use it try it out they come
within about a week and I'm located in
Toronto and they're based out of North
Carolina and my juices came with it
about a week or so so it's pretty good
shipping time to ship from the states of
Canada so if you're in the States
or if you even if you're in the state
that is close to them you're probably
going to get you just a lot quicker now
I said this is an all day vape what
makes this an all day vape to me is that
you can eat a meal eat breakfast drink
your morning coffee have dinner and go
ahead and start vaping right away and
you don't lose the flavor the flavor is
still delicious for an example I had a
Big Mac today now I'm definitely trying
to cut back on those calories so I'm not
going to get that strawberry milkshake
but this was the equivalent so I have
two big them up for that big up humble
juice coke for giving me a juice that
made me feel like I was having a
milkshake with my sandwich and I didn't
have the calories so shout them out
that's what I consider good all day
babies that if you can vape it I know a
lot of us were smokers before and kind
of go for that smoke right after you eat
your meal you know have your morning
coffee and you want something to just
you know settle in and I find this juice
it just does it perfectly so shout out
to humble just shout out the e just
deals dotnet for hooking it up but
definitely try check them out if you
just want to try it out or to some
juices they got about humble juice cause
I got about 10 juices on the juice line
they have from mangoes rice krispies
they got a lot of different juices I'm
going to try to get some more hopefully
over the next couple of weeks and try
them out but definitely this is
something that you would want to try
give it a nice flavor I'm good to mix it
up depending on if you're into the
sweets or the custards or the cereal
flavors my personally love of strawberry
I like unicorn milk but you don't get
those 120 mils sometimes so actually
never so this was my go-to actually
loved it a little bit more than unicorn
milk which a lot of people might be like
what but I do so shout out Samba juice
called you just do some natural
moisturizer thank you to everyone that's
tuned in last week to our first video on
the OBS box ma are the OBS I engine
mini-review and we're going to add in
some more videos on more reviews
probably trying to drop a video every
week on what I'm vaping and you know the
vase the e-juice that I'm kind of
digging right now
right now my go-to is the rx 200 because
my RX 2 / 3 just died on me and I'm
using this tank and the limitless
I gotta love I got to say I've used this
ejuice in three different tanks the
limitless classic the avocado 24 and
this OBS and it has not clogged up my
cause some juices they add a lot of
sweetener in the juice and the clogs up
your claws gets all gunky you got to
change your continent every you know
couple days so far I haven't had this
issue with this juice so that's one
kudos that I got to say the humble is
when they're making the juices of
quality is there just because it's $25
for our premium e juice that doesn't
mean that the e juice is a cheaper
quality because I know there's a lot of
juicers you get out there for ten
fifteen dollars you know you're getting
a 240 million 120 ml but the quality
isn't there definitely this is a premium
premium premium juice when you see that
right there you see the instructions
well the warning labels and all that but
definitely a premium e juice so Big Ups
to them Big Ups e juice is on that for
cooking me up with the discounted prices
each and every week and if you want your
juice your mod your tanks featured on
this YouTube channel hit me up at DJ
train shotta
on Instagram Twitter Facebook or the box
mod Co on Instagram Facebook and you can
email us at the box Montcoal at gmail
calm and don't forget to look out for
the box Montcalm coming real soon we got
a new site coming it's going to have
lots of different mods and tanks and
everything like that but if you're a
brand and you just want to get your
brand out there
shout shout me out hit me up subscribe
you know like our videos on Instagram
and Twitter and hey we can do some
business anyway it's your boy trick shot
enough rambling and don't forget to shut
up the beard and hair coat for keeping
my beard nice and fresh keep that
shining you can check them out of 81
organics calm and tell them to shop to
send you peace

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