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Hop Scotch 120ml by Humble Juice Co. is an explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. This affordable premium vape juice features toffee, vanilla, butterscotch, and custard and is jam packed with flavor! VG/PG - 80/20


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HUMBLE HOP SCOTCH EJUICE

just write down and I'll tell a tale a
tale of a juice that's good it started
with a bottle here and it's really good
it's really good
sup everybody what's going on how about
some humble today here I'll close it so
I can turn the bottle hop scotch over
here yeah that's where it is still got
plenty of this pump you left nice clear
bottle comes with a cap and this will be
in the package with it so you can swap
it out ok so yeah it's not uh childproof
big old glue tip we've all seen humble
before right right alright let's go over
hopscotch danger this product contains
nicotine and is not for anyone under the
legal smoking age and women that are
pregnant or breastfeeding as well as
persons with any existing medical
conditions keep away from children and
pets nicotine is a toxic and addictive
substance the product has not been
approved by the FDA California Prop 65 I
will not read things if this gets in
contact with skin wash soap and warm
water and call poison control center at
and the number the vaporized aerosol and
the ingredients are known to cause
respiratory or other disease disposed of
according to law please ingredients USP
kosher vegetable glycerin natural and
artificial flavors may also contain USP
grade Nick or select next
this is in three milligram has a nice
scandal barcode on there has a website
on there I will be linking the website
and Facebook page that's how we do
yo that's how we do all right all right
you know fleetly honest I did look this
one up a little earlier and and I get
the whole the whole thing that's in
there it's really good
ports um in the old velocity
but it's okay if I'm wrong sometimes
right right it's all good
it tastes like a creamy butterscotch
candy like the hard candy that hard
candy that's what that tastes like
but creamy like there's something else
there and I didn't know what it was
until I looked it up but there's other
stuff in there that I miss so
that happens with some juices when it's
when they put closed flavors together
and the same thing maybe you'll pick out
one and not the other
maybe you'll get them both yeah I just
got the one
butterscotch it's just the candy that
hard candy creamed
it's quite tasty and quite enjoying it
it smells like we'll take the top off
it smells like a big bag of those a big
bag of those candies is what it smells
very delicious deliciousness let's go
over to the website hop scotch eliquid
we'll get you 120 ml bottle or if you go
on the site and you go to the BOGO
selection you can get two bottles for
$24.99 80/20 is the ratio of these ATV
g20 PG toffee vanilla butterscotch
custard is jam packed and loaded with
flavor okay pre steeped two weeks or
longer can't remember if you can change
the size I can't change the size 120 is
all at once it's love to do comes in
zero three and six milligram and
depending on when you order they might
be out of one because they do pre steep
them for two weeks so the one that you
want may not be available at the time
just put that out there okay but don't
forget to check out their BOGO section
because they're BOGO sections where it's
at give two aisles for the same price as
one bottle and that's a win in my book
with juice this good
very nice thank you very much humble
juice company that's what I got for you
on that one it's a nice simple flavor
I don't really pick up toffee but the
cream I get could be the vanilla you
know in there butterscotch candy creamed
y'all have fun now because I don't want

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